5 Marie Kondo-approved tips on how to declutter during the Coronavirus pandemic

During a time of chaos, it’s important to turn to those things that bring you joy. For some, it’s spending time with your family, for others, it’s being alone and reading a good book.

For Marie Kondo, as many know, it’s tidying, organizing, and minimizing. No matter what brings you joy, there is no denying that this is an excellent time to organize your home. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as spring cleaning rolls around, and also since most people will be staying at home for the foreseeable future. 

Kondo recently spoke with The New York Times to discuss her decluttering tips for those at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. “It is a challenging and uncertain time, but it may also be an opportunity to express gratitude for your space and to tidy up if you’ve been wanting to,” Kondo told The Times.

Here are tips from the tidying expert on how to organize and declutter your space while you practice social distancing.

Start with the entrance to your space

Kondo began her tidying in the entryway to the home that she shares with her husband and two daughters.

“I lit incense throughout the house and put flowers by the front door,” Kondo told The Times. “The entrance to your house is the ‘start’ of the house, so focusing on this area is important.”

Kondo uses incense to “purify the air and energy” in her home.

Organizing the pantry and fridge

Many people stocked up on food before self-quarantining, so there’s a good chance that your pantry  is full and cluttered.

“Organize your pantry by category so you can always find what you need – even when it’s fully stocked,” Kondo wrote on Instagram last week.

Organizing the fridge and pantry will help you know exactly what you need when you do run out to the grocery store.

“I don’t want to waste any food unnecessarily, especially at times like this, when others may need it more,” Kondo said.

Dispose of unnecessary items

Now is a great time to do things you were putting off because you were “too busy.” Without a commute, social agenda, or work events as excuses, you have no reason to not go through that pile of mail that has been building on the dining room table for months now.

Kondo reported that she shredded documents that she no longer needed, which is a great way to declutter.

Organizing cosmetics

Your cosmetic drawer (or cabinet, or closet) is a space that can easily become cluttered and filled up with old, expired products. These products may be less effective, or even dangerous, to use.

“When tidying cosmetics, be strict about selecting what to keep,” Kondo wrote on Instagram earlier this month. “Now is the time to say goodbye to any expired products or ones that no longer suit your taste.”

Find your favorite time to tidy

Kondo told The Times that her favorite time to tidy is after breakfast because it “kick-starts” her workday.

Finding your favorite time to tidy, whether it’s in the morning, like Kondo, during a lunch break, or after you are done work to destress, will help you build a routine while you adjust to working remotely at home.

Kondo mixes in tidying, family time, cooking, and work throughout the day, showing us all that if you can, it’s okay to set your own schedule while you are working remotely, as long as you are getting all your work done. For many, it’s the first time you have had the opportunity to do laundry on your lunch break, so try to experiment with the freedom without compromising your productivity.