11 must-have travel apps that will help you during your next vacation or business trip

Traveling is amazing. Travel delays, airport lines and canceled flights on your way to your destination? Not so much. Use any (or all) of these apps to maneuver through the airport and to your destination in a faster and less stressful way.

App In The Air

Available in more than 100 countries (so use this at home and at your destination), this app will help you navigate through your airport, it will tell you the real-time status of your flight and it’ll track your boarding and landing times. It even tells you current waits for check-in and security at your current airport.


Those TSA wait times can break you. Don’t let them. This app will tell you if there are airport delays, and will let you know how long the checkpoint wait is at your gate. It’s updated in real time 24/7.


It’s a real-time flight tracking app. You can check delays, cancellations and even in-air flight progress. If you upload your itinerary, the app will track your flight using current radar and will send you push-alerts about your flight.


Forward all your travel plans to this app, and it will create your itinerary in one place. Basically, it organizes your trip and sends you reminders, letting you know your flight times, your flight delays and even your gate number. Need a restaurant suggestion in the airport? This app can also help with that.


Remember the days when your flight was delayed or canceled, and you spent hours standing on lines to speak with a customer service agent? Those days are gone. Tell this app your airline issue, and they’ll try to follow-up on it and even resolve it for you.


Lounges are the best part of airport travel. And you don’t need to be in business class to access one (surprised?). This app will locate lounges for you by checking your miles, and will also search for lower-priced lounges within your airport. Score!

Mobile Passport

Traveling to another country? Use this app in 29 airports throughout the United States and cruise ports to access designated express lanes at customs. It can literally save you hours.

Next Flight

You missed your flight. Or you’ve arrived at the airport 5 hours before your scheduled departure time. No worries. Check this app to see your other options. It will search for all flights from all airlines worldwide.

Airport Sherpa

It’s like Postmates for the airport. Get your airport food and shopping delivered to your gate, or simply order it ahead of time so it’s ready for you as you dash to your flight. You can order up to a week in advance.

Flyers Rights

Know your rights. Are you entitled to a meal voucher? A hotel? A free flight? A refund? Have this on hand because with air travel, you just never know.

Priority Pass

Love lounging? Pay an annual fee starting at $99, and you’ll get access to all those fancy airport lounges that you crave. They have different membership levels, so for the $99 annual fee, you would just pay $32 per lounge visit. Or, for $299 annual rate, you’d get 10 free visits and then pay $32 for additional visits. Travel more frequently? For $429, you can have unlimited lounge access.