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How you become your spouse overtime, according to scienceRumble CEO Ashley Camerini on making a workout brand thrive during a pandemicWhy you need to get more daylight4 workouts to try that will get you into great shape both physically and mentallyScience stumbles upon new way to prevent hair lossThis popular diet drink is doing hidden damage to your bodyOxford study says this frowned upon activity may be the key to happinessHarvard scientists say this is the exact amount of coffee you should drink every day to stay healthySibling bullying is more destructive than we thoughtAnxiety attack vs panic attack: What’s the difference?Tired all the time? Try these 6 top tips to stave off winter tirednessHow Theranos’ faulty blood tests got to market – and what that shows about gaps in FDA regulationI ate coconut every morning. On the third day I noticed a strange effectBrace yourselves for a twindemic this winterWhat’s the best time to work out in the evening?This is when you are more likely to contract COVID-19 on airplanesAre left-handed people really smarter?Now we need 3-layer masks? Study advocates even greater barrier to COVID-19The surprising link between height and risk of dementiaIf you prefer to drink your coffee like this, it could be devastating for your healthBrain scans can now help predict when dementia symptoms will surfaceHow effective is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against the Delta variant — and do you need a booster shot?Why walking 10,000 steps a day isn’t going to make you more fitThe race to produce antiviral pills — for COVID-19 — includes Pfizer, Merck, and other drugmakersI drank CBD tea every night for a week and noticed this weird thing happenIf you eat these regularly, you are probably healthier than all your friends6 qualities of subtly insecure people12 essential nutrients to improve mental fitnessHow eliminating gluten may improve anxiety & depressionBill Gates got seven large companies to invest about $ 1 billion in clean energy to fight climate changeOver-the-counter rapid antigen tests can help slow the spread of COVID-19 – here’s how to use them effectivelyDoes natural immunity provide a better defense than vaccines?If you do this activity regularly, you could put yourself at risk for Alzheimer’sCOVID-19 is crippling this state right now. Is it yours?Moderna CEO predicts when COVID pandemic will be over — and whyPreliminary research finds that even mild cases of COVID-19 leave a mark on the brain – but it’s not yet clear how long it lastsAvoid this diet if you want to keep your hairThe 21 jobs that are MOST likely to lead to divorcePreparing for the colder months: 6 winter essentials to protect your skinYou’re not burning as many calories working out as you think you areWait, eat more fat for a healthy heart?Mushroom-coffee may replace latte and cappuccino in 2022Sleep deprivation’s effect on your emotional healthAre anxiety, depression, and stress contagious at work?Newest iPhone feature: depression detection?A new COVID-19 booster may protect against multiple variantsThe scary link between your daily commute and Alzheimer’sIf you prefer to read this type of book, you may be the smartest person in the roomCloth masks are not enough: Delta’s aerosols are 100 times more infectious than other variantsThe filthiest part of your bathroom is not your toiletMyths busted: Is coffee good for your teeth and gums?Harvard researcher says vaccine passports are unscientific and unethicalCoffee mornings: an outdated concept?7 guaranteed ways to stay bored, lonely, and unfulfilledWellness diaries: 10 strange but successful health rituals of C-suite execs4 things emotionally mature people don’t doInfidelity is raging in the 55+ crowd — but with a twistHere’s why you keep waking up at 3amThese are the 5 most addictive substances on the planet10 important life lessons we are often taught too lateThe exact amount of water you need to drink every day, according to Harvard researchersImmediate vaccine improvement needed for Delta variant, says Moderna execThese common sounds can cause irreparable hearing damageHow will the COVID pandemic end?I drank a glass of wine every night of the week — on the last day this weird thing happenedIf you walk at this time every day, you could add years to your lifeYou make or break your life between 5-7 a.m.Did scientists just discover the fountain of youth?Myth busted: 5 ageism stereotypes that need to be brokenAre you anxious and sweaty? That’s so sexy!Having more of this in your body could be a game-changer for your body and mindSleeping with your TV on is hurting your health — according to scienceThe super-popular Mediterranean diet may also have this major brain benefitYou can wipe out your risk for heart disease by cutting out this food typeThe countries and cities with the most stressful night’s sleepThe air in your office may give you asthma, study saysCOVID-19 winter forecast: the next 6 monthsMaking this 1 small change to your bed setup can be a gamechanger for sleepSurvey finds job flexibility significantly improves health, personal relationshipsThese 10 surgeries are considered “uniquely high risk” for older adultsDoing this specific exercise will keep you youngMyth busted: This is how much sleep you actually need after one bad nightNew findings about catching COVID-19 in public restroomsIs a home gym a good investment for my health?Among the billionaires behind this anti-aging company may be Jeff BezosIf you drink this daily, your face will look 10 years olderTurns out dreaming may make your brain stronger6 ways to keep up with your fitness routines this fallControversy surrounds President Biden’s vaccine mandate and how it will affect businessHere’s how long reusable COVID cloth masks are effectiveThis is the ultimate WFH exercise — and it takes only 3 minutesIf you drink coffee before doing this, the results can be disastrous for your healthThis hormone could be the key to fighting Alzheimer’sHow to maintain a healthy diet while working from homeWater won’t cure your hangover, but this mightThe future of COVID-19: 4 possible scenarios (hint: it will never go away completely)This frowned upon childhood activity has this great brain benefitGood news for coffee lovers: Caffeine may make your brain healthierWhat are COVID-19 variants and how can you stay safe as they spread? A doctor answers 5 questionsWhy you should never take medication with your coffeeA professor says spending your time this way can improve happiness overallI ate like Elon Musk for a week. Here’s what happenedThe 7 types of rest everyone needs to be their bestWake up with purpose: 5 ways to reinvigorate your morning routineIf you have this type of shaped body, you will live longerThe best foods for your dental healthI drank this instead of coffee for a week. My focus doubledHow deep sleep completely rewires your brain and eliminates anxietyHow to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are always busyThis is the date an epidemiologist says the pandemic will endHarvard scientists consider this to be one of the most perfect workoutsWHO just identified a new COVID variant and it may be more resistant to vaccinesDo I need a booster shot if I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? A virologist answers 5 questionsDelta virus has already spread days before symptoms show: studyWhy you should consider eating a banana before bedHere’s the latest reason why you need to work foreverThis vaccine has the highest antibody levelsTravel nurses pay skyrockets to over $100K during pandemicDrinking this odd liquid before bed may be the key to good sleep during a heatwaveDrinking this amount of coffee per day could fend off heart problems and risk of strokeIt’s okay to pause work. Your body will thank you for itThe maximum human life span will likely increase this century, but not by more than a decadeThe best plant for your office space, according to your zodiac signMore than half of COVID-19 survivors experience symptoms a year laterFacts and fiction about the anti-inflammatory dietYou may have been washing your hands wrong this whole time10 signs you’re overthinking thingsHere’s why you experience volatile mood swingsAre you drinking enough water to fend off heart failure? 2 everyday behaviors that could detect early dementiaIf you sit for this long each day, you’re risking a strokeWhat huge health benefits do 2 cups of orange juice have? Scientists found outWhat does full FDA approval of a vaccine do if it’s already authorized for emergency use?More wine! The American Heart Association says 3 glasses of red wine per week may be good for youDelta Air Lines is charging unvaccinated staff a $200 monthly health insurance fee — 40 other companies are considering itYou’re stretching the wrong way, according to Harvard scientistsHow to relieve stress, according to a neuropsychologist and a psychologistData says surgical and cloth face masks are not very effective — but one type really is bestTwo brain functions actually improve with age — and you can make them even strongerThe best way to prevent dementia? Switch to one of these “stimulating” jobsDoing this 4-second workout will actually help you lose fatStudy reveals the best diet for actually losing weight and keeping it offU.S. probing whether Moderna vaccine is linked to higher heart inflammation riskWebMD just named this the No. 1 diet, again7 best fitness tracking watches from $34 to $6496 reasons why rest days are importantWhich of your pets could get COVID?Young children may pose greatest COVID risk in household7 signs you’re dehydrated at work (and how to stay hydrated when wearing a mask)These are the exact germs you come in contact with on a plane and what they can do to your bodyFor some craft beer drinkers, less can mean moreYour first job can have a profoundly detrimental effect on heart healthU.S. authorizes boosters for all adults starting Sept. 20If you wear this to bed, your sleep may be disastrous5 things you can do to naturally reduce stressDelta variant slams 30-somethings; daily cases could hit 200K soonWe may be getting exercise all wrong, according to a Harvard professor7 reasons you should start taking cold showers everydayLead exposure during childhood may influence adult personality, and not for the betterThis shocking discovery may change the way we think about metabolismIs drinking good for you in any way? If not, why is alcohol legal for adults?This calming practice can help your brain become sharperWhat’s the worst-case scenario if you under-shower?This is how to get back to sleep at 3 a.m., according to a neuropsychologistEating these foods instead of meat can add years to your lifeHow does running help your body? These are the top benefitsThis is the best diet for diverticulitisThis very normal habit could be a symptom of Alzheimer’s DiseaseFDA expected to authorize COVID booster shots for those with weakened immune systemsHere is how working from home is destroying your bodyWhat your blood type can tell you about your healthCOVID booster shots: Answers to all your questionsCan companies mandate vaccination? Could they fire me?“The pandemic is far from over,” says renowned COVID-19 expertThis obscure food improves memory, according to a new studyThese are the best 5-minute workouts for beginnersIf you exercise at this time you will lose more weight, according to scienceHarvard says this is the perfect lunch to eatIf you sweat at night, it could be a sign of this devastating diseaseThis is Fauci’s prediction for the new ‘doomsday’ variant and how many cases there will beThe super trendy keto diet is a recipe for bad health — this is whyThe flu shot may protect you from severe COVID-19 infectionHow COVID and mandatory masks drove the world crazy, according to Yale researchersThis is the ultimate 10-minute workout, according to a fitness trainerThe surprising relationship between your calf muscles and dementiaHarvard researchers have identified the 3 secrets to a good lifeA neurologist’s guide to your brainThe best exercises for flabby arms — workouts you’ve never heard ofThese are the best exercises for a 7-minute circuit, according to a fitness expert5 signs you might have ADHDToxic workplaces quadruple the likelihood of depressionThe best diet if you’re over 60Stop sleeping in too late with this 1 trick9 signs you are dating a psychopathWhat are the best foods for gut health?I drank warm lemon water every morning for a week and experienced a bizarre effectHarvard researchers agree this is the best exercise everThis part of your shower is infested with bacteria and could have a disastrous health impactMore transmissible than ebola, smallpox, and the Spanish flu — CDC on the Delta variantSuffering from sciatica? These are the 5 best exercises for reliefThe 5 ways to get a digital record of your COVID-19 vaccinationMassive delays in US company return-to-office plans — blame the Delta variantA diet rich in coffee and vegetables may reduce your COVID-19 riskIf you can do this in less than a minute, your heart is in good shapeWhat are the best ab exercises? These are the Top 5 to tryNew research reveals employees value well-being over climbing the ladderLong COVID symptoms could soon be considered a disabilitySwimming gives your brain a boost – but scientists don’t know yet why it’s better than other aerobic activitiesWhat we know about the CDC’s new mask mandateBiking to work may be the secret to longevity83% of COVID-19 cases are the Delta variant — unvaccinated Americans should avoid indoor diningBored a lot? Love selfies? There’s a word for you.Life expectancy can now be predicted by net worth9 really good reasons to call out sickMandatory masks return to several states in the US. Is yours next?Science says people will live past 120 in this century; here’s how5 foods that will make your hair turn prematurely grayEating more protein at this specific meal could take your muscles to the next levelHow much sleep do you actually need? This is what experts sayThe unexpected correlation between whole grains and waist size5 simple tips to protect your eyesight as you ageIs your coffee habit setting you up for dementia later in life?The world’s best and worst towns and cities for clean airDementia in people age 30-64 is more common than we ever imaginedScientists may have found a solution for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseaseHarvard scientists say adopting these 5 habits in middle-age can add years to your lifeNew “iAge” clock can predict your risk for disease and early death6 unusual signs you may have heart diseaseLife expectancy in US drops to ‘catastrophic’ low due to COVID-19If this is your bedtime routine, you could be facing years of health problemsGot heart-rhythm problems? Consider a cup of coffee.This Harvard study might put an end to the carbohydrates warWhat your resting heart rate reveals about your longevityScientists find walking is more beneficial than dancing for brain healthIf you drink your coffee out of one of these, you could be taking years off your life2021’s most and least stressed cities in AmericaI tried eating peanut butter before bed and it changed my sleep cycleThe 6 worst things you’re doing to your skin, according to a dermatologist5 exercises that age you (and how to prevent it)Lambda variant of COVID found in 29 countries including the U.S.Shifting your sleep by just 1 hour could help you evade this mental health conditionYour employees aren’t underperforming. They’re dealing with post-pandemic trauma‘We’re losing time’ as the Delta variant causes surges in many U.S. statesJohnson & Johnson vaccine linked to rare neurological disorder: Here’s what doctors sayI added this to my coffee every day for a week and this strange thing happenedColumbia scientists just found gray hair reverts to its natural color when this happensDo vaccines protect against the COVID Delta variant, are booster shots needed, and can vaccinated people get symptoms?Doing this exact amount of exercise may help prevent Alzheimer’sDeep sleep may clear the brain of Alzheimer’s toxinsCoffee can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infectionThis diet can help with migrainesDoing this exercise nightly can reverse the ageing processIf you do this during your morning routine, it can be disastrous for your healthIf you sleep in this position, you will have this type of nightmareCan you drink too much water? We talked to an expert to find outIf you shower less, you could see these awesome benefitsThis is the most popular time of day to work outWill there be a Pfizer booster shot? Here’s what you need to knowThis is what your handshake can reveal about your healthHarvard scientists think this may be the most important exercise you will ever do20 ways life after 60 will change post-pandemicScientists say doing this type of exercise will make your brain more powerfulHere’s what drinking coffee actually does to your bodyTurns out getting enough sun may protect you from cancerA 5-minute breathing exercise may be better for blood pressure than medsYour cellphone addiction can increase the risk of developing a tumor by 60%If you walk at this speed, you could live much longer2021’s best and worst cities for recreationAttending this beloved event could put you at higher risk for COVIDThe Delta variant is now the most dominant strain in the U.S. Here’s where it’s most commonHarvard scientists say doing this relaxing activity every day can add years to your lifeStarbucks tests ordering drinks through Facebook and InstagramJust 2 teaspoons of this superfood daily can prevent cognitive decline as you ageDelta variant cases climb in 2 U.S. states — and new symptoms emergeCould the ancient Roman diet give you perfect teeth?Can this calculator really determine your risk of dementia?If you are more productive during this time of the day, you may be a psychopathWater fasting: What it is and how it worksThis one health screening is now advised for all people over age 45Harvard and MIT just made a face mask that can detect COVID-19This is the happiest place in the world to live right nowIf you have this type of job, you could be at higher risk for Alzheimer’sYour road rage may not be your fault — here’s whyAll types of coffee (even decaf) may prevent liver diseaseNeglecting your sleep could be ruining your eyesHow sleep-deprived is your state? See results for the whole USNapping at this time of day has shocking valueFauci: Delta variant is ‘greatest threat’ to ending COVID-19 pandemicWine and cheese may help prevent devastating brain disease5 simple habits from Harvard scientists that will add 10 years to your lifeWarning: Prepare for mosquitoes this winterCrazy food fact: Eat chocolate at the right time and you’ll burn fatListening to music too loudly can lead to dementiaI drank a gallon of water every day for a week and here’s what happenedThat fitness app on your phone is likely leaking personal dataHarvard researchers say this one tiny life adjustment can reduce depression riskMaking this 1 change to your diet could help speed up your metabolismCoffee might not be what prevents you from sleeping soundlyThis is how much money exercising will save you nowMusic earworms may be keeping you up at nightDoes gardening really burn as many calories as yoga or volleyball?These seemingly healthy foods are the source of brain fogToo much coffee triples the risk of blinding eye disease. How much is too much?If you’re having trouble swallowing, it could be a sign of this devastating diseaseHow much daily movement do you need to counteract all that sitting?The exact time you need to not be sitting to fend off dementia8 reasons why you’re not seeing results from exercisingDASH diet proven to reduce heart disease and high blood pressureThis ancient seed can be a gamechanger for your skin and help with weight lossAt a certain age, you need to do exercises that prevent bones from aging. Start with these.Increased use of mental and emotional health apps: what can companies do to strengthen their culture of well-being?The exact amount of time you need to read per day to boost your brain healthThis CEO approved-diet may just make you the smartest person in the roomFDA approves first Alzheimer’s drug in 20 years, but could you afford it?The iPhone 12 may cause problems for implanted heart devicesIf these appear on your nails, it could indicate serious health issuesThis 5-minute workout will turn you into a morning personMissing your bedtime by even 30 minutes can have a disastrous impact on healthEating this fruit before bed may be a surprising game changer for your sleepScience says ambivalence may be a desirable trait (then again…)Live near a busy road? That’s now correlated with this neurodegenerative diseaseIf you eat these foods for dinner instead of breakfast, it could be disastrous for your healthThe secret health benefit of milk you probably didn’t know aboutAn Amazonian tribe may have discovered the secret to keeping the brain from agingThis very enjoyable habit can lower your dementia risk for years to come5 things putting you at higher risk for COVID-19The foods you should (and shouldn’t eat) this summer23 activities super successful people do over long weekendsIt’s Lyme disease season — here’s what to do until a vaccine is releasedHow to make vacations seem longerHealth benefits taper off long before you hit 10,000 stepsTired and stressed? Here’s the hormone that’s going haywireStudy uncovers new coronavirus, possible dog-to-human transmissionSarcastic, cynical, irritable? This study’s for you.What to know about physical activity “cocktails” and why they add years to your life4 neuroscience-backed morning routinesIf you have this skin condition, your diabetes risk is higher5 skin myths you need to know4 ways to be happier backed by neuroscienceIf you react this way to music, your brain could be specialWalking this many minutes a day can reduce your death risk by 30%The age when most people start to feel oldOne type of noise especially improves sleep and memoryYour daily Zoom meeting is causing these 4 health issuesEat this daily if you want to lower your work stressA super simple exercise may prevent dementiaOur dreams are getting weirder but it’s not for the reason you think5 ways Nike CEO John Donahoe makes mental health a priorityWorking long hours is literally killing youWant to be a better problem solver? Take care of this essential organThis expert says your burnout could be something more seriousYour late-night snacking is ruining your skin5 habits you do every day that are prematurely aging you5-minute workouts you can do to feel better nowIf this happened when you were a child, it can have an impact on your brainThe bizarre science behind your snack preferencesIf your voice has this pitch, it could mean you have these personality traitsTurns out even if you move all day at work, it’s still not enough to keep you healthyHere’s how the brain reacts when multiple people talk to youYour constant forgetfulness could be a sign of something much more seriousChronic yawning may mean you are the smartest person in the roomThink you’ve been drinking the correct amount of water per day? Guess againSimple ways to move more while working from homeCoffee AFTER breakfast: Healthy option or just ridiculous?If you sleep in this position every night you are aging your skin by 10 yearsThis common health problem can put you at greater risk for Alzheimer’sThis may be the perfect snack, according to scienceCity living and psychopaths: The scary connectionPeople who feel younger than they actually are have this major advantageWhen will masks disappear? Fauci says maybe never.6 new superfoods you didn’t even know aboutYour brain prefers to add rather than subtract and why that could derail successStudy finds real-life support is better than going on TwitterThe surprising side effect drinking alcohol has on your heart (and brain)The genetic secret behind why some people can live past 105Following this trendy diet can improve brain health later in lifeThis simple hack can prevent a super painful vaccine side effectA daily dose of this vegetable can be a gamechanger for your heart health11 little known health benefits of walking just 15 minutes each dayDrinking this many cups of coffee a day may prevent this deadly cancerThe jury’s in: Nightshift modes on your phone don’t help your sleepYou can take 10 years off your face with 7 simple habitsHow we’re being vaxxed and tracked in the workplaceThere’s a reason you “forgot” to answer that emailTurns out being a bad driver can be a sign of a devastating conditionDoing this science-backed workout for just 10 seconds can help you lose weightTurns out your coffee choice is determined by this part of your genetic makeupThe science-backed reason your perfectionism is making you anxiousThis common problem is now linked to higher dementia risk4 things you’re doing that are aging you by 10 yearsThis study just confirmed what we all know about weight lossIs impulse buying an early sign of dementia?Your brain is shrinking, but is that a bad thing?The little-known way drinking milk is aging youGossiping is scientifically proven to be good for us. Here’s whyEating this category of food for dinner could put your heart health at riskThere’s a wrong time to drink tea — study finds a nutrient blockerHandwashing’s down, a telltale sign that normalcy has returnedThis type of work schedule doubles your risk for COVID-19Behold the healthiest and least healthy states in the USBlame your bad eating habits on your coworkerIf you hate smug couples that exercise together, this study will make you feel betterDeath by chocolate now considered a real health problemDo you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day?5 surprising foods that will slash your stress in halfOlive oil is now a dementia-fighting ingredient5 daily additions that can fight off COVID-19New study officially cites how much exercise is too littleOne more reason to sleep longer: It can reduce the risk of dementiaClean freaks rejoice: Household chores make you smarterCan daily coffee intake make you super stressed out?‘Brain fog’ is plaguing COVID survivors — can video games help?Stop those endless squats! Just 4 minutes of exercise adds years to your lifeThe link between anxiety and this devastating skin conditionEnough already with the mindfulness!What is exergaming and why could it save your brain from dementia?Daily exercise may reduce risk of severe COVID-19–but how much?The scary connection between brushing your teeth and dementiaCDC says this is the unsafest seat on planeThese 6 unhealthy eating habits are a result of the pandemic. Do you have one?Study says 37 is now considered middle-aged. Here’s how that feelsWaking to your favorite song can make you more productive at workIf you’re guilty of ‘social zapping,’ you’re probably a narcissistDr. Fauci just weighed in on the 3rd vaccine debateOverdoing the super popular HIIT workouts can be disastrous for your healthScience finally explains why you’re hungry 24/7The Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause: What you need to knowThat yogurt you eat every day is now a COVID-fighting superfoodThis expert breaks down how stress is harming youYour workweek stress is leading to this unhealthy weekend habitEating at this time of day is hurting your work productivityThis ‘office injury’ is actually more common in these industriesThe time of day when you are least productive will surprise youEating this kind of fish every week could be a game-changer for your healthThis is what actually happens in your brain when you are learningEating this common food could take years off your lifeDrinking this sweet drink daily can do wonders for your heart healthIf you are middle aged, these 2 lifestyle choices are proven to extend your lifespanLowering your levels of this may actually help your allergies4 foods super successful (and rich) people can’t stop eatingTurns out when we’re depressed, we really do see the world differentlyThis is the work from home perk that will be the most missedThis study just blew open a major myth about narcissistsDrinking this delicious beverage daily may actually fend off dementiaDoing this daily can dramatically reduce your risk for dementiaEating these popular foods can be disastrous for your healthDining out may take years off your life but not for the reason you thinkListening to these types of sounds may be the key to stress reliefIf you exercise more than this amount of time per day, the results are disastrousAmericans gained a shocking 2 pounds per month in lockdown5 morning habits that will start your day with purposeEating this specific type of food could be a game-changer for your musclesYou can trick your brain to be happy, according to new researchYou’ll burn fat twice as fast if you drink 1 thing before exercisingThe best time to eat breakfast according to scienceA simple hack may be the key to more confidence about your appearanceIf you regularly eat this for dinner your risk of dementia goes up by 40%This seasoning could double your heart disease riskA disturbing health trend is on the rise among younger generationsIf you drink water with this, you’ll never have muscle cramps againThis common activity is taking years off your lifeIf you want to be happy, you need to live in this countryThis is the worst kind of sugar you can consumeGot a powerful boss? They probably have this problemDoing these specific exercises can save your bones as you ageIf someone in your house does this, you have a better chance of losing weightThe 10 tea types that will kick your coffee habit for goodThe Top 5 jobs where your boss is more likely to be a psychopathDrinking 4 cups of this beverage daily could be a game-changer for your brainDrinking this amount of coffee daily could save you from a deadly cancerStudy reveals the actual reason narcissists succeedThis trick can help boost your resilienceThis specific diet can lower your stroke risk by 10%Melinda Gates has a predicted date for the end of the pandemicDrinking these 2 beverages regularly can keep you healthy into old age15 little-known reasons you need to drink your coffee blackThis is why smells and memories have such a strong connectionJust 2 servings of this per week can help protect your heartIf you drink coffee this way, you’re likely an introvertIf you lie frequently, you will start to have this problemYour brain on coffee: Here’s what really happens when you take a sip4 things to start doing now to combat an aging brainThis study just totally blew open the money and happiness equationA huge number of Americans are using this terrible habit to cope with stressIf you run this amount, it could be disastrous for your personal lifeThis old-fashioned activity could be the simple fix for lonelinessDoing this type of exercise will make you the smartest person in the roomIf you eat this common lunch food, it means this about your personalityThis study just uncovered a surprising predictor of dementiaThis study just revealed the key to better mental healthHarvard scientists say this exact combination of food can add years to your lifeA look into the bizarre coffee routines of 4 of the world’s richest peopleIf you work in one of these 3 industries, you probably drink moreParticipating in this activity could be a gamechanger for anxietyA diet high in this may be disastrous for your immune systemThis is how many billions of dollars migraines cost businessesI tried the treadmill the internet says is perfect to use while on Zoom callsStudy says avoiding these 2 activities can help you lose weightCan therapy help your career? This study found outIf these healthy foods are part of your breakfast, you could lose years of your lifeWorking in bed? Here are all the ways it’s hurting youThis is the surprising age Americans would want to reliveIf you use these types of words frequently, you are an extrovertIf you have this mindset, it could add years to your lifeThis is what happens to your brain when you drink coffee every dayThe odd science behind why some people deal with cold weather betterIf you have this personality trait, you may live longerIf this is part of your morning routine, you are at a higher risk for cancerDrinking this healthy beverage daily could help you fight off cancerNapping for longer than this can be disastrous for your heart healthThis is what happens to your brain when you have a bad food experience5 amazing things you didn’t know your brain could doDrinking this many cups of coffee per day reduces heart attack risk by a thirdThis super popular drink is taking years off your lifeThis is the best news about the COVID-19 vaccine yetIf this happened to you in childhood, you may have mental health problemsThis breakfast food is proven to cut your aging time in halfThe best thing about the human brain is also the worstThis diet is better for weight loss than the current ruling favoriteEating this for breakfast raises your risk of dyingBill Gates says these are the next 2 COVID-level disasters that will rock the worldThese surprising foods can ruin an otherwise healthy dietThe science-backed reason men should start drinking more coffeeThe verdict is in: You need to walk this many minutes a day to stay healthyEating this common fruit could make your skin look 10 years youngerPeople with this condition are 3 times more likely to die of COVIDFeeling a bit down lately? This diet can helpTurns out walking 10,000 steps per day may not make you live longerThe bizarre reason men benefit more from coffee than womanDr. Fauci says this is the worst thing you can do during Super Bowl weekendIf you live in one of these 10 cities, you may not live as longWhat we can learn about performance from this legendary surgeon and Harvard professorCOVID passports are real and they could be in the U.S. soonStudy finds this frowned upon advice could be the key to living a longer life9 subtle scientific signs you’re exhausted and on the verge of collapseIf this happens to you every night, you are suffering from a special kind of anxietyAccording to science, this is the best time of day to workoutThis health condition is linked to worse Alzheimer’s symptomsIn the nights leading up to a full moon, people tend to do thisThe devastating side effect from working remotely no one is talking aboutLiving closer to one of these can have surprising benefits on your heart healthThis one obvious thing is scientifically proven to reduce stressIf you have these symptoms, you could have the new COVID strainThe amount of money Americans are willing to pay to erase 2020 is shockingEating during this time can reduce your risk for this deadly cancerMental health neglect can put you at risk for these devastating heart issuesThis is exactly what happens in the brain when it uses contextThis is what Bill Gates says we need to do to prevent another pandemicAdding this to your afternoon routine can be a productivity gamechangerShould you be wearing two masks? This is what the experts sayThis is the safest way to travel during the pandemicThis is what happens to your body when you tailgateThis study just revealed the secret to aging gracefullyHaving a few of these in your house can be a game changer for your happinessThis study will make you want to throw out your deep fryerLoss of taste after COVID? Here’s 1 trick to bring it backThis study just blew open a major myth about coffeeThis study found out why our minds wander so oftenEating less of this food could be the secret to slowing down agingThe scientific reason your diet just won’t workDrinking this daily linked to higher risk of this serious heart health issueIf this food is part of your morning routine, your whole day could be ruinedResearchers say do these 2 things before getting COVID vaccine for effectivenessScientists say putting this in your coffee isn’t as bad as you thought it was3 things I started doing after 6 PM to wake up full of energyStudy finds people who wear one of these are more likely to contract COVIDFired for not getting the COVID vaccine? This could be a realityThis is what happens in the brain when you are happyThis overlooked activity can be a game changer for blood pressureThis simple daily activity could reduce your stress dramaticallyTurns out mindfulness isn’t the cure-all everyone thinks it isThis study just blew up a major happiness mythThis is how being a workaholic is ruining your entire lifeOxford study: The health benefits of exercise are limitlessDoing these kinds of activities will be a game changer for your happinessYale researchers discover why having an argument is so mentally exhaustingFaking one of these every morning could make you 10 times happierIf you’ve been doing this a lot during lockdown, you’re not aloneDrinking more coffee can help lower risk of this tough cancerExperts find cutting out alcohol (for a short time) has these major benefitsThe 4-second workout proven to improve your heart healthOffice gossip may go away if everyone reads this studyThis is the best news about COVID immunity by farIf you do this during your workout, you will burn more fatThese are the top 10 cities promoting a healthy lifestyleThis very common diet will rot your brainDo I need to go back to work after I’ve been vaccinated?If you do this while drinking coffee, it can completely ruin the tasteIf you sleep this many hours, you could be at risk for this devastating brain diseaseI tried 3 tactics to get a better night’s sleep. One workedThe very serious COVID symptom you don’t know about3 reasons why you can’t stop looking at your phone during social situationsDrinking 2 cups of this daily can help with weight loss (even while you sleep)The devastating side effect of the pandemic young people are experiencingWhy the new COVID strain is so lethal and it may already be hereScientists tested air quality in a busy gym. The results were shockingThese are the scariest things about the new COVID strainAccording to science, doing this simple thing will make you 7% happierThis common indoor space increases your risk of COVID infection dramaticallyDoing this workout that takes only 6-minutes could be brilliant for your healthEating these foods regularly can be disastrous for your healthHere’s why you may want to give Dry January a try (take it from an expert)This was Einstein’s brilliant hack for dealing with an aging brainFocusing on this will make you miserable according to psychologistsCOVID vaccine: Who is eligible and when does protection begin?This is the perfect full-body workout, according to Harvard scientists3 vitamins proven to enhance your concentrationHow to outsmart your COVID-19 fears and boost your mood in 2021This 1 activity increased by 19% each week during lockdownThis is considered to be the most dangerous place to go during the pandemicWearing this winter accessory could help protect you from COVIDThese are the 4 vitamins that could decrease your COVID-19 riskBefore you eat that granola bar, you need to know 1 thingThis may be the best news about coronavirus yet7 quick and highly effective workout routines for busy peopleIf this is part of your diet, you are taking years off your lifeI did a guided meditation every night for a week and it changed my quality of sleepWearing this will help you exercise moreHere is what you need to know about the new coronavirus strain6 eating habits of the world’s oldest living peopleThe bizarre reasons you need to drink more water as you ageThis is how many years life expectancy has dropped due to COVID-19If you often feel lonely, you could have this major brain advantageHere’s how to make yourself happier, according to a Yale professorThis is why your heart health is put at major risk on Christmas EveWas Tom Cruise’s rant in the name of leadership or just a publicity stunt?If you wear this type of face mask, it will not protect you from COVID-19Everything you need to know about AppleFitness+ — and why it’s all the rageThis study reveals the great lesson that COVID-19 taught humanityNever drink this type of soda (it’s worse than eating 8 Oreos)Dr. Anthony Fauci just blew up these major myths about the COVID vaccineEating this super trendy fruit every day can be a game-changer for your healthIf you keep your heart healthy, you could prevent a devastating brain diseaseCOVID-19 vaccines will completely reshape hiring in 2021. Here’s howThis simple addition to your diet can change your brain and bodyStudy says this activity may be the best way for older people to stay healthyShowering at this temperature could have this impact on your bodyI tried eating breakfast for dinner every nightBill Gates has a prediction about the next 4 to 6 months and it’s not goodIf you do this over the holidays, you could actually get firedIf you listen to this type of music, you could be damaging your brainCDC reports that even this group of people should get a vaccine next yearCutting this from your diet immediately could add years to your lifeThis is what you need to know about the Bill Gates COVID vaccine conspiraciesScience finds this beloved food could help your brain fight this devastating diseaseYou’d be insane to travel the following way right nowWhy you’re stress eating in 2020 and what to do about it72% of professionals said they would get vaccinated if their employer asked them toI added salt to my morning coffee. It was a game-changer3 foods that will make you get the flu fasterIf you do this while holiday shopping you’re at higher risk for COVID-19Harvard researchers find people with this attitude can add years to their livesLiving in proximity to this animal could make you happierIs it laziness or seasonal depression? How to tell and what to do about itThe benefits of mushroom coffee — and why people swear by itWhat pregnant women need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine7 COVID-friendly holiday party alternativesThis is the exact amount you need to exercise per week to lose weightThis is the answer to the question everyone is asking about the COVID-19 vaccineIt’s official: Most Americans are now germaphobesEating food with this in it regularly may make you happier about life4 out-of-the-box ways to boost mental health this stressful holiday seasonThis is what happens when your brain is given facts versus possibilitiesSurvey reveals all the ways remote work is ruining the health of AmericansYoung women are much better at this than men, according to neuroscientistsFauci says Americans must do these things to avoid lockdownThis is the group of people who absolutely shouldn’t take the COVID-19 vaccineDoing this at-home workout just 30 minutes per week can add years to your lifeHere’s everything you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine so farNearly 70% of Americans took this type of trip to escape pandemic stressCan my employer make me get a COVID-19 vaccine?If you belong to one these 3 age groups you should not drink heavilyThis ancient self-care practice could help those struggling with sleep this yearThe COVID dangers of your break room at work (and how to avoid them)If you think you love coffee this study is going to blow your mindThis one 11-minute exercise can combat the effects of sitting all dayDoing this helpful practice before a job interview may lead to disasterThis is the worst thing you can do in a car when it comes to spreading COVID-19 fasterThis is the exact time period when coronavirus carriers are the most contagiousIf your Facebook posts look like this, you could have a mood disorderThe CDC says you should wear a mask in this surprising placeHealth experts say you shouldn’t shower after doing thisResearch reveals the disturbing way COVID-19 enters the brainFor anyone infected with COVID-19, this may be the best news so farIf you are bilingual, it can have a very interesting impact when this happensThis is why Bill Gates is so confident in the COVID-19 vaccine5 health myths that are making it impossible for you to lose weightThis is the exact amount of exercise every person needsPeople who do this frowned upon activity may actually be healthier than youWhat the experts say about sending your kids back to schoolThis is the best country to retire to in the worldThis is why you should exercise outside this winterThese are the 3 things that determine how happy you will beThis is how much time you need in the sun every day to offset pandemic damageMaking a small tweak to this super popular diet can add years to your lifeThis could be the key to getting you to go to the gym more, according to scienceIf you have trouble with this at work, you may be a narcissistThis is the reason you are having so many nightmares right nowI ran a mile every day for 5 days straight and this is what happenedThis is how many people got sick after the COVID-19 vaccineThis is the group driving up coronavirus cases the mostIf you make your coffee this way, it can add years to your lifeThis classic holiday drink may make you smarterHow ‘meeting a few friends’ can cause a COVID-19 super-spreader eventStudy finds your personality may change but this will always stay the sameThis study is good news if you think your memory is bad6 things in your morning routine that are aging you6 ways being a night owl will ruin your lifeThese at-home exercises can help older people boost their immune system in the age of COVID-19If you ate this a lot as a child it could have hurt your brainI added eggnog to my coffee every morning for a weekThis group of people is more confident because of the pandemicThis is what the CDC says is the most dangerous thing about celebrating ThanksgivingTo avoid catching COVID-19, never go to the grocery store at this timeScience explains why you are addicted to oysters and champagneDoing this one 3-minute stretch after your workday will save your backThis is what you need to know about the side effects of the COVID vaccine9 things successful employees do each morningThis carb people are scared of may add years to your lifeIf you stick to this type of diet, you could be at risk for more bone fracturesA new study says this dangerous activity just got even more deadlyWearing these may protect you from COVID-19 this ThanksgivingEating these common foods will make you age twice as fastThis controversial face mask just got a major win from this studyI started every day this week with a mimosa and here’s what happenedThe most germ-infested item in your home office (by far)If you tend to take risks, this could be the weird reason whyResearchers just discovered a benefit of spending time alone in quarantineWhy masks belong at your Thanksgiving gathering and how to properly clean and wear themI tried the ‘silent breakfast’ trend. Here’s the odd way it affected meThis is what Dr. Fauci says Thanksgiving 2021 will look likeEating this surprising fruit will take 10 years off your faceIf this is your typical attitude, it could be damaging your heartWorking at this time may put you at greater risk of asthmaThere is another reason this winter is going to be harder than everIf this is your mealtime, it will do this to your waist size6 items you may want to get before the COVID-19 second waveIf you don’t do this while you sleep, it can be disastrous for your brainYour sleep has been horrible in 2020 — here’s why you should be worriedOwning this type of pet can increase your chance of getting COVID-19Here’s when the general American public can expect to receive a vaccineTurns out this breakfast staple could be disastrous for your healthWearing your face mask can have this damaging side effect on your skinIf you had one of these recently, you could have a stronger chance of fighting COVID-19This is how many hours you’ve been on a couch since the pandemic startedThe scientific reason it feels so good to come home after a long dayThe 15-minute activity proven to cut stress in half (and eases loneliness)If this is a big part of your diet, it could be disastrous for your mental healthThese 8 habits are making you age faster4 exercise myths you need to stop believingThe disturbing amount of time coronavirus can survive on your skinDoing just 2 minutes of this activity can enhance your concentrationThis is why you should move every day, according to Harvard researchersWhy you shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym, according to researchThis group of people is less likely to follow COVID-19 guidelinesWant to protect your heart? Eat this nut every dayDon’t believe this myth about how much water you should drinkThis group of people is going to live the longestThis is why narcissists don’t feel bad about their failuresThis study will make you want to buy an at-home exercise bike immediatelyThis is the surprising age when people are most lonelyThis common sleep disorder can increase your risk of dementiaThis new research will blow your mind on N95 face masksThis ancient tea may be key to beating devastating neurodegenerative diseasesThis is the place you want to avoid on a plane the mostBrushing your teeth at this time of day will drastically change your healthThis is how much of your happiness is determined by geneticsThis is very bad news if you are sick of working remotely15 foods you need to add to your diet now to boost your overall healthHard work may have this disturbing effect on your brain healthIf this is part of your morning routine, it could ruin your weight loss planStudy says this activity is a game changer for stressed out working mothersThe physical side effect from working from home you didn’t see comingOxford professor says this is when things could go back to normal because of vaccineThis may be the reason why COVID-19 has so many different symptomsPeople who eat this live longer, study suggestsCOVID-19 may impact your body’s ability to do these things for yearsIf you live near one of these, you may finally be able to kick this terrible habitThis is what the experts say about cold weather and COVID-19This common activity you do all day long is killing your memoryThis mask study will blow your mind before your next workoutThis super fit celebrity puts 1 thing in her oatmeal every day to look agelessIf you sleep in this position it may increase your chance of divorceThere’s 1 vegetable you need to eat in the morning if you have anxietyI ate 10,000 calories in a single day. Here’s how my body respondedSpending time in nature only has major health benefits if you do thisIf you have these 5 personality traits, you will handle dementia betterCOVID-19 hair loss is a real thing but doing this may helpThis is how long COVID can take your sense of smell forThis new research is a game changer for sticking to your dietWhy this Nordic way of life could be the key to surviving the next lockdownThis is what you must know about COVID-19 and the winter monthsThis study just blew up a major weight loss mythIf this is part of your morning routine, it could do irreversible hair damageEating grapes may prevent this deadly neurological diseaseIf your mother did this, you may have a higher IQ than averageWearing these during a workout can be a game changer for your bodyThis is how much more deadly COVID-19 is than the fluIf you do this right before you sleep, you could gain weightDoing this simple activity will send your brain into ‘pleasure overload’This food has the power to help those who have this common diseaseAdding this ingredient to lemon water may promote weight loss (I tried it)People with these two qualities handle stress the bestThis is why you aren’t popular anymore, according to Harvard scientistsThis is why you often wake up around 3amThis Harvard research may be the best news about COVID-19 and the holidaysThe reason why December may be the deadliest month in the pandemic yetCaffeine doesn’t affect me! Why?The 1 surprising generation that was excluded from US drug and vaccine trialsHow these countries successfully kept COVID-19 downThis group of people is less likely to follow COVID-19 guidelinesThe disturbing COVID-19 symptom that can last for 150 daysThis carb-filled favorite meal may not be as bad for your health as you thoughtIf you do this fun activity before the holiday rush, it will boost your mood5 important things to do to keep your gut health in checkHow social distancing might be affecting your healthThis is why your memory is so poorIf you can smell this, you may have a coffee addictionThis is the reason more women are surviving COVID-19 than menThis group of people has longer-lasting COVID-19 antibodiesI took melatonin every day and it ruined my sleep cycle80% of COVID-19 patients don’t have enough of this in their bodyCOVID-19 can impact your sleep in this weird wayI ate a grapefruit every morning, and it changed my skinHere’s what the COVID-19 vaccine will and won’t doEarly COVID-19 vaccines may not be perfect, says Bill GatesThis intimidating workout may be perfect for most peopleStudy uncovers new COVID-19 effect that ages your brain by 10 yearsThese 2 groups of employees are struggling most with the pandemicThis popular diet could dramatically affect your heart healthThis is the best time of day to drink coffee if you want your productivity levels to soarA good night’s rest: How to sleep well and wake up feeling energizedThis is the worst thing you can do during COVID-196 foods that will make you your most productive selfDrinking this can lead to better physical and mental performanceThe weird reason Halloween may make you a happier adultIf this is your sense of humor, you may be more intelligentThis is exactly how many minutes it takes for COVID-19 to be transmittedI cycled at home for 30 days straight and it had this surprising impact on my lifeHow to pull yourself out of the gutter: 5 habits that led to the life of my dreams7 tips for staying safe as COVID-19 cases rise and colder weather heightens the riskI tried Kelly Ripa’s wellness routine and this is what happenedHere’s why COVID-19 deaths are on the decline5 keys to eating during the home officeCan CBD help fight COVID-19? Scientists think soI tried taking ashwagandha for stress and this is what happenedThis is how COVID-19 has changed business travelBill Gates says this is the major upside of the pandemicThese common household items may help fight COVID-19If you have these 7 common habits, you’re sabotaging your own happinessThis is the worst snack women can eatThis is the latest news on COVID-19 antibodies and immunityExercising at this specific time of day linked to lower cancer riskThese common makeup blunders can age you by 10 yearsYale study reveals which gender is better at social distancing. Take a guessThe COVID-19 death toll will nearly double by this coming month, scientists projectThis common sleep aid may actually be the worst thing for youThis study just made flying on a plane right now even scarierThe thing everyone gets wrong about psychopathsSpin studio reopening triggers massive COVID-19 outbreakThis biological irregularity in women is linked to an earlier death, according to scienceIf you watch this type of TV show, you will have a happier lifeThe science behind what happens to your body when you run every dayI drank Kefir every day for a week and it had some major benefitsDoes exercise really make you feel happier?A simple mistake to avoid when you want to get in better shapeI ate olive oil every day. It changed my bodyThe disturbing reason some people struggle with COVID-19 months after diagnosisI did 15 military style burpees every morning and it changed my bodyIf you drink this much alcohol daily you could be at risk for Alzheimer’sHow learning a musical instrument supercharges your brainIf you sleep this way, you’ll experience high levels of mindfulnessThere is now a simple way to determine how severe a COVID-19 case will beIf you’re born with this gene you’re probably more agile on the dance floor at any ageI lost 3 lbs in a week by trying the ‘macro diet’Here’s everything you need to know about the fall COVID-19 surge, according to expertsI ate sugary cereal for breakfast for a week and this happenedThis devastating side effect of COVID-19 can be permanentEverything you need to know about getting reinfected with COVID-19Turns out scientists were wrong about this major factor and COVID-19 susceptibilityIf you can’t smell these 2 things, there’s a strong chance you have COVID-19This sustainable coffee alternative is the ultimate wellness hackAutopsies reveal disturbing discoveries on COVID-19 infection and your eyesIf you drink these regularly you are sabotaging your weight loss planThis surprising group of people is having the hardest time with the pandemicAnxious over Coronavirus? Here are 4 tips for calming your brainWill you live longer if you have a female doctor? Here’s what Harvard saysYou’ll never believe the reason why men are often sleep deprivedWhat you must know about the 1Day Sooner campaign and the COVID-19 vaccineIf you do this while you sleep, it could result in serious health issuesThe top 6 worst cities to live in if you’re trying to stay fitNew research reveals the disturbing amount of time COVID-19 lives on surfacesHere’s the latest on how long COVID-19 antibodies stay in our bodiesThe scientific reason some people can’t sleep without a fanThis length work-week could be hazardous to your healthExperiencing physical pain can cause you to overspendI tried not making any decisions until after 10 AMWaiting until this age to have kids can lengthen your life, according to researchI tried using a French-style bidet for the week and it totally changed my routineA lesser-known side effect of COVID impacts your facial movementDoing this fun activity daily could add years to your lifeIf you aren’t doing this with your cloth face mask, it is less effective against COVIDThese 5 surprising foods will help you look youngerIf your mother did this while breastfeeding, it could result in devastating side effectsYou’ll never believe the foods included in a diet of the futureThe ancient reason behind why you love food with the most caloriesTry these 9 tips to stop stress eating todayI tried eating peanut butter before a workout. It gave me a major advantageAccording to experts, this is the only way to safely return to in-person workspacesIf you can learn to do this, you can significantly lower your risk for dementiaThis scary side effect is a key sign of fatal COVID-19 for older peopleWomen have been better at doing this during the pandemicThis common over-the-counter drug is now linked to cancer in older adultsYou’ll never believe what this Yale research says is the key to reducing stressThis is the mindset required to get into the best physical shape of your lifeEating this fried snack before bed is ruining your sleepI ate a hearty breakfast for 5 days straight — this is how I felt7 ways you are sabotaging your healthy diet – and how to fix themThis is exactly how long COVID-19 lives on your hands, according to expertsIf your diet is lacking this, it could be disastrous for your healthThis may be the most unexpected coronavirus symptom of allThis type of writing will make your brain more powerfulThe weird effect COVID-19 has on this part of our lives that no one talks aboutIf you do this while you sleep you could be aging yourselfThis is everything we know about Dexamethasone: the drug they gave President TrumpCOVID-19 patients with these symptoms are 7 times more likely to succumbThe reason the US is still experiencing COVID-19 outbreaksThis common chemical found in coffee could put you at higher risk for cancerI meal prepped the same thing for dinner every night and discovered 3 shocking benefitsI tried CBD gummies to see if they improved my mental health. This is my verdictThe 1 simple move that can lower your blood pressure by 10% without medicationThe weird impact COVID-19 is having on the fast-food industryThe group that is most at risk for COVID-19 complications includes President TrumpThis study may make you fear flying (again) during COVID-19I ate only almonds for 2 days straight. It changed my metabolismPeople will be wearing respirators by 2021. I tried wearing one for a weekThis COVID-19 symptoms discovery is shockingly terrifyingThese are the early signs that lead to COVID-19 deathIf you do this when you are sleeping, you could be in a better morning moodI drank lemon water every morning and it halved my appetiteThis really popular diet may not help you lose weight after allNew study says drinking coffee can reduce risk of this devastating disease5 science-backed changes to your morning routine that will change your lifeSpeaking these words can spread COVID-19 faster, according to Princeton researchersThis group of women is more likely to abuse alcoholIf this is your personality type, you may be at higher risk for dementiaDoing these simple things in your house could protect you from COVID-19 this winterThe majority of these super popular face masks failed US safety guidelinesThis may be the key to staying sane during the next lockdownIf you sleep less than 8 hours a night, you’ll likely gain weightToo much sugar in your diet could result in this devastating neurodegenerative diseaseI tried the Top 5 online workouts women are doing right now— Here’s my pickI took a cold bath every morning and it changed my mental healthI drank a pint of beer every day — it had an unexpected effect on my weight7 easy and energizing alternatives to coffeeThese are the states the third wave of coronavirus is hitting firstThe surprising age when you are more likely to cheat on your partnerCould Zinc make coronavirus worse? Here’s what a new study saysI ate this spicy food every day for a week. My weight plummetedThis is what happens to your body when you drink coffee every day for yearsI ate like I was in the 1950s for a week and this is what happenedThis study may be the best COVID-19 news so farEating this popular candy regularly can result in deathObesity is now linked to a major brain problemYour shoes may be weakening your muscle — these are the signs to look out forThis study has some reassuring news about homemade face masksI only drank water until 4pm every day and experienced an amazing effectIf you’re an older age, this is the best time to be aliveEating exactly this many calories at breakfast will prevent obesityAs coronavirus evolves, this piece of protection may no longer workIf you do this on Thanksgiving, you could be at higher risk for COVID-19I tried the workout everyone’s obsessed with now and this is what happenedThe state where the new, more contagious COVID-19 mutation is appearingThe 3 reasons you need to get a flu shot this year all have to do with COVID-19Drinking this many cups of coffee a day may protect you from cancerI added honey to my morning coffee and it was a complete game changerThis small lifestyle change can add years to your lifeThese cancers are on the rise for young Americans but it’s not clear whyOne tiny change could help you stick to your dietThe 4 things that are making people live longer and be happierDoing this for 15 minutes every day can improve your overall happinessBill Gates has a predicted date for the end of the pandemicCDC warns sharing these with friends can increase COVID-19 risk by 6 timesForget Advil, scientists say try doing this the next time you feel painIf you wear this accessory every day, you could save yourself from COVID-19A heart-healthy lifestyle also protects this important body partDoing this innocent activity indoors can speed up the spread of COVID-19 dramaticallyThis trendy new superfood you’ve never heard of could be a gamechanger for your hair and bodyWhy a simple blood test could identify those most at risk of COVID-19 complicationsGood nutrition can contribute to keeping COVID-19 and other diseases awayThis super common breakfast food is actually making you gain more weightI ate these superfoods for one week and this is what it felt likeYale study says the immune system may now protect you from this type of illnessIf this is a big part of your diet, you could take years off your lifeThis common cleaning agent could protect you from COVID-19 in your homeIf your child has these symptoms post COVID-19, head straight to the E.R.Here’s everything the CDC needs you to know about indoor restaurant diningI tried this outdated 70s diet and was shocked by the resultsThis study just found an incredible new health benefit associated with coffeeYour happiness level rises if you hang out with this group of people
If you eat at this time of day, you may gain more weightDoing this for 10 minutes a day can help fight stress6 expert-approved hacks to bounce back from a workout hiatusThe shocking number of patients suffering from COVID-19 months after diagnosisIf your sleep is poor, you could be at risk for developing this diseaseIf you struggle with this, you may be more resilientGetting more of this could improve your happiness immediatelyIf you have trouble doing this, you may be at risk of Alzheimer’s in the futureI quit eating bread for a week and it had an insane effect on my bodyThis is the age that people are the happiest, according to Dartmouth scientistsIf you wear this clothing item every day, it could be the key to weight lossStudy shows this dangerous activity could be the reason your relationships failThis type of attitude can be disastrous for your healthScientists predict COVID-19 will eventually evolve into one of thesePairing this trendy diet with intermittent fasting could save your heartThese are the Google searches that could predict the next COVID-19 outbreakWomen who do this when they get a compliment at work can be perceived badlyI removed salt from my diet and this bizarre thing happenedIf you do this activity 4 or more times per week you could be more successfulNew study reveals surprising benefit of having more leg fatThis is the secret to getting the most out of your dietEating this snack twice a week can add years to your lifeScientists say if this is your flirting style, you will have successThe science behind why you are obsessed with getting a tanIf you are born during this time of year, your allergies will be worseYour risk for COVID-19 rises if you tend to eat this kind of food4 signs bad sleep is seriously impacting your career, according to HarvardThis popular diet can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and Crohn’s diseaseThe terrible side effect of binging Netflix no one talks aboutI drank ginger tea every day for a week — Here’s how it affected my mental healthObesity is linked to higher rates of bankruptcy, according to a new studyStudy shows the major emotional problems bad sleep can causeThese chemical hair straighteners could put you at a higher cancer riskIf you went here, you are twice as likely to get COVID-19Just 2 minutes of this activity can make you better at your jobStudy finds a common medical condition could put you at high risk for dementiaThis is the downside of exercising too much during COVID-19I tried the 7-minute workout every day for a weekIf you have this many drinks per week it could double the risk of dementiaThe weird side effect of COVID-19 dentists are seeing all the time nowI ate a raw milk cheese every day and experienced a strange effectTurns out workers are getting tired of remote workingStudy finds certain hair dyes increase the risk for these kinds of cancerI tried exercising at night for a week straight — here’s what I learnedGround coffee vs instant coffee — The debate is overIf sitting at a desk all day is bad during coronavirus, could I lie down to work instead?I drank nothing but liquids for a full day and experienced a strange effectThe second wave of coronavirus may come at a different time of year than predictedThis over-the-counter drug could make you take more risksI stopped drinking coffee for a week straight. Here’s what happenedI tried five 60-second exercises for a week and this is what happenedThese are the 8 worst foods to eat before working out6 keys for getting temporarily remote teams back togetherThe science behind why a low-carb diet doesn’t always lead to weight lossIf you’re a man with a larger waist, you’re more at risk for this cancerThis sleep expert makes a strong argument for getting rid of Daylight Saving timeA diet rich in this type of food can lead to a greater risk of heart disease5 myths about face masks you shouldn’t believeStudy finds you are more likely to lose weight if you have one of theseIf you use one of these when you shower, it could be disastrous for your health4 surprising perks of going plant-based for breakfastDrinking just 1 beer or wine daily could mean devastating health consequencesThis is what happens to your body when you drink day-old coffeeThere is now a name for the terrible sleep you are getting right nowDoing this simple task could make you live longerEating this common food 3 times a day will make you age fasterThe number of people not wearing masks on the NYC subway is shockingNew study makes you think twice about wearing this gear during COVID-196 subtle workplace micro-aggressions you may not notice until it’s too lateCDC just announced a COVID-19 vaccine could be here as early as OctoberA new scary research study supports the delay or reopening schoolsWhat experts say about the controversial theory that could end the pandemicDoing this very simple activity may solve your anger issuesThe weird side effect of COVID-19 no one is really talking aboutThe experts say this is the best mask to wear when you are working out at a gymEven with your mask on, talking like this can increase the spread of COVID-19If you do this first thing when you wake up, it could be a disaster for your healthThis Japanese doctor lived until 105 — these are his secretsStudy uncovers a benefit of Vitamin C you probably didn’t know aboutIf you drink coffee and then take one of these, you may be more productiveAn over-the-counter drug you rely on may be taking years off your lifeWhat is boreout and why you may be suffering from it right nowThe science behind why COVID-19 is killing more men than womenSummer 2020 now also features “bigger and nastier” poison ivyIf you grew up near one of these, your IQ will be higherIf you do this when shopping, you are putting yourself at much more risk for COVID-19‘Shock hair loss’ is actually happening now because of COVID-19COVID-19 spreads because people are adopting an annoying Millennial behaviorPracticing an ancient exercise may make you worry lessWhat you need to know about the Reverse Diet and if it actually worksAgeism is going to make recovery from the pandemic even slowerThe science behind why we worry about events that’ll never happenThe new FDA warning on hand sanitizers will make you scared to use themThe new CDC guideline that has officials worriedI drank a Pumpkin Spice Latte every morning for a week and on the 4th day experienced a bizarre feelingIf your naps are longer than this amount of time, you could die youngerDoing this simple activity may make those Sunday Scaries a lot betterI used a milk alternative as part of my skincare routine — This is what happenedThis is the secret to keeping weight offApproval of a Coronavirus vaccine would be just the beginningA new study could mean the end of pregnant women drinking coffeeThe little-known effect drinking too much tea can have on your bodyTurns out wearing a mask makes you more attractive to potential mates9 coffee myths that are completely false5 of the germiest places on planes you need to watch out forAdopting this mindset will help you stay active well into old ageCould food coloring be the key to fight COVID-19? Scientists found outThese underappreciated veggies may save you from a tough diseaseNew research reveals dementia is much deadlier than they thoughtUsing coffee flour is the latest caffeine craze — Here’s what happened when I tried it9 diet myths you have believed forever that are sabotaging your weight lossThere is another quarantine happening and here’s the disturbing reason whyCoronavirus reinfection is possible but here’s what you should knowThe reason coronavirus news is so confusing? Dartmouth scientists figured it outWhat word is seeing record-high search traffic on Google right now? Not a good oneUnless you fall into these 3 categories, antibody tests might not tell you muchIf this habit isn’t part of your workout routine, it won’t be as effectiveWhy your narcissistic coworker has to be in control of everything (including you)The simple diet that can decrease your risk for Parkinson’sYou must do this as a teen to keep your bones healthy in adulthoodAdding a bit of this to your tea may be better for the common cold than drugsIs it safe to get a massage during COVID-19? Here’s what the experts sayThe science behind why fall weather could make COVID-19 worseIs it safe to go to the dentist right now? Here’s what the experts are sayingIf you do this type of exercise, you may live longerA vegetarian diet may just save you from a devastating health issueAre children the secret COVID-19 superspreaders? Here’s what the experts sayLatest COVID-19 symptom involves hurting another one of the 5 sensesHow 2 cups of coffee daily could save your lifeStudy reveals the scary new way men are more at risk for COVID-19If this is your bedtime, you may have saved yourself from Alzheimer’sHarvard study reveals the best defense against depressionWhat NYC’s antibodies test results reveal about COVID-19Living to 100 comes down to these 5 things, according to a dieticianWhy does COVID-19 only attack certain organs? This study has a theoryThe surprising health benefits of eating cashewsOxford researchers discovered the part of your commute that is causing weight gainThe group of people that are 3 times more likely to succumb to COVID-19Losing weight during this life period is linked to a longer lifespanFind yourself worrying all the time? This ancient discipline can helpWalking in this style has more health benefits than a casual strollI tried planking for 2 minutes before work every morning and something unexpected happenedScientists just discovered some terrible things about those trendy wine coolersEating dinner at this time could be disastrous for your healthI slept on a copper cooling pillow for a week and noticed a peculiar change in my relationshipMillennials are willing to sacrifice this for their jobs more than other generationsStanford scientists say popular activity for teens puts them at higher COVID-19 riskYour high levels of stress and anger can put you at risk for a serious health conditionA super popular workout may put you at higher risk for COVID-19If you have COVID-19, this is the first symptom you will getHarvard Global Health Institute says schools shouldn’t reopen unless these goals are hitNew scary study contradicts what we thought about children and coronavirusScientists may have discovered the Achilles’ heel of the coronavirusThe science behind why smiling can literally make you happierA new study just made the world’s toughest diet way less intimidatingA simple music hack will take your workout to the next levelDrinking too much water every day can have these alarming effectsThis is why your phone is making you gain weightThe science behind why you never want to buy healthy foodA study just blew up everything we thought about sunlight and COVID-19The loneliness of social isolation can affect your brain and raise dementia risk in older adultsThe surprising effect weight gain has on our brainIf these 2 things are missing from your diet, it may be why you’re so anxiousThis age group is being left behind in the new healthcare eraStudy finds certain mouthwashes have a very timely health benefitYour cancer risk can go up over 80% if you spend a lot of your day doing thisThe pandemic has barely changed Americans’ personalitiesHere’s one less thing you have to worry about when travelingAccording to science, your hair can reveal these secrets about your lifeSome COVID-19 survivors are experiencing a very scary symptomDuke scientists say this is the best mask to protect you from COVID-19Survey reveals shocking number of workers are scared to talk about this issueThis study could be a game-changer for garlicIf this is part of your morning routine, it could be the reason you are gaining weightThis is how much your risk of catching COVID-19 rises when you get in a carHow to test if your face mask is effective using 2 surefire techniquesDartmouth study reveals what people really think about placebosThis is how your brain knows how to make you sigh, according to scienceThis is what it will take for the US to contain COVID-19 by the end of 2020The scary effect using too much sanitizer can have on your health21 super simple healthy habits that will improve your life in daysStudents can return to campus, but only if this precaution is put in placeStaying 6 feet apart is now just a rule of thumb, according to the CDCScientists discover this activity is the key to having a stronger memoryThese are the most dangerous times of the year for your heartHarvard team just made startling discovery about the brain power behind glimpsesThe link between obesity and COVID-19New research finds these so-called healthy foods put you at higher cancer riskSleeping too much can have disastrous effects on your health — here is howThese are your chances of catching COVID-19 on a trainFor those over 50, using the Internet has this surprising mental health effectYale study says this simple technique is the key to reducing stressIf you have this dental issue, you may develop severe dementia laterThis is what happens to your body when you work out on an empty stomachHow COVID-19 could drastically change our coffee supply in the next yearThe No.1 aggravator of COVID-19 is difficult to stop, the CDC warnsPeople who do this more often are better equipped to handle stressThis super trendy cosmetic procedure can also help treat depressionFauci says wearing this could help tremendously if you live in a dense COVID areaThis painful condition only occurs on weekends and here is whyThis is actually no longer the worst place to be during COVID-19Expert tips for setting up an ergonomic home office your body will lovePeople above this height double their risk for COVID-19 infection10 nighttime rituals that have helped us sleep better since the onset of the pandemicThis protein could be a game -changer for fighting SARS-CoV-2 infectionsIf you wear light colors, you may have this very annoying problem this summerSneezing and coughing? How to tell if it’s allergies or COVID-195 science-backed ways to strengthen your brainThis former CDC head just revealed when we will be going back to the officeThis is the molecular science behind why you are such a slobThis shocking thing is the key to being happierThis is the reason your body has been in constant pain during the pandemicThis gene mutation puts this group of people at a much higher risk for COVID-19I tried an outdoor spin class during a pandemic and this is what it was likeForget COVID-19. Study reveals the other infectious germs at the gymYou need to eat these foods to keep your mental health in checkDr. Fauci says you must keep doing these 5 things to stay healthy during the pandemicScientists just uncovered the sneaky way COVID-19 spreads so fast in cellsDoing this simple, ancient practice daily can add years to your lifeThe science behind why you should trust your gutHow to make sure your mask maximizes protection, according to a nurseNew research finds doing this with food isn’t as bad as you thoughtDoing this household chore burns more calories than going to the gymIf you make this common mask mistake, you have a higher chance of getting COVID-19The latest COVID-19 symptom is a very disturbing oneThis age group is coping with the pandemic way better than othersThis hormone may be the key to keeping your brain healthy for more yearsEating this candy can add years to your life, according to scienceDrinking this many cups of coffee per day can help fight this tough diseasePeople who prefer this ice cream flavor find love sooner than othersIf you lose this ability, you may be at higher risk for dementiaThis is why you keep misremembering mundane, everyday choresEating these types of vegetables can help you fight COVID-19Narcissists never learn from their mistakes – Here’s whyIf you drink this type of coffee, you are probably more productiveThis is the super weird but accurate label for why you won’t go to bed right nowThis expert says lunch is the most important meal now and here’s whyI ate yogurt every day for a week and noticed this change in my bodyEating this trendy spice can help your body fight off virusesI drank a Starbucks frappuccino every day and noticed this weird change in my body7 things doctors wish they could tell youIf you do this with your face you may be able to earn more moneySurprising ways your first cup of coffee affects your brain, according to an expertIf this is your BMI, you are more at risk for dementiaStress can cause these 7 alarming health problemsYour personality may change based on the health of this part of your bodyWant to live forever? These are the 2 things you must doResearch finds this ancient practice can help your heart stay healthy for years to comeIs it time for a change of screen?This go-to deli garnish contains hidden heart and brain benefitsThis common protein could be the secret to a much longer, healthier lifeResearchers just made a startling discovery about this nasal spray and COVID-19 treatmentThis professor just created a coating that can inactivate COVID-19 in just minutes6 things you should never do at work in the COVID eraIf you do this during a conversation with a person it can put you at higher risk for COVID-19Research finds your boss could be the reason for this major health issueThis is how much COVID-19 ICU mortality rates have dropped over the past few monthsSupervisors surprisingly tend to favor employees with this personality disorderScientists discover this super trendy diet does result in actual weight loss1 in 3 young adults are susceptible to severe COVID-19 symptoms — here’s whyThis simple work from home policy can up productivity by 13%This is the exact amount of exercise you need to get to stay sane during the pandemicNew study reveals how long COVID-19 antibodies will actually make you immuneI used a ‘sleep story’ app for a week and this is how it changed my sleep qualityThis frowned upon activity can actually channel greater creativity at workIf this happened to you during childhood, you enjoy working for a toxic boss3 science-based ways to become psychologically bulletproofNew study reveals how much worse air conditioning makes the spread of COVID-19A shocking number of people say they will never sleep well again because of COVID-19This one in-office exercise could drastically reduce your risk for heart diseaseThis is the age when people are the most optimistic about lifeIncluding these 2 food groups in your diet can reduce diabetes risk by 50%The sleep routines of 50 successful peopleMIT and Harvard experts says these 2 ancient practices could help treat COVID-19Researchers just made a startling discovery about COVID-19 and newbornsEating this food regularly could add years to your lifeThe new symptoms of COVID-19 experienced by young people5 ways successful people destress at the end of the dayScientists now may be able to detect COVID-19 by listening for this soundIf you have these types of thoughts, it could be causing your sleep issuesIf you have this in your blood, you could be at higher risk for COVID-19 death3 science-backed tips for fighting your social distancing fatigueThe psychology behind why so many people refuse to wear face masksResearchers just created an air filter that kills the coronavirusI swapped my evening wine for non-alcoholic beer for a week and this is what happenedIf you do this, chances are you are either a narcissist, psychopath or manipulatorResearch reveals that years of discrimination are linked to high blood pressure for Black AmericansCambridge scientists just made an amazing discovery about desk jobs and your healthWhy the importance of sleep during the Coronavirus Pandemic and beyond can’t be underestimatedScientist says ticks are going to make this an even scarier summerTaking a walk near one of these can improve your mental health drasticallyNew research reveals if skipping breakfast actually helps you lose weightCOVID-19: As offices reopen, here’s what to expect if you’re worried about getting sick on the jobThis study argues this is the surprising food you must cut out to fight heart diseaseNot getting enough of this during sleep increases your chance of deathIf you are wearing this type of face mask, it is not protecting you from COVID-19More people are dying in the U.S, but it’s not from coronavirusEating this sweet treat every day has this unlikely health benefitThis may be the most effective lockdown alternativeJust a few months of this simple activity can add years to your lifeScience just discovered an exercise benefit you weren’t expectingThis is the room in your house most contaminated with COVID-19 germsAre quarantine bubbles safe? This is what the experts sayIf you don’t have enough of this in your body, you could be at higher risk for COVID-194 fast and free exercises that can seriously boost your moodBuilding an affirming space during times of mental strainThis is exactly how much humidity helps to slow down COVID-19This is what happens to your body around fireworks4 ways to feel good on a hard day in lockdownThe shocking place where many COVID-19 patients were first exposedI tried wearing a face shield for a week and this happenedYale scientists may have figured out the reason you keep gaining weightResearchers came up with the exact formula to have a perfect dayThis surprising drink may make your brain sharperThis is what happens to your body if you exercise every dayThis sleep myth you’ve been following for years just got blown upIf you experience these feelings, you may have “Corona-fatigue”Can people spread the coronavirus if they don’t have symptoms? 5 things we know about asymptomatic COVID-19Is the next big pandemic already here? This is what the experts sayMastering this surprising skill motivates people to quit cigarettesIf your relationship is like this, a new study says it might be killing youIf you’ve achieved this milestone, your children may be more stressed in collegeThis group of people is showing higher infection rates for COVID-19 nowThis new COVID-19 elevator rule is going to shock youHarvard researchers say eating this one food may lower you risk for this serious health conditionEating these 2 foods can keep your brain healthy for yearsDoing this very simple thing may be the key to getting more people to wear face masksAccording to Harvard scientists, this is the safest way to hug someone during a pandemicThis study reveals some surprising information about gyms and COVID-19Will this 5-minute Japanese towel exercise give you flat abs in 10 days? This is what experts sayHarvard study says this can lead to an early deathDoing this very common thing every day can increase cancer risk by 82%Experts say you should not get your COVID-19 antibodies test during this time periodDoing this in the bathroom could spread COVID-19 researchers findIf you brush your teeth right after drinking coffee, it could have this damaging effectIf you believe in these things, you could be a psychopathThis is how to get the best night’s sleep, according to psychiatrists5 things you should do right now to fight the rising number of COVID-19 casesScientists: These 2 symptoms are the most prevalent in COVID-19This is the number of minutes it takes for summer sun to kill COVID-19If you wear this item regularly, you could be at higher risk for COVID-19Scientists just discovered why you can either remember everything or nothingNew study reveals exactly how much unknown bacteria is covering your phone and shoesThis is what happens to your body when you switch from coffee to teaDoing this activity every day could improve your sleep drasticallyThis group of men may be at higher risk for COVID-19These are the 10 behaviors that will take the most years off your lifePenn researchers say if you do this when you exercise, it will be a game changerThis is the simple activity you can do every day to be 100% happierThis surprising therapy combination can provide stress relief, study findsIf you have more of this hormone, you could be at higher risk of fatal COVID-197 dietician-recommended foods that can lower anxietyThis household appliance could cost you your relationship7 unexpected habits that are making you tiredThis is the secret to feeling so much happier, according to Harvard scientistsA Harvard fitness expert says these are the best exercises to do in your living roomThis is what happens to your body when you exercise too muchThis is the weird reason you keep skipping lunch, according to researchWant a more productive morning routine? Ask yourself this 1 question25% more women than men are experiencing this very hard side effect of the pandemicIf your hair suddenly does this, you could be at higher risk for this silent killerIf you go to a hair salon during COVID-19, this is the worst thing you can doThis cheap, old drug could be a game changer for COVID-19 deathsEven having this type of drink in moderation could put you at higher risk for cancerScientists can now scan your brain to see if you’re lonelyThis is what not getting enough sleep can do to your heartThis 3-move exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn fatPeople who live to 100 have these 5 things in commonThis is the exact number of people that lie about working outHarvard scientists say this is the eating pattern to follow to keep your heart healthyExercising at this exact time during the day could help reset your entire body clockHarvard researchers just debunked this major exercise mythThis is the absolute worst place you can sit on an airplane during the coronavirus pandemicHate exercise? Try this zero-minute workout insteadThis is the weird reason you can’t lose weight, according to scienceThis group of people is least likely to return to the gym after the coronavirus pandemicCleanPod, PhoneSoap and more: UV sterilizers that can help you kill all the germsDoing these 2 exercises may help reduce your risk for blindness as you ageThis is a new, very devastating effect of COVID-19This is an impact of the pandemic you probably didn’t see comingIf you do this before or after a workout, you could be taking years off your lifeStudy finds if you have these personality traits, you are at higher risk for dementiaHere’s what happened when I tracked my sleep for one monthShould you fly this summer? Here’s what the experts sayCambridge study says this is the key to fighting the second wave of COVID-19Talking to this person may help boost your immune systemTry these small exercises to stay more mindful and calm throughout the dayAccording to MIT researchers these are the businesses that should open firstNew study suggests happiness may help you with this common health issueThese 2 mistakes make online health information appear untrustworthyHarvard doctor says U.S. will hit 200,000 COVID-19 deaths by September9 out of the box things that make you happierYale researchers say this year of uncertainty is making everyone paranoidWhat not showering daily does to your bodyThis is the weird, evolutionary reason men grow beardsThis is the only face mask that can reduce contamination by 99%These are the new foods and drinks you should avoid to reduce cancer riskThis is the other very scary reason why you should be washing your hands moreIf you did this while social distancing, you may have psychopathic traitsThis is the reason your seasonal allergies seem to never endHarvard scientists just weighed in on the COVID-19 asymptomatic transmission news and this is what they saidBad sleep can be linked to this devastating health issueAccording to science, your desire to quit is not your faultIf you have these kind of thoughts regularly, it could lead to dementia later in lifeDoing this early in life will lead to a strong memory in old ageIf your diet includes these type of foods, you are at higher risk for blindnessIf you wear this item when shopping, you could be putting yourself at higher risk for COVID-19This group of people has an advantage when it comes to fighting COVID-195 proven habits to overcome stressI stopped drinking for two weeks and this is what happened to my skinShould you go to the gym during the coronavirus pandemic? This is what the experts say (plus 10 things to expect)Should I get tested for coronavirus without symptoms? Here’s the answerFive lessons to remember when lockdown endsWorking late regularly puts you at risk for this extremely serious medical conditionTurns out our genes can impact how sensitive we are3 hobbies that can improve your memory and maintain a healthy brainThe surprising health benefit of drinking 2 cups of coffee per dayYale researchers have found where stress ‘lives’ in our brainsThe actual reason you can’t fall asleep (it’s not insomnia) and how to fix itIf you don’t get this exact amount of sleep, you could be at risk for this devastating lung diseaseIf this is the color of your bedroom, you probably aren’t sleeping wellDoing this one thing a day could reverse the effects of drinking sodaThis renowned diet is based on never letting you go hungryThese are the most important hours of sleep for your brain, according to an expertJust a few months of this habit will leave you on the verge of oral diseaseThis is exactly what happens in our brain before we form memoriesThis generation is the most desperate to get back to travelingThis super popular diet claims to help you lose 10 pounds in a weekCould antibody injections fight COVID-19 infections?This is how the lockdown is going to impact kids and teens for years to comeHarvard professor says this odd activity is a game changer for dealing with stressHow to reduce anxiety when video conferences form an important part of your day5 ways eating in a pandemic is improving your relationship with foodIs the coronavirus losing its potency? This is what the experts are sayingThis is why your lonely coworker may be looking at your face on Zoom callsThe fascinating reason some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weightEating more of this type of food can help prevent this serious diseaseThis at-risk demographic isn’t very worried about COVID-19This is what it’s like to work as a nurse in New York City during the coronavirus pandemicWill I be able to take that vacation this summer — or before 2021? Here’s what experts are saying7 ways to tell if your life is out of balanceNew York City could now see an outbreak of this decades old-disease because of the pandemicWearing a face mask in this place can reduce transmission of COVID-19 by 79%New study reveals how many COVID-19 patients with diabetes die after only 1 weekShould you get a haircut during the coronavirus pandemic? This is what the experts sayDon’t use copper masks if you are at high risk for COVID-19The CDC says this is how you should reopen your officeThese are the 2 most common neurological COVID-19 symptomsYale researchers say doing this specific type of exercise will make you happier than moneyNew study debunks this common COVID-19 treatmentYour masks are likely causing a common skin condition – Here’s what to doNew data finds 1 minute of speaking like this releases 1000 COVID-19 virus particlesThis is how coronavirus contract tracing may affect you5 foods that are killing your intelligence, focus and brainThis is your ultimate at-home workout from the man who trained Tom BradyIf you live near one of these you will be happier, according to scienceNew study reveals COVID-19 patients can remain immune for this amount of timeThis is exactly how overthinking is damaging your well-being6 basic foods you must eat when working from home, according to a nutrition expertNew study finds COVID-19 patients remain infectious for only this number of daysAlarming number of Americans think COVID-19 weight gain is here to stayDuke scientists may have just discovered a way to ‘switch off’ pain in your bodyCornell researchers said that this odd thing may be making you drink more alcoholThis gene doubles the risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptomsWhat Hong Kong can teach us about easing social distancingHow to emerge from this crisis better and strongerShould you fly yet? An epidemiologist and an exposure scientist walk you through the decision processMillions of cicadas are ready to ruin your summer if you live in these statesThis is the scary number of people ‘superspreader events’ infect8 ways to improve your odds of surviving a heart attackAdding this to your meals can help you fend off many diseasesThe weird, scientific reason you struggle so much on cold winter morningsNew study reveals this weird COVID-19 symptom could actually mean good newsThis group of people should not be wearing face masks according to the CDCWhat your sleep habits reveal about youReopening states could cause this shocking number of COVID-19 deathsThese are the riskiest activities you can do during the COVID-19 pandemicThese are the most stress inducing foods – Here’s what you should eat insteadCan you get Coronavirus in your car? Here’s what you need to knowNow research shows Coronavirus patients may develop this brutal disorderYale study says devastating health effects from COVID-19 will last for decadesThe 5 most effective bedtime teas on Amazon to help you sleepNew data shows Hydroxychloroquine linked to greater risk of death in COVID-19 patientsThis is the most promising data on COVID-19 antibodies and immunity yetThese 5 vitamins will help boost your metabolismReplacing your coffee with this drink can increase your lifespan6 ways to set effective boundaries during COVID-19New research shows helping others is as contagious as any virusScience says this super enjoyable activity can help you lose weightCan the Coronavirus spread through cash?5 types of music that will increase your happiness, according to scienceThe latest scary Coronavirus system can affect your mental healthThis is what the CDC is now saying about COVID-19 spreading on surfacesNew study finds this type of workout is best for fighting depression7 ways to gain better control of your sleep habitsThis many lives could have been saved if social distancing had started 1 week earlierResearch finds doing this simple workout for only 10 minutes is better than running4 benchmarks that make it safe for a state to reopen during the coronavirus pandemicHow sleep can help – and heal – during this really weird timeNew study reveals exactly how useful a mask is at protecting you from COVID-19If you drink this many cups of coffee a day you raise your risk for these 3 serious diseasesThe key COVID-19 symptom you can detect without a testSurvey reveals New Yorkers are very scared to return to work and schoolCan mosquitoes carry COVID-19? Here’s what the experts sayWorld Health Organization official says COVID-19 may never endThis trendy diet helps people with this body type lose weightThis study will ruin online workouts for you16 of the healthiest snacks on AmazonThis is why you are eating all the garbage food during a pandemicPeople who talk like this can increase spread of COVID-19 at a shocking rateIf you do this as a toddler, you will have this mental health issue as an adultGiving this type of medicine to COVID-19 patients may improve survival ratesWhat you need to know about COVID-19 and the summer monthsThis study explains why psychopaths are so successfulIf you learn how to do this, you will add years to your lifeListening to this type of music may improve your work performanceLife advice inspired by a COVID-19 patient, in a 3-minute readDoctors describe witnessing troubling new symptom in COVID-19 patientsThis is the latest very serious COVID-19 symptomHospitals are reporting less heart attacks and strokes – Here’s why that may not be a good thingThe COVID-19 symptoms to watch out for if you are healthy and youngNew study finds this group of people benefits more from drinking coffeeThis is how fast COVID-19 spreads through hospitalsScience can now tell if you’re sticking to your dietDoing this exercise during the pandemic can have this alarming effect on your bodySome of the smartest professors in the world say social distancing may be needed until 2022If you drink this much coffee daily, you may be at risk of this critical bone diseaseShould you wear a sneeze guard instead of a face mask? Here’s what experts sayWhat Reddit can teach us about public health concernsNew study reveals the drink that is even worse for you than sodaThere are reasons to be optimistic about a Coronavirus vaccineCornell researchers say social distancing doesn’t completely stop COVID-19 from spreadingTaking a shower at this temperature may help protect you from COVID-19Princeton scientists say COVID-19’s silent spread is what makes it so powerful8 food myths that are hindering your productivityIf you eat this for breakfast your career could sufferAccording to Warren Buffett, honing this 1 skill can improve your worth by 50 percentAccording to science, this is the age that means you are officially oldThis group of people are at higher risk for a confusing illness that is linked to COVID-196 tips from a wellness expert that will help your brain focus betterHow dark chocolate, tea and wine can save your life, according to scienceThe office is one of the most dangerous places to be with COVID-19 but this may helpNeuroscientists find this is the key to a long-lasting relationship9 ways COVID-19 is like running a marathonThis is the science behind why saying this 1 word feels so goodThis everyday habit is completely killing your confidenceCOVID-19 found to be spread through eyes and is 100 times more infectious than SARSI did the same workout every day for a month and this is how it changed my lifeStudy says hot summer temperatures won’t curb spread of COVID-19 after allDo you really need to worry about the effects of blue light on your sleep?5 Signs COVID-19 is impacting your mental healthThe mental health benefits of talking to yourselfHarvard doctors find this is how most critical COVID-19 patients are beating itIf your body has low levels of this, you have a higher chance of dying from COVID-194 Coronavirus myths you’ve been seeing all over the internet, debunkedWhat is clean eating? Plus a meal plan for getting startedThis is why you find it so hard to exercise during COVID-19This odd talking trick may help you lose weight according to scienceScientists find this household appliance is making the air in your house 5X dirtier than the outsideHere’s what you need to know about the new mutated, more contagious strain of CoronavirusThis 20-year-old diet helps you lose weight and lets you eat anything you want6 things you should clean every dayResearchers found the ultimate hangover cure and it has these odd ingredientsNew research shows the the alarming way COVID-19 impacts the brainCornell study uncovers why the Coronavirus is so contagious5 mental exercises to strengthen your emotional fitnessIf you have this personality type you will have more nightmaresHope in NYC: New Yorkers believe the worst of COVID-19 is overNew study reveals the surprising reason why young, healthy people die of COVID-193 cardiologist-recommended exercises that you can easily do at homeThis is the exact amount of time it takes for walking to improve your moodPrinceton professor says these are the 8 biggest challenges in our fight against COVID-19This is the shocking number of US workers at risk of COVID-19 infectionThis surprising group of people is thriving during quarantineDrinking this daily may help you live longer according to scientistsThis is why Remdesivir could be a breakthrough drug for COVID-19 patientsThe Coronavirus lockdown has had this surprising health benefit for many AmericansMy job was to write about Coronavirus every day and then I got itWorld Health Organization envoy says a COVID-19 vaccine may be tough to findThis is the weird reason selfish people still feel good about themselvesShould runners wear masks during COVID-19? This is what the experts sayThis is what muscle pain from COVID-19 feels likeHow super successful people spend their nights in quarantineCytokine storms are the most disturbing COVID-19 symptom yetThese are the most crucial days to watch if you have any COVID-19 symptomsTwitter roundup: The best tweets to keep you laughing 2 months into quarantineWill a meat shortage happen during the COVID-19 outbreak?Scientists have developed a faster, cheaper COVID-19 testThis shocking number of people will break quarantine for Mother’s DayThis is why your phone is the perfect breeding ground for giving you COVID-19This is how many people are near their social distancing breaking pointWhy we may see an iceless North Pole this summerWhat going to the gym will look like after the COVID-19 outbreakYale researchers have developed a new way to track the spread of COVID-19This newborn’s recovery from severe COVID-19 shows the importance of early responseThis is the reason so many more men are dying of COVID-19 than womenIf you go to bed at this time you may have these devastating health issuesSports can literally give fans a heart attack: studyResearchers find this relaxing activity might be as good for the brain as cardioNew study says this is the only diet that will keep your brain healthy for years to comeThis is a new silent symptom in COVID-19 patients and it’s fatal‘Quarantine fatigue’ is here and this is why it is so dangerousThese are the 6 worst social distancing mistakes you can make36% of New Yorkers know someone who has passed away from COVID-193 tips from a therapist for calming your Coronavirus anxietyThis rare but scary condition has been seen in children with CoronavirusBill Gates reveals his plan for how we get past the COVID-19 pandemicThis state is having the hardest time with social distancingMaking your coffee this way may add years to your lifeCoronavirus drifts through the air in microscopic droplets – here’s the science of infectious aerosolsThis new ‘lab-on-a-chip’ antibody test may revolutionize COVID-19 detectionThese are the 6 new COVID-19 symptoms the CDC has just added to the listThese are the most underreported symptoms in older COVID-19 patients to watch out forThe key to addiction-free pain relief may come from this terrifying creatureYour cats could actually have the Coronavirus right nowScientists just discovered a new surprising benefit of coffeeHow to keep Coronavirus worries from disrupting your sleepThere is an increase of strokes in this surprising group of COVID-19 patientsThis is why your dreams (and sleep) are so weird during the COVID-19 crisisThe shocking number of Americans turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with coronavirus stressYou’ll never believe how much money your hangovers are costing the economy17 items to use as replacements if you don’t have exercise equipmentThese are the second wave COVID-19 symptoms you have to watch out forPoor sleep can lead to this scary healthy issueThis type of exercise might be key to a better fate for Coronavirus patientsKeep bingeing Netflix: Researchers find you can still get your social needs without human interactionCornell researchers came up with a way to reduce ocean pollutionHow we will rebuild again after the COVID-19 pandemicUse this 1-minute reframe to turn anxiety into good decisionsNearly half of New Yorkers believe the economy should stay closed until JuneThese 3 things will end the Coronavirus pandemicThis household item may be better for removing COVID-19 than hand dryers4 good practices for anyone caring for quarantined kidsSkipping this daily meal is linked to an increased risk of depressionThe latest possible symptom of COVID-19 can be a painful oneAnxiety and stress levels are surprisingly down during the COVID-19 outbreakCan you get COVID-19 from your groceries? This is what the experts sayThis company founder says this is the simple key to being a leader during this insane timeScientists find genes can determine if you are at higher risk for fatal COVID-19This is the latest and possibly weirdest COVID-19 symptomThis is the most common early sign of COVID-19Scientists find doing this simple activity every day can help fend off dying of COVID-197 minute yoga to stay calm at homeHow the rich reacted to the bubonic plague has eerie similarities to today’s pandemic5 qualities of emotionally mature peopleIf this is your BMI you are more at risk of being hospitalized for COVID-19This can help protect you from COVID-19’s deadliest symptom38% of New Yorkers are drinking while working remotelyCould COVID-19 cause long-term brain problems?The surprisingly early age our bodies begin to break downJeff Bezos to instate compulsory coronavirus testing on Amazon workersEating too much protein could have this adverse effect on your healthDrinking this beverage could heighten your risk of getting COVID-19Coronavirus anxiety will influence people not even born yetYour shoes can transfer Coronavirus, according to a new study out of WuhanHarvard warns social distancing could extend through 2022This is really why most people go vegetarian4 underrated personality traits you need to live your best lifeYour risk of dying (of any cause) decreases by 51% if you take this many steps per dayCoronavirus: Cuomo plans to enforce mandatory face-covering in public5 essential all-purpose cleaners that will virus-proof your homeOne month in, this study provides the first glimpse of the lockdown’s health effectsHere are 2 surefire ways to protect your home from CoronavirusHow Tropical Smoothie is giving back during the COVID-19 crisisMark Cuban’s strategy for leading a remote teamIf you think you have COVID-19, this is the first thing you should do5 ways emotionally intelligent people live happy and healthy livesNew research finds COVID-19 can be spread through speechCoronavirus patients who lay in this position have a higher chance of recoveryIf your dream falls into one of these 6 categories, it’s related to Coronavirus7 careers that are even more viable during the pandemic outbreakRecovering COVID-19 patients may feel a bizarre ‘fizzing’ sensation — Why it’s not cause for concern5 uplifting activities to help improve your mental health while you’re social distancing, according to a psychotherapist6 unusual signs that you may have heart diseaseThe CARES Act may not be enough to protect the working class during the pandemicThis is Anthony Fauci’s latest radical proposal for flattening the Coronavirus curveThis is when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, according to Bill GatesExpert trainers share how to build a simple, efficient home gymThe quarantine might be just what you need to improve your life, career and futureRide-hailing services linked to more urban crashes at pick-up locationsBrown researchers say this could really help with physician burnoutThe weird way narcissists are benefitting from CoronavirusTim Ferris says to consider this thought — Especially if your life feels like a mess6 warning signs that stress is affecting your health4 things to do every day for your mental healthThis is how shockingly long Coronavirus can live on the face mask you are wearingThis is why some people ignore the risks of COVID-19Americans may be feeling the effects of COVID-19 around their waists for decadesEverything you need to know about fatal cases of COVID-19These are the top 5 best coffee brands Amazon has to offerIn the midst of a pandemic, scientists warn this species is at risk of extinctionExperts are calling this ‘the food of the future’What does ‘recovered from coronavirus’ mean? 4 questions answered about how some survive and what happens nextThis is the worst kind of food you can eat during the Coronavirus pandemicYou’ll never believe what your teeth can reveal about your lifeThese two groups of people may be more at risk for getting COVID-19Stanford researchers may have just developed a super-effective depression treatmentThe most proactive states in fighting the CoronavirusPsychopaths tend to have this very annoying social media habitThis very common issue could be an early sign of dementiaThis study reveals the real reason so many people are panicking right nowThis study blows the lid off these 3 super popular dietsI fasted for 16 hours every day for a week and this odd thing happenedWhy wear face masks in public? Here’s what the research showsThe latest incredibly disturbing Coronavirus symptom impacts your brainThis is why doctors are now saying everyone should wear face masksA new COVID-19 vaccine is already making considerable progress in mice trialsFeeling overwhelmed? Approach coronavirus as a challenge to be met, not a threat to be fearedHow to get almost anything delivered so you don’t have to leave the houseWhat life after this pandemic could look likeThis study finds Coronavirus isn’t as deadly as it was estimated to beBill Gates says these are the 3 drastic steps we must take to fight CoronavirusI ran for 30 minute every day for a week and this is what happenedThe Quarantine 15? This tool will tell you how much weight you’ll gain during COVID-19Researchers may have figured out exactly where creativity comes from in the brain10 things you can do right now at home to relieve stress, according to an acupuncturistHere’s your comprehensive Coronavirus cheat sheetThis diet could help people with asthma fight CoronavirusMIT researcher says the 6-feet social distancing rule isn’t enough to flatten the curveThese are all genetic factors that can put you more at risk for lethal CoronavirusHow horses can help save the planet from climate changeCoronavirus: Social distancing may be a rare chance to get our sleep patterns closer to what nature intendedStudy reveals which over-the-counter drugs might curb severe COVID-19This study reveals the shocking truth behind Coronavirus-infected patientsThe majority of New Yorkers are very dissatisfied with what is being done to help their city7 foods you should eat if you’re over 50Research shows this 23-minute workout can do amazing things for your healthIf you live here, you are probably the most stressedLessons we can learn from the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918In these uncertain times, validation is the best way to support loved onesScientists may have found the missing Coronavirus link between bats and humansNew research shows COVID-19 is even more deadly for people with this conditionWhy you may want to try this popular diet during the Coronavirus pandemicWhy a Covid-19 vaccination won’t end the pandemicWhy people are panic buying during the COVID-19 outbreakCould you have had Coronavirus earlier this year and not known it?Doing this at the same time every night can add years to your lifeThe generation doing the best with social distancing may surprise youDoing this soothing activity every day could lower your risk for strokesIf social distancing is not followed in the US, 264 million people will contract Covid-19Coronavirus has now hit multiple Amazon warehousesHotter weather brings more stress, depression and other mental health problemsThis 15-minute run trick will bring your endurance to a new levelThis study will make you think twice about ordering sushiCan you get Coronavirus from your mail? Here’s what the experts sayThis is the reason why toxic people can be so successful professionallyThis is the secret benefit you get from using workout appsHere’s an upside to being stuck inside with your family all dayThis study proves your coworkers are not as clean as you thinkThis could be another symptom of the CoronavirusThis CEO conducts exercise classes with his workers during COVID-19 outbreak5 ways you can increase your intelligence, according to scienceThe Coronavirus quarantine is already contributing to a rise in divorce filings, just like in ChinaAccording to Harvard scientists, eating an egg everyday is good for your healthCan high doses of Vitamin C really help Coronavirus symptoms? This doctor says yesThese are the symptoms of COVID-19 that actually require medical interventionThis household item can survive in the ocean for up to 1,300 yearsThis is why you are eating more carbs right nowHarvard University president tests positive for CoronavirusThis is the best sleep position to help you deal with your Coronavirus anxiety3 ways the coronavirus pandemic is changing who we are25% of Americans are afraid to eat this type of food because of CoronavirusThis study proves you are your toughest critic when it comes to your looks6 apps to use to safely order food to your home officeThis is the amount of time you are highly contagious when you have Coronavirus6 bad habits holding you back from being as mentally strong as you can beThis is how much money Uber and Lyft drivers are missing out on because of CoronavirusThese groups of people are more at risk for getting lethal versions of CoronavirusDespite the Coronavirus outbreak, this amount of Americans would travel within the next two weeksThese are the essential businesses that will remain open during the Coronavirus epidemicWe’re not the only species in danger due to COVID-19Many Covid-19 patients are experiencing a loss of taste or smellThis is the ingredient people avoid the most when making healthy food choicesYour smartphone is making your headaches much worse10 ways to keep your family happy and healthy during Coronavirus isolationBill Gates predicted this epidemic would happen in a 2015 TED TalkWhat the Coronavirus reveals about our fears and mental healthCOVID-19 treatment might already exist in old drugs – we’re using pieces of the coronavirus itself to find themNew research says these conditions could slow down the spread of CoronavirusWatching these types of movies this weekend will help with your stressTwitter roundup: The best tweets to keep you laughing while you practice social distancingThis group of people has an advantage when it comes to fighting CoronavirusEnding the Coronavirus outbreak might start with a computerDoing the 7-minute workout daily can actually add years to your life7 reasons adult coloring books online are the hottest new trendThe top 5 protein bars Amazon has to offer (in case your grocery store is out of stock)If these epidemiologists are right, we are facing 18 more months of isolationStudy finds digestive issues are a common Covid-19 symptom and can point to worse prognosisYale researchers say artificial sweeteners can make healthy people sick if they are paired with thisHow to stop touching your face to minimize spread of coronavirus and other germs6 self-care items you need to buy right now to feel better6 places to find online workout classes while you’re social distancing due to CoronavirusHere’s how our immune systems fight Covid-19This generation is now more at risk for getting Coronavirus officials sayWHO officially says avoid taking this over-the-counter drug if you have Covid-19 symptomsThis is what shelter-in-place actually meansDon’t fall for the COVID-19 “self-test” email from StanfordCoronavirus quarantines and your legal rights: 4 questions answeredThese are the groups of people at higher risk of contracting Coronavirus and becoming severely illThis is how long COVID-19 can live airborneCoronavirus: Social distancing is delaying vital scientific researchThis study shows how difficult it will be to find Covid-19 vaccine volunteersA staggering amount of people who live in this city think they are immune to Covid-1910 misconceptions about the 1918 flu, the ‘greatest pandemic in history’Everyday habits of energetic peopleYour community influences whether you live or dieHow to disinfect every high-touch surface where Coronavirus could be livingEmployees in these industries have the most Coronavirus business expensesWhat Coronavirus symptoms should I look for, and when do I call the doctor?How ‘Stealth transmission’ is fueling the rapid spread of Covid-19, according to expertsCoronavirus: 3 lessons from the AIDS crisisThis is the number of people that believe they are carrying Coronavirus right now7 daily habits that are ruining your sleepHow to get through social distancing isolation, according to a psychologistThis is the generation most concerned about the Coronavirus pandemicThis is how scarily fast you can get infected by a COVID-19 carrier that shows no symptomsWhy you MUST get outside even when you are supposed to be social distancingWhat to do if you’re over 60 and feel sickStudy finds global health measures are not enough to save the most vulnerable peopleThis trendy diet will not help you during the Coronavirus pandemicThis is how a Harvard professor says to work through the extreme Coronavirus anxiety cycleThis fitness expert says do these exercises when working remotely, due to CoronavirusNow air pollution is causing you to gain weightNutrition, sleep and stress tips to help make your immune system stronger during CoronavirusAnxious over Coronavirus? Here are 4 tips for calming your brainCoronavirus: 10 reasons why you ought not to panicThis isn’t the first time sports teams have played in eerily empty arenas6 habits to increase your energyThis is the weird reason your diet is so badWhat to do if your coworker has CoronavirusThis generation may be the least likely to contract Coronavirus through touch at work5 common Coronavirus myths that need to be debunked5 financial moves for the age of COVID-193 ways the Coronavirus outbreak affects members of Generation X differentlyWant to be happier? Here are 5 tiny shifts in thinking to helpThis is the shocking number of nights the average person loses sleep because of their significant otherThe average salaries for Americans working in 19 life-saving jobs key to fighting the Coronavirus outbreakNew study busts open the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acidsThis study confirms that constantly reading Coronavirus news only makes it worseSports come to a halt amid Coronavirus pandemicThis is the simple key to lessening your Coronavirus anxiety levelsPracticing toxic masculinity will lead to a lonely, unhappy lifeHow to stop feeling overwhelmed at work (according to science)The ancient exercise rituals of these hunter-gatherers from Tanzania could save your lifeThe surprising weight loss diet that may protect you from CoronavirusGratitude is great, but it isn’t going to fix these major issuesThe open office is a breeding ground for Coronavirus — and workers are freaked outThe surprising benefit of exercising during this time of dayA clinical psychologist explains the 60-second approach to managing your emotionsThis is the number of steps you need per day to reduce the risk of “dying of any cause”This exact sleep routine may help you stave off CoronavirusThis is why you always skip the gym, according to scientists10 habits of people who lose weight and keep it offBoomers have a drug problem, but not the kind you might thinkThe disturbing amount of time coronavirus can live on your phone screenThis is the worst thing you can do after a workout12 wellness hacks you can do right at your deskThis is the most effective way to cure self-doubtCoronavirus: A simple way to keep workers – and the economy – from getting sickCan the keto diet give you a mental edge?Here is your 8-point Coronavirus checklist from an infectious disease expertYale researchers say your coworker that smokes is harming you more than you knowThis is the weird reason you drink more wine at restaurantsScientists say this popular breakfast drink could reverse obesityHow to keep your phone (and yourself) clean from germs and CoronavirusThe weird reason Americans are so afraid of taking sick daysStudy says picking up a new hobby may save your brain later in life8 signs your sleeplessness is something more seriousPeople who drink this super common beverage are taking years off their lifeA dietician says this is the best diet of 2020 (and it includes pizza)Irregular sleep can lead to increased heart attack riskScientists say this is the key to making fewer mistakes at workDrinking milk every day could increase your risk of breast cancerThis everyday office item could be taking years off your lifeScientists say if you do this outdoor activity, you will be a much happier personHere are the US professions with the biggest risk of getting hit by coronavirusThe small things you’re doing that make you unlikable3 Coronavirus myths that need to be bustedWhat are the chances of actually getting Coronavirus?Vaping changes mouth chemistry and increases risk of infection, NYU study findsThis is why you enjoy the bitter taste of coffee, according to scienceNew study says this simple diet trick is the key to living longerThe surprising truth about Vitamin CHow can we prepare for the coronavirus? 3 questions answered5 habits of happy brainsNew study uncovers the neurology behind how kind and generous you areHow much do we shrink as we age?Could coronavirus really trigger a recession?These 3 things will stop Coronavirus from killing youYale researchers say just a few hours spent breathing polluted air may cause a heart attackThe unexpected upside of stressCoronavirus is definitely coming — these are the steps you need to take todayConsuming this condiment after exercise slows agingDeep learning AI discovers surprising new antibioticsDeep sleep may clear the brain of Alzheimer’s toxins, study saysCornell study looked at mental health lessons U.S. companies can learn from tragedyThis is the new secret to living longer, according to Yale researchersHow to improve your work performance using brain scienceThis exercise may help prevent Alzheimer’s diseaseThe negative health effects of pulling an all-nighter at workResearchers say food tastes better if you touch it firstThe surprising health benefit of eating a bowl of cereal a dayYour salt intake isn’t the issue — here’s what is10 tips for sneaking in a workout during workSticking to this diet for a year could reverse the aging processScientists say getting over social rejection could be solved with TylenolIn a loud and distracting world, stillness is vital for our brainsThis is the odd reason you eat so much junk foodHow to live a long, happy life, according to this 113-year-old manYale researchers say this is the key to help reduce stress and anxiety6 habits of highly healthy brainsWhat it really means when you can’t remember a wordThis study is very good news for tall menThese are the fitness habits of 5 CEOsWhy scientists are encouraging people to drink more coffeeThe overlooked details that make people happyDoing this many push-ups reduces heart disease risk by 96%6 tips to improve your mood and energy levels at workWhat 7 years of weightlifting taught me about sundays11 signs your job is making you miserableUS workplaces are nowhere near ready to contain a coronavirus outbreakTurns out Americans really don’t know how to cook anything but eggs5 surprising ways exercise changes your brainHere’s why you always wake up at 3 amThe simple trick to getting the most out of your workoutThe age when most people experience a romantic, financial or career crisisStudy finds if this is part of your regular diet, you could be at major risk for heart problemsIf you do this on your daily commute you will add years to your lifeThis surprising study says you should drink coffee before every workoutYale researchers find ageism is literally hurting older people all over the worldThis is how much weight you are gaining from work stressThis is the unhealthiest seat you can choose on a plane3 habits that could be keeping you from hitting your fitness goalsAmericans love dining out but nothing we eat is healthy: researchersThis 100-year-old skiing entrepreneur says this the key to a long, happy lifeThis habit you thought was totally normal could mean you are a narcissistLongevity expert says these are the foods you must eat to add years to your lifeThis is how Yale researchers say to approach the Keto dietI slept just 6 hours every night this week — Here’s how it affected meThe avoidable reason men die earlier than womenStudy finds micromanagement is destroying your backThe serious consequence of exercising too much, too fastThis may be the key to improving your sleepThe reason why your hair has suddenly turned grey is…Harvard scientists find people with more brain activity have shorter livesBeauty sleep is real and can reverse ageing, according to body clock scientistsYour weekend brunch habits might be killing youThese are the foods you should eat to prevent insomniaThis is how you make better decisions, according to a neurologistYes, you still need to worry about flu season — Here are 3 simple things to do now to boost your immunityIs this disorder killing your productivity?This everyday activity is linked to deeper sleep qualityThe average adult will try this shocking number of diets in their lifetimeDrinking this every day can reverse the effects of aging8 female leaders on how much sleep they actually getThis leisure activity could be as beneficial as a trip to the gymEating walnuts has some major health benefitsResearch shows bad sleep may lead to this rampant mental health issueEating home-cooked meals can add years to your life5 ways to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)Drinking this everyday will add years to your lifeThis is the exact time the Sunday Scaries set inThis study shows the devastating impact of salary on mental health5 wellness trends that will dominate in 2020The powerful way we learn from our dreamsHarvard scientists say these are the 5 things you must do to live longerThe first big trendy diet of 2020 slows aging and includes chocolateThe surprising reason behind episodic migrainesThe truth about sugar and how much you should really be consumingThe surprising health benefit of eating dark chocolate every dayDo these things before going to bed and you’ll wake up energized for tomorrowA staggering number of people will be medically obese by 2030The science backed reason why you should go with your gut more oftenDoes blue light actually affect how we sleep?7 ways sleep deprivation is killing your health and careerHow to function in the office when you’re hungoverThe world’s trendiest diet has some major negative effectsWhy drinking mushroom tea needs to be part of your morning routineGoing to museums regularly can have this surprising life benefitCombine these foods to decrease cancer riskHere’s how using your phone in the bathroom actually impacts your healthEating this vegetable can dramatically reduce your risk of dying of a heart attackThis study will make you think twice about ever napping againIf you work with a narcissist, this study has some good news for youThis is the part of your commute that puts you in contact with the most germsIf you eat two of these a day, you can add years to your lifeScientists say drink this amount of coffee per day to reduce risk of dementiaExperts are obsessed with this low-calorie, cancer fighting superfoodThe foods to eat to remain healthy during this extremely bad flu seasonThe Keto diet might be bad for your heart, a new study findsThis is the day of the week people are most likely to workoutThe majority of Americans use drugs or alcohol to fall asleepDrinking this amount every day linked to 30% cancer risk increaseHow loneliness at work hurts productivityNew research reveals the shocking number of germs living on your desk at all timesExperts recommend this common practice to improve sleep quality and moodHarvard researchers say this is the exact amount of coffee you should drink to stay healthyLimited eating times could be a new way to fight obesity and diabetesSo you ate too much—here’s how to reframe your thinkingThe surprising group has the most workplace anxiety