This is the best sleep position to help you deal with your Coronavirus anxiety


If you are struggling with your sleep these days, you are definitely not alone. Anxiety about Coronavirus is at an all-time high which then leads to insomnia or very poor sleep (which in turn can make our immune cycles weaker and therefore more vulnerable for getting Coronavirus and thus further perpetuating the anxiety cycle.) Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital right now and there are certain things you can do to help yourself.

According to sleep experts, the two best positions for sleeping are The Shooting Star and The Baby. The latter is especially popular amongst adults as the classic fetal position puts the least amount of strain on your neck and leads to a very smooth night of sleep. It helps if you have a firm mattress. The Leesa mattress is especially great for this position as the foam layers are designed for cooling, body contouring, and pressure-relieving core support.

A body-hugging pillow like this one could also be useful for this position to give you more stomach and hip support.

However, it should be noted that a recent study found that if you don’t sleep on your back you could also be hurting your career. According to a survey of 1,021 people from The Sleep Judge, 32% of people who sleep on their backs every night reported feeling content and 16% of them reported feeling motivated when they woke up. Plus 64% of back sleepers said they had quality sleep while that number was only 57% for stomach sleepers. And for fetal position sleepers, only 7% said they were motivated the next day.

And one of those back-sleeping positions is The Shooting Star which is probably better for those of you who don’t have to share your bed as it requires you to have your arms and legs outstretched like a star. Nectar Sleep sleep expert Oliver Elliot, told Yahoo! “While this position can increase snoring if you have the support of a great mattress – preferably a larger one to accommodate those outstretched limbs – you should find yourself sleeping soundly and waking up as bright as a star.”

And then finally if you are less concerned about a good night’s sleep and more looking for the position that will keep you looking young The Sleepy Soldier is the way to go according to Elliot. You literally lay like a soldier would stand with your arms straight down by your sides and your legs straight as well. “The sleepy soldier allows the neck to rest in a neutral position, and decreases the chance for premature wrinkles,” he said.  The Nest Bedding Easy Breather pillow is especially great for back sleepers.

Check out the products below to help you get a better night of sleep.

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