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Issue 227

7 Thought Experiments That Will Make You Question Everything | Big Think

Thought experiments are among the most important tools in the intellectual toolbox. Widely used in many disciplines, thought experiments allow for complex situations to be explored, questions to be raised, and complex ideas to be placed…

Do Things Today That Make More Time Tomorrow | Medium

The modern worker juggles more in a day than ever before. There are dozens of different things you wish you could do with your time. Most people lose time at work to unplanned (and sometimes unnecessary) meetings, long conversations…

The Art of Blooming Late | HBR

Mozart was a celestial genius, but he struggled like a mere mortal during his teens and early twenties. Though already a prolific composer, he had to work as an organist and concertmaster in his native Salzburg to make ends meet.

Are These Defense Mechanisms Preventing You From Being Productive? | Trello Blog

Allow me to kick things off with a (perhaps embarrassing?) confession: The very thought of writing this piece seemed really intimidating to me. I was concerned about creating something that was thorough and accurate…

When to Ditch Your Work-life Boundary And Say Yes to Opportunities | Fast Company

Whenever you discuss work-life issues, you probably spend a lot of time talking about having appropriate boundaries and how to say “no.” However, you may want to decline less often and say “yes” more of the time–because saying…

Start Your Day Right with the Magic Morning Mindset | Tiny Buddha

We would likely all agree that manicures, baths, and cozy movie nights on the couch all fall under the umbrella of self-care. But I believe that it’s time — actually, beyond time — to go deeper and re-claim what self-care truly means.

The Case For Doing Nothing | New York Times

Keeping busy? Running from place to place and labouring over long to-do lists have increasingly become ways to communicate status: I’m so busy because I’m just so important, the thinking goes.

How Hindsight Bias Skews Your Judgement | BBC Capital

..Hindsight bias is one of the most widely studied of what are known as ‘decision traps’, in which people routinely employ mental shortcuts to simplify decisions when they’re not certain; decisions that are often skewed by…

The New Science of How to Argue — Constructively | The Atlantic

In the early days of the internet, way back in the 1990s, tech utopians envisioned a glittering digital future in which people from very different backgrounds could come together online and, if not reach consensus, at least learn something from one…

The Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci | Scientific American

Across the centuries, each generation has interpreted Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), finding him to be remarkably modern. At the 500th anniversary of his death (May 2, 2019) we can consider Leonardo’s meaning in our era.


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