The shocking place where many COVID-19 patients were first exposed

There have been reports of COVID-19 outbreaks stemming from wild spring break parties to even ritzy parties in the suburbs, but the culprit for where most coronavirus patients were last before getting the virus might surprise you.

It’s work, according to a few studies. BestLife published a roundup of separate studies highlighting how people who become infected with the virus were exposed to it through work.

In one study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 81% of employees who tested positive for COVID-19 worked outside their home within the past two weeks from when they got sick. Fifty-nine percent said they went to work every day, while just 17% of remote workers were sick.

More than a third of respondents from the study with COVID-19 said they thought they got sick due to working with a colleague who was already not well.

An additional study by the CDC found that nearly half of sick workers said they were exposed to the virus through the workplace, with industries like healthcare (60%), public administration (13%), and manufacturing jobs (11%) being the main culprits.

The CDC said: “Because workplaces are common locations of potential exposure to persons with COVID-19, it is important that company officials and managers refer to CDC’s guidance for workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic to minimize risk for exposure for their employees and customers.”

Reopening offices and other places of business have been tricky to navigate. With occupancy levels expected to be restricted, most workers have started to realize that they can do their desk jobs from home after COVID-19 forced offices to adopt the work-from-home lifestyle full-time. Additionally, workers don’t even want to come back with fears of the virus and a vaccine not available yet, according to several studies.