I ate these superfoods for one week and this is what it felt like

Though I tried my best in recent months, I couldn’t avoid the dreaded “Quarantine 15.” Early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, the allure of delivered food, frozen pizza, and microwavable snacks proved tough to pass up.

As a result, my waistline expanded and the pounds piled on. By September I was inspired to start a diet. And, while I wasn’t opposed to trying something fairly wild, I wanted a diet that would, ideally, improve both my body and mind.

I sought a diet that would have lasting results, and that would provide me with healthy eating options for the foreseeable future.

Having heard recently that avocados are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available, I decided to try a diet centered around the rather unique fruit (yes, surprisingly, avocados are classified as fruits). According to healthline.com, avocados provide numerous health benefits and are rich in fiber, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and folate. The avocado is also packed with heart-healthy monosaturated fatty acids.

Armed with that knowledge, I decided to eat an avocado-heavy diet for one week. The results were rather encouraging. Here were some highlights:


On Day 1 of my mini diet, I opted for a light breakfast of vanilla, fat-free yogurt featuring an antioxidant-rich superfood in the form of blueberries. A 5-ounce cup of yogurt was more than enough to leave me feeling energized since I’m not typically a breakfast fan.

This also marked the first of 3 straight days of lunches featuring large, mixed-green salads and a handful of tortilla chips. (I am, after all, a major creature of habit.)

I also mixed in a lightly salted avocado for an evening snack, as I did throughout much of the latter stages of the week.


Fast forward to mid-week and my breakfasts and lunches were starting to feel a bit monotonous. So, I decided to treat myself to a thin-crust, wheat-free cheese pizza for dinner. At that stage of the game, I started to embrace eating healthier. I noticed I didn’t miss potato chips or ice cream, amazingly.


By the end of Day 4 of my new meal plan, I craved Mexican food — and meat. Thus, I relented, if only slightly, at dinner. I opted for a grilled-chicken burrito bowl from a fast-casual restaurant. I kept the cheese to a minimum though and topped the burrito bowl with fresh guacamole.


The weekend, inevitably, threw a wrench in my dieting plans. With the arrival of company from out of town, I felt obligated to eat a big dinner. Fortunately, along with the obligatory hamburger, I also consumed avocadoes, along with fresh beets and squash that my family had purchased at a farmer’s market. For dessert, I gritted my teeth, remained disciplined, and opted for blueberry yogurt.

The Takeaway

After one full week of a diet centered on superfoods and especially avocados, the results were encouraging. I happen to be one of the more than 34 million Americans with Diabetes, and eating superfoods for one week certainly aided my blood sugar. Historically, my blood sugar averages about 125; This week, incorporating a diet rich with avocadoes and blueberries helped drop my average to 104, and I was within my target range for blood sugar 98 percent of the time.

I lost a grand total of just one pound by week’s end, yet my energy seemed to improve. Perhaps it was simply due to a placebo effect of sorts, but I felt less lethargic, and I also seemed to digest food better.

Ultimately, ditching junk food in favor of superfoods seemed well worth it. Avocados will be a staple of my diet moving forward.