A shocking number of people say they will never sleep well again because of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been as much of a living nightmare as has the nightmares it’s caused to our sleep patterns. From toxic dreams to restless nights plagued by anxiety and stress, COVID-19 has done a number on our every day — and it has a ton of people worried about the permanent damages to their sleep routines.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe their sleep routine is forever ruined due to the interruptions COVID-19 has had on our lives, according to a new study.

OnePoll in conjunction with Leesa Sleep polled 2,000 American adults finding that nearly 70% of Americans’ sleeping patterns have become inconsistent, with 63% admitting their sleep schedule are so damaged due to COVID-19 that they won’t even return to normal even after the pandemic.

One of the reasons why sleep has been troubling has been the remote work lifestyle. With companies forced to close offices due to the pandemic, 44% of respondents said they’ve been staying up later due to not having a commute every morning. However, nearly half of respondents have been sleeping in a bit too much as workers only get out of bed 10 minutes before their shift starts.

The main culprit for delaying sleep has been binge-watching TV shows. Sixty-seven percent of Americans said they’re staying up past midnight to sneak in a few more episodes.

For couples, sleep has gotten so bad that around half polled in the survey said they’re sleeping in separate rooms more frequently.

“Sleep is as important to your overall health and wellness as diet, exercise and managing stress. Many Americans struggle to get a good night’s sleep, and a good mattress is essential,” Leesa CMO Jim Geikie said in a statement.