Research finds doing this simple workout for only 10 minutes is better than running

With the rise in workouts that don’t require you to go to a gym, work with a trainer, or buy a super expensive machine, everyone is bragging that they have found the best new workout.  I’m personally a fan of the one where you go from the couch to the fridge. But scientific research, as well as countless fitness instructors and scientists, insist that simply jumping rope is the ultimate exercise and is even better than running and takes less time.

Jumping rope is more efficient than running when it comes to burning calories. In a 2013 study led by John A. Baker at Arizona State University, he divided 92 male students into two groups. Group one jumped rope for 10-minutes per day and the second group jogged for 30-minutes a day. The subjects were given the Harvard Step Test after six weeks to analyze their cardiovascular improvement. The two groups showed equal levels which means 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running for 30 minutes. 

It’s a great aerobic workout (not to mention one you can do anywhere that barely costs anything) which is very beneficial to your heart and lungs, but consistency is the key so to see real results you need to jump rope at least only five times per week. David Hunt, the founder of weighted jump rope brand, Crossrope, told Evening Standard he recommends between two and four HIIT sessions (15-25 minutes long) per week. But if you are looking to really improve endurance he says two or three longer jumping sessions that last between 30-45 minutes is the way to go.

Jumping rope is also good for mental health. In fact, the World Health Organization labeled this exercise as one of the essentials to do during the quarantine. 

And it gets your brain in tip-top shape. Jumping or skipping rope helps develop the left and right hemispheres of your brain, according to the Jump Rope Institute. What do you need those for you ask? Just spacial awareness, memories, reading skills, and being more alert. Nothing important or anything.