New Instagram feature will make it harder to post offensive comments

“Sometimes bad things happen on Instagram. We know that,” lamented Adam Mosseri, who is the head of Instagram, several months ago.

One of the principal points of Facebook’s F8 developer conference held this past May, centered around repudiating various reports unmasking social media as the phantom behind rising suicide and depression rates amongst young teens and adolescence. Mosseri and his team intended to do so by proposing a slew of technical adjustments to their apps meant to help them “lead the fight against cyberbullying.”

One of these was making the number of likes a post receives unavailable to the public, thus diminishing the competitive aspect that critics feel to be synonymous with the fundamental personality of all of these social media platforms. The other brainstormed anti-bullying feature was then tentatively described as the “nudge,” but has since been fleshed out.and fissured via two amendments. 

How Instagram is making changes

The first is simply a follow through intimated  by Morresi and company two months back. The idea, which has been tested over the past few days (reportedly to some success), leaves it up to artificial intelligence to determine if a comment is in some way disparaging or “offensive” before promoting the author to reconsider their approach. 

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“This intervention gives people a chance to reflect and undo their comment and prevents the recipient from receiving the harmful comment notification,”  commented on Monday. 

The other face of the platform’s cyber-bouncer is called the Restriction feature. It’s sort of like blocking, but with more nuance. If a user deems someone worthy of the restricted list, everything they comment has to be approved by the person that restricted them. The restrictee can leave their comment irrespective of the verdict mind you, but if it’s not approved no one else but them will be able to view it. 

“It’s our responsibility to create a safe environment on Instagram. This has been an important priority for us for some time, and we are continuing to invest in better understanding and tackling this problem,” explained Mosseri.