6 apps to use to safely order food to your home office


Stuck at home working? There is some small glimmer of hope. Several home delivery apps work wonders because you can pick out the meal you want for delivery, click a few options, and expect the food to arrive within a few hours or overnight. I’ve tested all of these apps using my iPhone 11 and they provide some nice extra perks for the homebound.

1. Grubhub

One of my favorite apps for home delivery, Grubhub is a bit less expensive than some of the other apps around like DoorDash. (At least the fees are slightly less, even if the food costs the same.) I have used the app to order fairly complex meals with special instructions and it’s always right on time and accurate. The only dings against this app are that you might not find as many options in your area and you won’t see as many status updates about the delivery.

2. Postmates

I like Postmates because you can order more than food. In fact, in our current crisis, the app is one of the only options I’ve found to be able to order groceries for delivery. The app works in many major cities including Minneapolis where I reside. In my tests, the only issue that came up was using the location-finder at times. It would occasionally not find me or not show any options in an area where I searched even though I know it works there.

3. DoorDash

DoorDash is the premier food delivery app — the one many of us think of when it comes to an easy and efficient app. The technology involved here is quite amazing. You can see when the food leaves the shop, when it is en route, and when it arrives. I found way more restaurants with this app than all of the other ones I tested, including a few mom and pop shops. (Sadly, the smaller ones in my town have closed entirely.) I liked being able to add custom instructions easily, although all of the apps I tested knew they should leave food at the door.

4. UberEats

One of the most well-known apps (owned by Uber, of course), UberEats is a monolith. It works in multiple countries around the globe, so if you sign up for an account you can expect it to work in many major cities. Like DoorDash, the back-end delivery system is top-notch. You will see frequent updates and location tracking, similar to what you’d expect if you rode in an Uber. Another nice perk right now — the app is not charging for delivery.

5. Goldbelly

Goldbelly is a bit different from some of the home delivery apps, but it is one to consider. Your food arrives in about a day or two depending on the delivery options you select, and you can expect to heat up the meal. But there’s no prep at all, and you can find some delicious options. I’ve tested out several pizza places in cities like Chicago. The choices are often eclectic — one of the pecan pies I ordered was the best dessert I’ve had in years.

6. Harry and David Gourmet Ham and Turkey Brunch

For a meal that seems like it was catered by gourmet chefs, Harry and David offer this complete kit with ham and turkey (four pounds total), a cake, and three-cheese scalloped potatoes. It’s one of my favorites because it’s eclectic and feeds a family for several meals. Everything is also pre-cooked, so there is very little prep (unlike the services that only send ingredients). It’s a smart option because of how it all arrives — frozen and in a styrofoam freezer.