I added honey to my morning coffee and it was a complete game changer

I consider myself a coffee purist. Flavored coffee is a no-go for me and adding any kind of milk or sweetener just takes away from the coffee’s natural taste – which I find naturally delicious.

But every now and then, I get curious enough to try something new – like an oat milk latte at my local coffee shop. So, when I saw this new trend of using honey as a coffee sweetener, I was intrigued.

I decided to give it a try for a full week to see whether or not it lived up to the hype. Here’s how my seven days of sweetening my coffee with honey went.

Day 1

On my first day of the experiment, I made a rookie mistake. I figured in the spirit of keeping my coffee as close to black as possible (and not letting anything else mask the honey taste), I’d just combine my black coffee with a teaspoon of honey and call it a day.

It was gross. The taste reminded me of the tea my mom would give me when I was sick – without milk to make it creamy, so that I wouldn’t get phlegm.

I choked it down and decided to arm myself with some almond milk to add to my new coffee concoction the next morning.

Day 2

The almond milk definitely did the trick, and the flavors of almond and honey worked well together.

This cup of coffee went down much easier than my typical black coffee – and was so good I ended up going back for a second cup. But aside from my coffee tasting better, I wasn’t feeling much of a difference yet.

Day 3

By the third day of the experiment, I had started looking forward to adding honey into my coffee. Unlike other sweeteners, honey has natural compounds and nutrients that can be beneficial to your health – which made me think that maybe I wasn’t adding enough for it to make a difference.

I decided to add two teaspoons instead of one the next morning to see if I noticed any changes.

Day 4

Two tablespoons of sugar were much sweeter than I was used to, but it seemed to do the trick. Throughout the day I noticed myself having more energy – without the typical midday slump I was used to experiencing by 3 pm.

Although it has potential health benefits, honey also contains a lot of sugar, so I made sure that my meals for the rest of that day didn’t include sugar.

Day 5-6

These were the days where the magic happened for me. I was waking up easier in the morning since I had something to look forward to – and wasn’t crashing midday like I had been doing before this experiment.

While the honey itself may have helped this, the fact that I was also keeping close tabs on the rest of my sugar intake probably aided in my sustained energy as well.

Day 7

The final day of my experiment fell on a Sunday, when I had brunch plans with a friend. She gave me a weird look when I asked if they had any honey I could add to my coffee – but once she tried it out in her own cup, she understood why I asked.

If you’re looking to change up your morning cup of coffee, I would recommend giving honey a try. Just make sure you’re adding some type of milk to the mix as well to balance it out!