I used a milk alternative as part of my skincare routine — This is what happened

I’ve been a fan of oat milk since my local coffee shop started offering it just over a year ago. Unfortunately, dairy products and I don’t get along very well – though I’ve been known to suffer through the consequences for the right slice of pizza. Oat milk was an easy and welcome switch from the almond milk lattes I’d typically treat myself to – the consistency is rich instead of watery, and I preferred the flavor.

So, when I read that people were opting to use this delicious non-dairy milk on their face instead of in their morning coffee, it kind of seemed like a waste. However, the promise of glowing skin and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to oat milk’s antioxidant properties had me intrigued. I decided to start incorporating oat milk into my skincare routine for a week. Here are the results.

Day 1 

After doing some research, I found that most dermatologists recommend adding ground oats to your existing skin care products if you are planning to go the DIY route on an oat milk beauty routine, so I pulverized some oats and mixed it into my daily moisturizer. However, I still wanted to use a product that contained actual oat milk during my experiment as well, so I headed over to my local Target and found an oat milk cleanser that was incredibly reasonable to purchase. 

I washed my face with the cleanser, then followed up with my new DIY oat moisturizer and started my day. No immediate changes were noticed, but I did enjoy the smell of the oat milk cleanser – it made me crave an oat milk latte. But I figured putting oat milk on my face and consuming it might be overkill, so I decided against it.

Day 2

I woke up on day 2 with, to my shock and horror, two pimples on my face. After some Googling, I learned that changing your skincare routine dramatically all at once can have an adverse effect on your skin. I decided to wash my face with the cleanser that morning but switch back to my normal moisturizer to give my skin a little bit of respite. I did notice that after washing my face with the cleanser left my skin softer than the soap I’d been using before it, which was a nice change.

Day 3

The two blemishes that had appeared the morning prior were looking smaller, so I decided to ease my skin back into my DIY oat moisturizer and oat milk cleanser combination. On this day overall my skin felt healthier and more hydrated than it had before I started this experiment. I had read that oat milk can be beneficial for treating eczema, which I have on my arms, so I slathered some on there to see if it would make a difference.

Day 4

I saw a friend on day 4 who remarked that my skin looked great – which was totally unprompted, before I’d even told her about the experiment I was in the middle of. The oat moisturizer had made my skin on my arms feel less dry and tight as well, so I continued using it on this area.

Day 5-6

Days 5-6 of this experiment fell over a weekend, where I had plans that called for some light makeup. I noticed that the oat milk cleanser did an incredible job at removing all the makeup I’d worn for the day – I barely had to use my eye makeup remover to tend to any last remnants.

Day 7

By day 7, I’d become an oat milk skin care convert. My skin not only felt great, but there was a visible difference in how smooth and bright it looked. Initially I had gone the DIY route with my moisturizer because the options available for oat milk moisturizers on the market were pricey. But after seeing the benefits of using it for just a week, I think I’ll invest in one!