This COVID-19 symptoms discovery is shockingly terrifying

Most patients that have recovered from the coronavirus experience side effects of the disease, according to a new study.

A new preliminary study from South Korea found that side effects such as fatigue, physiological after-effects, and even loss sense of smell and taste were reported by patients who recovered from the disease, as the new report said that nine in 10 patients who’ve recovered from the bug experienced at least one of these side effects, Reuters reported.

The study, which included 965 recovered patients, uncovered that 879 of the patients suffered at least one of these side effects from the disease, Reuters said, reporting findings from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

More than one million people have died due to the coronavirus, according to the latest tallies, with more than 208,000 deaths in the US.

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency official Kwon Jun-wook reported the findings in a briefing, according to Reuters. Kwon said the most common side effect was fatigue, which was reported in more than a quarter — 26.2% — of recovered patients. Trouble with concentration was the second most common while other problems like loss smell and taste followed, the outlet reported.

While a detailed analysis will soon be released, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that many people have experienced health issues in weeks and months after believing they beat the disease.

“They’re referred to as ‘long haulers.’ They have fatigue, myalgia, fever and involvement of the neurologic system, as well as cognitive abnormalities, such as the inability to concentrate,” Fauci said in testimony before a Senate committee, via NPR.

“In addition, we found to our dismay that a number of individuals who have completely recovered and apparently are asymptomatic, when they have sensitive imaging technology, such as magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, have found to have a disturbing number of individuals who have inflammation of the heart. These are the kind of things that tell us we must be humble that we do not completely understand the nature of this illness.”

COVID-19 has been a nightmare for people who have not even tested positive for the virus. Medical phenomenons has been popping up out of nowhere throughout the duration of the pandemic, leaving medical experts stumped.

The most common culprit of these weird medical instances is stress and anxiety, which have been plaguing a number of Americans throughout the pandemic. Due to increased levels of stress and anxiety, things like “shock hair loss” has people losing hair rapidly due to stress, while “coronasomnia” is leaving sleep experts worried about the longterm effects the pandemic will have on sleep.

Don’t forget about maskne, which is acne caused on the face and around the mouth due to irritation from mask-wearing.