6 foods that will make you your most productive self

It can be easy to snack, especially when you’re on desk duty all day. While it isn’t necessary to slap yourself on the hand for every Nutty Bar, “handful” of chips, and Cheez-It you consume, it might be time to take stock of the snacks you are choosing to put in your body. But what you choose to eat could increase your productivity, just like many other hacks we’ve researched. For those of us working in a position with less movement required, here are some simple snack ideas that have been proven to keep your brain sharp and your ideas flowing.

1. Avocados

While younger generations have somehow branded avocado toast as their health food ambrosia, we approve of avocado in any form. It can be more expensive depending on your region, but avocados are so full of cortisol-lowering healthy fats and omega-3s that it is entirely worth it. Not to mention the additional potassium to regulate fluid balance, folate to convert carbohydrates into energy, and immunity-boosting Vitamin C. Spread some on whole-grain toast, add it to a quick smoothie or sandwich, enjoy some (low sodium) guac, or salt and pepper a half avocado to increase your energy tenfold for the afternoon haul.

2. Oats

Whether you’re enjoying a bowl of oatmeal or some quick protein bites, oats provide some of the healthiest carbohydrates you will be able to pack into your day. At such a reasonable price, it’s never been easier to stabilize your blood sugar or make you feel full faster. Whole grain oats offer antioxidants to help improve digestion and vitamins and minerals like crazy. We’re also partial to oats implemented in our DIY skincare, leaving it soft and balanced. We suggest maximizing your health benefits with these tips, or concocting some no-bake energy bites like these chocolate chip and dirty chai DIY favorites.

3. Almonds

Salted almonds, spicy almonds, chocolate covered almonds, almost on a pie, roasted almonds. Almonds have been proven to increase cognitive abilities and efficiency, which directly affects the way you work. They also host antioxidants to help guard your body against inflammation and stress and reduce bad cholesterol. Seven to nine almonds per day have been proven to reduce oxidative damage, resulting in shinier, healthier hair, wrinkle and blemish reduction, and memory retention. Eat around 30 almonds per day to enhance its pre-biotic offerings if you’re experiencing stomach issues or indigestion, and be mindful of the way they can enhance your metabolism.

4. Blueberries

With a growing season from April to September in North America and South America importing their fruit for the remainder of the year, blueberries are available in droves pretty much year-round. That makes these itty bitty, antioxidant-packed fruits some of the best options for a midday snack to keep you sharp. Not only can they be refreshingly sweet or surprisingly tart blueberries also contain flavonoids that instruct nerves to increase communication and stimulate brain cell function. If the presence of flavonoids alone isn’t enough to prove that these berries are magic and integral to a successful day at the office, knowing that a cup of blueberries a day could decrease your cardiovascular disease risk by 15% should do the trick.

5. Dark Chocolate

Addicted to desserts? We don’t blame you. For years, the food industry has battled between whether chocolate has health benefits or not. Because dark chocolate has less sugar than most other chocolates, it is deemed the healthiest and consuming 1-2 oz per day has been linked to insulin balance, reduced inflammation, and increased cognitive function. There is nothing more insane than the rich flair of a dark chocolate bar mid-morning aimed to help us survive our workday.

6. Popcorn

For you snack heads, this one may come as a real surprise. Popcorn is actually packed with fiber and folic acid. If you opt for air-popped popcorn, you’re risking about 25 to 36 calories, but you’re gaining a whole grain that could very well be your saving grace, especially if you’re not into oatmeal. Keep in mind that additional toppings like butter and salt can quickly reduce health benefits. An easily shareable snack, try this magnesium-rich mouthful to support your energy production throughout the day.

If all else fails, here are 16 healthy snack options you can have delivered directly to the office.