4 upsides of fear you can use to get ahead

Right now fear is at an all-time high. Stock markets are falling sharply; a mystery virus is swooping the planet; the price of oil and who controls it is radically shifting. People feel fearful.

If you log onto your favorite social media platform, you’re surrounded by bad news and fear. It might feel like a terrible time in human history.

I disagree. Here’s how fear is an opportunity for us all.

Fear is a reset button

Unprecedented levels of fear act as a reset button and begin to help you reconsider your reality. Fear shapes your thoughts. Fear makes you rethink what you may have previously believed.

We get ahead of ourselves. We get cocky. We lose our minds. We get lost in dreams of money and physical possessions. Fear erodes all of those downsides and helps you focus on something more than that: what are you here for?

If the world’s fears did come true and the worst did happen, how would you feel? Have you done enough? Are you leaving anything behind, or just a few ones and zeroes in a bank account?

Fear is a chance to be helpful

Yesterday a stranger messaged me on LinkedIn. They heard about my extended family in China and asked if they could send me a box of masks to assist them. It was an overwhelming moment.

The fact that a complete stranger would care so much and make such a generous offer was a reminder of how helpful we can be.

Fear may be at an all-time high, and the question is “What can you do to make other people’s fear just a tiny bit more tolerable?”

In my case, it’s writing about topics that might help people during this difficult time.

For you, it might be soothing the world with your beautiful music or starting a business dedicated to changing the future of human history. Or it might be less grandiose than all of that. You might decide to be helpful by sending a message to somebody designed to make their day 1% better.

Use fear to be helpful to others.

Fear is a reality check

We get ahead of ourselves. My writing lied to me a few times and told me I was better than I am. In the recent state of fear the world is suffering from, it has caused a reality check.

Do writing stats mean anything? Does your social media profile really matter? Were you really being kind or pretending to be to make yourself feel better?

Fear causes us to think differently and if we use it in a positive way, we can rewire our brain and take a new path in life. Fear can be crippling and it can also be the much-needed reality check your life has been missing.

Fear can create unprecedented upsides

Right now is one of the best times to invest money in assets that are on sale (not financial advice, obviously).

If you have been careful with your money, all this fear can create an opportunity to channel your earnings into assets and use the income to help ease your day-to-day struggles and work a little less.

Be optimistic when everybody is fearful.

Everything in life is an opportunity. Don’t let the record levels of fear in the world right now stop you from doing your thing and believing anything is possible. You are in a season of fear right now like the rest of us.

Our parents and grandparents experienced Great Depressions and World Wars and survived. We will survive a recession, a challenging economic future, and a mystery virus.

When fears strike, all we can do is unite as one.

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