If you drink this much coffee daily, you may be at risk of this critical bone disease

A lot of us begin our days with a cup of coffee. That morning Joe is comforting too many of us and an integral part of our routine, and may give us the jolt of caffeine we need. 

But as with many things in life, too much coffee can be harmful to your health

From the University of South Australia, researchers discovered that too much coffee can increase the risk of health problems, including obesity, and those who have a family history of these ailments should take the findings seriously.  

Too much coffee is bad for your health

Around the world, we drink nearly three billion cups of coffee each and every day. Although the research finds that a few cups a day are generally safe, excessive coffee drinking can increase the risk of several painful and common health problems, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint diseases, and
  • Obesity

The research was conducted against more than 1,100 different clinical conditions, rather than the more traditional means of observational comparisons with non-coffee drinkers. The authors of this research argue that a clinical approach can provide more meaningful conclusions.  

“The body generally sends powerful messages with respect to coffee consumption, so it’s imperative that individuals listen to these when consuming coffee,” said Professor Hyppönen, one of the researchers and lead author of the study. 

“While these results are in many ways reassuring in terms of general coffee consumption, the message we should always remember is to consume coffee in moderation – that’s the best bet to enjoy your coffee and good health too.”

Osteoarthritis is highly prevalent and affects over 240 million people across the globe. The condition causes pain and stiffness in joints and cartilage in the body, making even the slightest movement a painful experience. Worse, Osteoarthritis cannot be reversed and leaves medical treatments to reduce the pain, rather than eliminate the condition, the only option.

In fact, researchers noted that Osteoarthritis, joint pain and obesity are among the most common and widespread health problems across the planet, suggesting that our collective addiction to coffee (and especially the caffeine) might be impacting the spread of these diseases. 

How much is too much?

The study found that moderate coffee consumption is generally okay for most people. A previous study found that up to six cups is the upper limit of safe coffee consumption, though the University of South Australia recommends one or two cups a day. 

The study’s researchers also stressed that people with a family history of Osteoarthritis, joint pain or obesity should take these findings seriously and limit their consumption of coffee as much as possible.