This breakfast food is proven to cut your aging time in half

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all getting older—there’s no way around it. But with that being said, there’s constantly new research, superfoods, and skincare technology coming out that promises to not only make us look younger but actually make us feel more youthful as well.

The latest trend in anti-aging?

A common breakfast food that your mom and dad probably tried to feed you growing up: oatmeal.

While it might not seem like cutting edge technology or something you’d typically find in a new wave health food store, the old school breakfast food actually comes with a ton of anti-aging benefits and overall wellness.

Below, we spoke to a handful of dieticians and wellness experts in our network to get their insights on exactly what makes oatmeal such a winning breakfast food when it comes to anti-aging and feeling as good as possible. And, well, we’re officially swapping our avocado toast for a good old fashioned bowl of oatmeal moving forward.

It’s the perfect pre-workout companion

According to Jay Cowin, Registered Nutritionist and Director of Formulations at ASYSTEM, steel-cut oats are not just great for anti-aging, they’re very good for your overall health. They are filled with iron and protein, which reduce your appetite and make you feel fuller longer.

“Oats also increase your metabolism and can amplify your athletic performance if it’s eaten within one hour of exercise,” Cowin explains. “And there are many more benefits to eating oats such as stabilizing blood sugar, and promoting healthy oxygen levels in your blood.”

That being said, Cowin suggests keeping in mind that different brands of oats are sourced from different regions and flavored oats have different nutritional values than classic steel-cut oats.

It helps protect against disease and neuroinflammation

“Oatmeal contains a type of soluble fiber called beta-glucans that has been shown to lower cholesterol and boost immunity, which can help protect against diabetes and heart disease,” explains Heather Hanks and I’m a Nutritionist with Instapot Life.

In fact, research shows that soluble fiber also helps keep your brain young by decreasing neuroinflammation. What’s more, when applied topically, beta-glucans can help stimulate the production of collagen, which provides anti-aging benefits such as preventing wrinkles and keeping skin elastic and youthful.

“As we age our cholesterol levels tend to climb, so consuming oatmeal could be great for longevity,” adds Colleen Christensen Nutrition INC Registered Dietitian. “Oats also have antioxidants, which can help keep our skin cells protected and healthy.”

It helps encourage a flourishing gut biome

“Oats are an excellent source of resistant starch. They get their name because they are resistant to digestion and act more like a fiber in the body. They go through the small intestine undigested and become a source of food for our friendly gut bacteria,” explains Bonnie Flemington, Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

According to Flemington, resistant starches such as oats help you feel fuller longer, improve blood sugar management, support a healthy gut microbiome and reduce gut inflammation. But the best way to maximize the resistant starch in oats is to consume them raw (overnight oats are a great option!).