The 7 absolute best work perks you can take advantage of right now

You can stack these strategies on each other, like cinder blocks, to build your credibility. When you build your tower of expertise tall enough for people to see it, it will stand for decades.

Very few of us read through the entire benefits package offered to us by our employer each year. All of the work perks available to us are not usually something people stand by the water cooler and discuss. More often than not, most of us leave everything the same when it comes to open enrollment unless we recently experienced a significant life event such as the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, or adoption. 

With that being said, many employers offer generous benefit packages to their employees that are usually underutilized. This article will detail some of the best work perks you can take advantage of right now!

1. Use your personal time off

A recent study showed that a whopping 55% of us do not use all of our paid time off each year. In fact, most Americans are so afraid or unwilling to use their vacation time that we are labeled the “no vacation nation.”

Your employer provides a certain amount of paid time off each year, and your mental health needs time away from work to disconnect and reset. An occasional reset of the body and mind is essential to productivity and good health.

2. Double check your health insurance

As we get closer to open enrollment, look back over your benefits package. You could be spending way more money on health insurance than you need too. If you rarely get sick, a High Deductible Plan with a Health Savings Account may be the perfect way to cut down on cost while building up an excellent tax-free investment.

Many companies encourage High Deductible Plans because it can save both the employee and the employer money. Some companies will also make a monetary contribution to the employee’s Health Savings Account. Look into this valuable perk when open enrollment rolls around in a couple of months.

3. Life insurance perks

Most people are uninsured or underinsured when it comes to life insurance. Many companies offer term life insurance at pennies on the dollar compared to insurance plans found on the private market. 

Look into your benefits plan and increase or add this invaluable benefit to your monthly budget to ensure the people who rely on you will be taken care of financially in a tragedy. Most financial experts agree you should have ten times your annual income in term life insurance.

4. Dental insurance perks

When was the last time you went to the dentist for a cleaning? As you get older, you will quickly realize how expensive dental work can be. It’s imperative to start getting regular cleanings every six months as preventative care. 

Most companies offer some type of dental insurance. Do yourself a favor and budget in routine preventative dental care to avoid costly dental surgeries in the future.

5. Vision insurance perks

In the same category as dental insurance, annual vision checks are needed to avoid future unexpected vision problems. As with most medical diagnoses, the earlier a problem is caught, the easier and cheaper it is to treat. 

6. Retirement perks

Are you actively saving for retirement? Most companies offer employee retirement perks in the form of a 401K with an employer match. If an employer offers a 5% match, you’re leaving money on the table if you do not invest at least 5% of your income. 

Think of an employer match as a 100% return on your money. It doesn’t make sense to not invest at least up to the match each year.

7. Tuition reimbursement perks

A large number of companies offer some type of tuition reimbursement for job-related education. From restaurants to major corporations, many of them will pay for a portion, if not all, of the tuition costs associated with employee development. 

Make yourself more marketable by gaining additional training on the company’s dime!

What other perks can you find?

These perks are some of the more common but essential perks that are often neglected. Be sure to take advantage of your work perks by reading through your benefits package this year.