I tried using a French-style bidet for the week and it totally changed my routine

While a large majority of the world—from Europe to Asia to South America—has already embraced the bidet as a more sanitary approach to bathroom hygiene for hundreds of years, for one reason or another, North America has been slow to adopt the practice… which is rather peculiar given the sheer amount of benefits that come along with using a bidet.

According to a Healthline report, foregoing toilet paper in favor of a bidet attachment can actually have huge benefits—including preventing hemorrhoids and improving overall genital health, not to mention the eco-friendly and cost-saving benefits.

While I’ve used bidets in hotel rooms in France and Japan, I never thought of installing one in my own home—but when I found Tushy, an accessible American bidet brand, I knew I had to give it a try.

Here’s exactly what happened when I tried using a French-style bidet attachment for a week—and why I can officially say that the global coronavirus-induced toilet paper shortage will never affect me again.

An adjustment period

I’ll be honest: it took a few tries to get the, ahem, spray positioning right and was definitely less pleasant than my experiences with high end bidets in hotel rooms—but once the initial adjustments were out of the way, I was pleased to see that the economical toilet attachment actually worked nearly as good as the bidets I’ve tried in the past.

No toilet paper, no problem

I’m not joking when I say that on the second day I had run out of toilet paper—but for the first time in quarantine I didn’t have to worry about running to the store to try and scavenge for a new pack. Instead, I was able to just stay at home and take full advantage of the water-powered hygiene measures.

Getting used to the drying time

While the bidets I’ve used in Japan and France have all had built-in warm drying fans, my Tushy attachment actually only offered spraying—no drying. I work from home and work for myself, so my schedule is flexible and allows for more time waiting around to, ahem, air dry, but I definitely think a towel or a little bit of toilet paper would be necessary for anyone who doesn’t live alone.

Actually kind of stylish

The Tushy attachment fit surprisingly well with my decor—you might think that a toilet attachment would stick out like a sore thumb but the elegant design looks like it’s part of the toilet itself. I also love the variety of colorways that are available. I opted for a bamboo colorway that suited my beachy, minimal decor perfectly.


While the French have been using bidets for over 300 years, we’re only just getting started here in North America but with modern toilet attachments, the hygienic way of taking care of your buns has become more accessible than ever—and I don’t see myself going back to life pre-bidet. 

While I didn’t personally experience a difference when it comes to the physical benefits of using a bidet rather than toilet paper, I did feel a lot cleaner throughout the day and honestly find it hard to fathom how we as a society has gotten away with using toilet paper (which is expensive, bad for the environment and not hygienic) for so long!