Women who put this on before a video meeting may feel more confident

This article was updated on August 10, 2021.

Though throwing out all your makeup would feel liberating, you may want to hold on to a few items as a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Neutrogena Makeup, found that makeup may be helping women more than they realize in their careers.

The survey, which polled 2,000 women, found that 46% of women polled have felt automatically more confident and 28% feel more productive at home when they had even a little makeup on. One out of two women said it actually gave them a sense of control.

Makeup in a work context

A lot has been said about wearing makeup to work and how women can be judged for wearing too much of it but also not enough of it. One study found that women perceive other women to be less trustworthy if they wear too much makeup.

Half of the participants read a version of the story in which the woman, Melissa, wore makeup to her interview. The other half read one in which Melissa didn’t wear any makeup. The makeup group found Melissa to be “fake, manipulative, selfish, and trying to get ahead at all costs” on a seven-point rating scale, but this was only a half a point more than the other group rated her.

And now that tricky tightrope has been applied to the remote workforce.

A recent survey from Britain found that employers were requesting that their female employees dress “sexier” (from the neck up) and wear make-up during video meetings. Basically, even though women may be wearing comfier pants, the pressure is still on and is perhaps now more magnified on a Zoom screen.

Here are some more results of the survey of how women feel when they wear makeup at home.

Top feelings when wearing makeup at home

  1. An instant boost in confidence – 46%
  2. Feel like they’re taking their self-care seriously – 39%
  3. Feel ready to tackle the day – 38%
  4. Feel an instant boost in productivity – 28%

For many women, makeup used to be a significant part of their morning routine so to completely eliminate that can be a bit bewildering. In fact, 58% of Gen Z women surveyed said that in their new quarantine life they missed getting ready in the morning the most.

This is quite surprising considering that another recent poll by Marks & Spencer revealed that the average woman will spend 17 minutes each morning trying to find an outfit to wear to work. That comes out to about four days per year or six months of your whole career. That is a whole lot of weird mirror faces.

Plus, figuring out what you are going to wear to take on the day can be quite stressful. Out of the poll of 2,000 men and women, 62% of women admitted to having ‘irrational tantrums’ when looking for a work outfit and 21% said it can lead to an argument with your partner. No one gets in arguments or has panic attacks when they are deciding between leggings or sweatpants. Those are the pants of happiness.