These are the top Evernote skills you need to land a job right now

Evernote is one of the most popular free note-taking apps around. Since its founding in 2000, it’s constantly evolved and grown to become more than just a note-taking software. Evernote can even function as a project management tool — if you know the right skills to harness its power.

If you’re working in administration, management, or research, your potential employer may already be using Evernote. Here’s what you need to know to prove you’re an Evernote expert.

Organizing work (and life) with Evernote

Evernote emulates reality by letting you stay organized digitally. With Evernote, you can create individual “notes”, put them in different “notebooks”, and then put those notebooks in different “stacks”.

  • Sync notes and notebooks. Evernote lets you sync your data across its desktop and mobile apps. The free plan, Evernote Basic, lets you sync up to 2 devices so you can work on your computer and your mobile phone. With Evernote Premium, you’ll also have offline access to all your notes even without an Internet connection.
  • Share notes safely. Each notebook and the notes within them can be shared with others, so you can create notebooks for different work or personal projects. You can also encrypt portions of text within a note to protect sensitive information. Simply highlight any text, right-click, and choose “Encrypt Selected Text” from the dropdown menu. You’ll then be prompted to provide a passphrase that must be entered each time you want to decrypt the text.

Take notes for anything and everything

Evernote has long been the standard-bearer for note-taking apps, thanks to its cutting-edge features. Impress your colleagues with these Evernote skills:

  • Create voice notes. Need to take notes during a meeting? Instead of furiously typing away, simply open a note and hit the microphone button on the formatting bar. Click Record to start recording — you can still type key points while the recording ensures you won’t miss any information.
  • Attach images, documents, and web clippings. Augment your typed notes by simply dragging in an image, video, or document file from your computer into the body of the note. You can also use the Evernote Web Clipper to capture the screen from any browser window (it’s available on all major browsers).
  • Merge multiple notes. If you’ve created multiple notes with information that you’d like to consolidate, that’s easy to do automatically. Select multiple notes by holding down the Ctrl key, then click Merge from the menu that appears to turn them into a single note.

Boost productivity and stay on top of your to-dos

  • Create checklists. Evernote is extremely versatile: Not only can you take notes and store information from across the web, but you can also create checklists to track tasks.
  • Set reminders. You can also set a reminder for any note to remind you to complete tasks by a set date and time. All your reminders will display at the top of the Note List panel, and you can also opt to receive reminder emails under Reminder Settings.
  • Search, sort, and shortcut everything. Evernote’s advanced search function gives you a wide range of search operators to find notes by title, date, keyword, and more. You can also add tags to notes. For maximum productivity, use Evernote keyboard shortcuts to quickly edit your notes or navigate the app.
  • Integrate Evernote with your email client. Evernote is well-developed for business use. You can use Evernote integrations to efficiently access files and data with your team through Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, and more.

Go paperless and reduce clutter

  • Scan documents and notes. Using the Evernote app on your iPhone or Android phone, you can quickly take photos of slideshows, whiteboards, or receipts and store them in your notes. There’s no need to copy out the information in the photos: Evernote’s powerful OCR technology and search functions can detect text and handwriting in images.
  • Recover deleted notes. Accidentally deleted a note and found out later that you still need it? Don’t worry! Head to the Trash section in the left navigation panel to restore any deleted notes. You can empty the Trash, but be careful — permanently deleted notes cannot be restored.

Note that as Evernote continues to upgrade its software, some functions (such as creating a presentation or a table of contents) may not be available in certain versions of Evernote apps for desktop or mobile. Remember to stay updated with any software you use and learn fresh skills when needed.