A simple mistake to avoid when you want to get in better shape

It was 8 am and I just finished a near-euphoric morning run.

As I sat down at my desk to start the workday, my roommate walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. Reviewing my tasks for the day, a delicious aroma filled the kitchen.

“What are you making man?”, I asked him.

“Bacon, but I really need to stop eating this stuff for breakfast. I need to start eating healthier.”

I agreed. Bacon for breakfast 14 days in a row isn’t quite the healthiest option.

However, his response was incredibly confusing, and to be quite honest, left me disappointed and angry.

Let me explain…

The Process of Change

The process of change starts with the single realization that something isn’t working. That something is broken. That something needs to change for the better or else you’ll be faced with the worst.

As his bacon sizzled, my friend finally came to this important realization. Bacon wasn’t an ideal healthy option and his breakfast badly needed upgrading.

Perhaps more importantly, my friend came to this realization all on his own. This essential for any change to stick. When someone else pushes you towards change, it usually doesn’t end well.

The understanding that something isn’t working has to come from within. Self-realization and self-discovery are much more effective than just hearing someone tell you that you’re doing something wrong.

But that’s just the first step to making a lasting change…

The #1 Mistake to Avoid

As my friend cooked his breakfast, his comment continued to play through my head.

“I really need to stop eating this stuff for breakfast. I need to start eating healthier.”

While I understood what he meant, his comment was incredibly confusing.

I was happy he finally realized that bacon isn’t the healthiest option. That said, I was also confused that he was saying this as he was cooking bacon.
Seems a bit backward, right?

I mean, this is the same friend that constantly talks about getting in better shape, eating healthier, and running more.

But, nonetheless, here was my friend who wanted to stop eating bacon for breakfast as he is literally cooking bacon for breakfast.

The funny part is, this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this before by someone trying to get in better shape.

I have countless friends that will reach out to me for fitness advice, strategies to eat healthier, or even how to start training for a marathon. I’ll give them easy to follow, actionable advice, and 99% of them will never actually make a change.


Because they are waiting for the perfect time to make a change.

My friend knew he needed to stop eating bacon for breakfast. However, he was waiting for a time where it was convenient for him to start doing it. He was waiting for the conditions to be perfect. For the stars to align. For it to be easy to break his habit and stop eating bacon.

However, he was waiting for something that wasn’t coming.

It’s never going to be easy. Humans are creatures of habit — we find something we enjoy and stick with it for as long as we can. Overthrowing that sense of comfort is difficult.

Waiting for the perfect moment to make a change is a trap. It’s a lie. The perfect moment is not coming. It’s never going to be convenient, easy, or even comfortable.

The decision to change is going to be uncomfortable 100 times out of 100.
Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for the perfect moment to make a change. Change is never going to be comfortable or easy.

Monday morning won’t make it more comfortable. More sleep won’t make it easier. And an extra cup of coffee won’t help either.

If you’ve finally realized that you need to make a change in your life, DO IT NOW! Don’t wait for the conditions to be perfect, because they aren’t coming!

This article originally appeared in Medium.