The latest COVID-19 symptom is a very disturbing one

A recent study on the effects of Coronavirus suggests that enanthem, or rash-like lesions inside of the mouth, may be the latest symptom to look out for. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the current list of symptoms associated with COVID-19 includes fever, cough, aches, and difficulty breathing, among others.

However, new research, published in JAMA Dermatology, showed that six out of 21 patients with skin rashes also exhibited mouth lesions upon examination. The patients in the study were aged between 40 and 69 and six were female. 

The authors of the study admitted the number of cases in their series was small, but still concluded that the pattern was worth looking further into. 

The lesions seemed to appear in patients about two weeks after symptom onset, reported Juan Jimenez-Cauhe, MD, of Hospital Universitario Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, and one of the researchers on the study.  

The authors also noted, “whether these manifestations are directly related to COVID-19 remains unclear, since both viral infections and adverse drug reactions are frequent causes of exanthem.”

There is still quite a bit of research to be done before exanthem can be officially added to the list of symptoms reported by the CDC.

Authors on the study noted that research has been limited thus far as, “many patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 do not have their oral cavity examined,” largely due to safety concerns. 

“Despite the increasing reports of skin rashes in patients with COVID-19, establishing an etiological diagnosis is challenging,” they wrote. “However, the presence of enanthem is a strong clue that suggests a viral etiology rather than a drug reaction, especially when a petechial pattern is observed.”