I slept on a copper cooling pillow for a week and noticed a peculiar change in my relationship

Did you know that most pillows contain bacteria, fungus, and potentially even mold or dust mites?

Copper fabrics have been used by medical experts around the world to protect against harmful bacteria, with studies showing that copper is a powerful element that kills against these pathogens on contact—so it only makes sense that it would make the perfect addition to your night time routine.

When my editor suggested I try sleeping on a copper pillow for a week and report any changes I noticed, I was so excited to take on the challenge. I’ve suffered from asthma and poor sleep for most of my life and I couldn’t help but hope that swapping to an inventive new pillow would shift that.

Here’s exactly what happened when I swapped out my everyday memory foam pillow for a copper cooling pillow by Solace—let’s just say I don’t see myself going back to my regular pillow any time soon.

Day One

After doing a little bit of research about why copper pillows reign supreme over regular, everyday pillows, I have to admit that I was so excited to swap out my pillow tonight. I instantly noticed it cradled my neck better than my memory foam pillow. It also felt ice cold and refreshing to the touch, which was an amazing plus for someone who runs warm like I do.

Day Two

By day two, I did notice I was sleeping better. Although I’m not sure if it was because I was so grateful to mentally know that I have a bacteria-free pillow or because of the physical benefits of the pillow!

Copper is also known to eliminate odor-causing bacteria found on the skin, which in turn helps prevent and treat acne and breakouts while also supporting the skin’s self-renewal process. I admit that my skin did look a lot more smooth than it usually does when I wake up, but it’s still too soon to tell if it was just a coincidence!

Day Three

The third day was when I noticed a real shift in my sleeping routine. I’m usually scrambling to turn up the air conditioning in my condo—much to my partner’s chagrin. I have autoimmune issues and I’m always running warm but the cool touch of the pillow really did make my side of the bed feel much more temperate.

Day Four

So far, I’ve really enjoyed sleeping on my copper cooling pillow—and my boyfriend has enjoyed not having to argue over the air conditioning temperature! Aside from the cooling aspect of the pillow, I continued to notice a slight improvement in my overall skin texture.

Day Five

It’s pretty impressive how big of a difference I’ve noticed in my quality of sleep over the past week. My neck and shoulders feel better, I fall asleep and stay asleep longer, and I’m no longer arguing with my partner about our air conditioning thanks to the pillow’s ultra cooling effects. Needless to say, I won’t be switching back to my traditional memory foam pillow any time soon.