Study finds you are more likely to lose weight if you have one of these

“Success is best when it’s shared,” according to self-made billionaire Howard Schultz, the man behind the enormously successful Starbucks coffee franchise.

A recent study presented by The European Society of Cardiology found couples who hold each other accountable for healthy lifestyle changes had a better shot at shedding that “quarantine 15” compared to control groups that tried affecting change on their own.

What experts have to say

Corrine Voils has been at the forefront, researching this decade long clinical trial, conducted by a group of researchers from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Academic Medical Center at the University of Wisconsin. As an investigator of this clinical trial, aptly coined Partner2Lose, she evaluates the correlations between weight loss and partner involvement.

The aforementioned group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin examined how patients with acute coronary syndrome had an easier time altering harmful habits linked to obesity and heart problems to healthier habits more easily with positive affirmations from a partner.

The research found couples showed more favorable results in mitigating harmful habits linked to acute coronary syndrome together compared to those attempting heart-healthy, weight-loss challenges on their own. The abstract is broken down more succinctly here:

“Eight-hundred participants were separated into two groups; one group made some changes, including physical activity, weight reduction, or quitting smoking. The control group received the usual care. Having a partner was associated with better outcomes,” according to medical researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

Lotte Verweij, a Ph.D. student on the ground floor working to develop this particular abstract with researchers from The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Academic Medical Center adds,

“We found more success on weight loss in patients participating with a partner who joined the weight reduction program. These study results indicate that partner participation is recommended in achieving lifestyle modification.”

Don’t know where to start with your new healthy daily routine? Use these seven easy things to incorporate in your day to day life.

Nutritionists say abs are made in the kitchen

These studies are promising for sure and accountability goes a long way to sustaining healthy habits but weight loss journeys don’t always have to be a drag! Have fun with it by grocery shopping together, meal planning, and bumping your favorite Spotify playlist while whipping up a healthy meal in your kitchen. Maybe buy one of those kitschy Kiss The Chef aprons while you’re at it. The world is your oyster, and perhaps I just gave you an idea for your next meal? Here’s a breakdown of more heart-healthy meals here.

Nutritionist and founder of Active Eating Advice, Leslie Bonci, cites “If we have other people in our support circle we don’t have to listen to our own voice…It also gives someone that sense of accountability.” Your partner can be your ultimate accountability buddy when it comes to your shared weight loss journey. Couples who sauté together, stay together.

Check-in and hold each other accountable for the long haul

In other words, it takes a village to enact sustainable life-changing habits to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. Having a partner in wellness not only facilitates that leap to immediate positive healthy changes in your personal life, but it also fosters a lasting relationship with health and wellness over time and throughout your lifetime.

Good habits practiced over time eventually become a way of life conducive to growth and change and much like breathing they become second nature. Best of luck on your shared journey!