If you sleep in this position it may increase your chance of divorce

The way in which you fall asleep can reveal an enormous amount about your personality. Did you know it can also predict the health and longevity of your romantic relationships?

Do you like to sleep on your back, sprawled out like a starfish, or curled up in the fetal position like a baby? Over 41% of participants in a sleep position poll admitted to sleeping on their sides with their legs curled up in the “baby position.”

Perhaps the fetal position is a default for most people struggling to get some shut-eye this year amidst simultaneous crises in the US. People that sleep in this way are considered to have a tough exterior with a sensitive jelly-like interior, according to this brief featuring sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski who authored the book Learn to Sleep Well.

This recent study uncovers the psychological factors that contribute to your go-to cuddle position with your beloved partner and whether or not your relationship requires a tune-up. Find out more details related to this salacious sleep study here. 

Sleep positions that signal trouble in your relationship

Certain innocuous sleeping patterns can strain even the healthiest of relationships. Do you steal the blankets in the middle of a cold night? Do you snore to the point of your partner being forced to purchase ear plugs to enjoy the benefits of a restful evening’s sleep? 

The way you fall asleep can push your partner to the brink of questioning whether or not to stick with you til’ death do you part, according to a recent survey mentioned earlier.

The 5 worst sleeping positions by rank are as follows:

  • The female spoon
  • The leg hugger
  • The back to back also known as the argument position
  • The starfish or the bed hog
  • The soldier or sleeping facing up with your arms and legs to your side 

Many of these sleeping positions are a result of an argument before bed, especially the soldier which is characterized by less touching and more likelihood the sleeper will snore. People who sleep in this way are also considered to be stand-offish and have a tendency to be loners, according to Chris Idzikowski’s book on understanding sleep patterns. 

Sleeping back to back without touching one another is another argument related pose usually signaling to your partner “I’m done for the night, lights out.” The other positions mentioned on this list are more irritating when trying to fall asleep than anything else. Spooning from behind and wrapping your legs around someone trying to count sheep only hinders the process and 86 percent of couples who regularly slept in this style got a divorce according to a poll from The Dozy Owl. 

This same poll showed an overwhelming 73 percent of participants filed for divorce from a perpetual “bed hog.” The starfish sleep position on your own usually signals you’re an open minded person and a good listener making you a great friend however sleeping this way with a partner in the mix usually signals selfishness. How should you sleep instead to signify mindfulness to your partner best?

Mindful sleep positions proven to improve relationships at large

We went over the positions to avoid while attempting to lull yourself and your partner to bed after a long day so how should we sleep instead?

Resident sleep specialist Paula Barry MD. surveyed 4,987 divorced women and 4,786 divorced men to glean sleep patterns and positions previous partners defaulted to in the past. Partners who usually slept in positions that facilitated touch, intimacy, and mindfulness had better relations. Paula Barry MD., who specializes in internal medicine at Penn Presbytarian Medical Center, explains why this is true.

“This is likely due to the ‘feel good hormone’, oxytocin, being released when people give and receive affection.”

The release of oxytocin through certain sleep positions help human beings maintain and build trusting bonds so this research checks out. The positions that help facilitate the release of the “love hormone” are as follows:

  • Sleeping face to face with no contact
  • The log position face to face lightly touching fingers
  • Sleeping back to back with sparse contact

Those who sleep in the log position, on their side with legs outstretched and hands lightly caressing their partner with ample room to nuzzle, are reported to be more sociable and laid back. This position is great as it shows affection without smothering or emasculating your partner by giving him the big spoon.

One divorced female responder admits the validity of the prior statement in this quote from a brief recently, “I’ve been divorced from my ‘childhood sweetheart’ for 10 years. I think maybe I mothered him too much – I reckon this position is a testament to that statement. I think he may have felt too emasculated.

There is such a thing as too much affection or subliminal actions in our sleep that could convey the wrong message to your husband or wife during this time.

It is important to remain mindful of your loved one’s prefered sleeping patterns if you want your relationship to last. This pandemic has unearthed levels of uncomfortable truths in many marriages but there are things you can do to actively engage with your partner to prove you love them despite what stressful reactions from an emotional place might convey.

Snuggle up with a feel-good romantic comedy tonight and get the good nights rest you both so desperately deserve.