Leadership expert shares the importance of adopting a ‘legacy-driven’ mindset

Now and then a contribution can be so significant that the universe is changed forever. Inspirational leaders like Mother Teresa and Steve Jobs, for example, have gone down in history for their earth-shattering, global offerings. This level of accomplishment is hard to come by.

And while many individuals will not necessarily change the world to this degree, they will leave at the very least a modest legacy with a lasting impression.

Legacy is not the total of “who” or “what” a person leaves behind but more how they “walk their talk” in their own words and actions. A legacy-driven outlook is what gives purpose to a person’s priorities. What people often forget in the 24-7 race that consumes daily life is a reminder of what is ultimately important. People want more than just to earn and consume – they want to matter in their lives and the lives of others. And to do so, the definition of what it means to be successful must be changed.

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Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other business leaders often only focus on the bottom line but adopting a “Legacy-Driven Mindset” can put them in a position to make that quantum leap forward, which will drive and sustain development for future generations.

A “legacy-driven” mindset is forward-thinking and altruistic. It also puts people in a position to help them monetize business success and create increased revenue opportunities. And while many people will not necessarily change the world (like Steve Jobs) with this unique mindset, they still can strive to touch those around them and to leave a lasting impression.

Here’s Why a ‘Legacy-Driven Mindset’ is Not a Strategy or Tactic

When running the day-to-day aspects of a business, it’s easy just to focus on how to get through that week or even that day. While this approach is often a necessity to get a company off the ground, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to focus on the long-term.

The Legacy-Driven Mindset is deciding what is truly important and then living it. Why is this critical to long-term success in both professional and personal life? Thinking about long-term successes – rather than short-term fulfillment – keeps individuals focused on their specified path during times of chaos and uncertainty.

Those who guide their lives with a Legacy-Driven Mindset frequently look at the bigger holistic picture of what brings them success in their lives. They also realize that making an impact is just as vital as making in income — and perhaps more so. People who adopt this bigger picture way of living seem to balance the life and work dance much better than others.

The 4-Ps’s of Adopting a ‘Legacy-Driven Mindset’

A simple but effective way to help understand the Legacy-Driven Mindset is to look at the “4 P’s”: passion, pursuit, people, and peace.

  • Passion generates smiles and brightens a person’s eyes when they think about doing it. This passion is the heart of living a “Legacy-Driven” life.
  • Pursuit is making this passion a reality.
  • People are real, so don’t be afraid to communicate with them or be with them. Put away the digital barriers that make real communication a false reality.
  • Peace is finding or creating peacefulness on the inside — one of the most difficult actions to attain in today’s busy work environment and digital world. Peace is about being mindful of being human, and truly aware of being alive.

Gain a Deeper Sense of a Life Well-Lived

Adopting a “legacy-driven” mindset is crucial for business success, now more than ever.

Keep in mind: a legacy doesn’t mean the end, but the start of a new phase – or the next chapter.

To succeed, it’s essential to first identify and evaluate a person’s legacy at each stage in his or her life, whether it’s career-oriented or personal. In the quest to make an impact on others, it will then help reveal how well a “Legacy-Driven Mindset” can create a much more profound sense of a life well-lived.

Carew Papritz is one of the most innovative authorpreneurs of the 21st century, having been compared to the likes of Elon Musk in his approach to book marketing. With a background in Hollywood filmmaking, Papritz understands the art of drama and showmanship as seen through his numerous videos on “CarewTube.” Papritz promotes his award-winning inspirational book, The Legacy Letters, by creating numerous dynamic, attention-grabbing publicity stunts which are whimsical, fun, and most importantly, effective. From his unique series of “First Ever” book signings – on top of volcanoes, on horseback and in post-Castro Cuba – to his annual literacy-driven charity event, “The Great Book Balloon Launch,” Papritz is making an impact in his industry for being an advocate for literacy and teaching future generations about the importance of legacies.

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