If you shower less, you could see these awesome benefits

This article was updated on July 9, 2021.

A shower can be energizing, relaxing, and most importantly, it provides cleanliness. However, not all of us have time for a long, luxurious shower every day but according to research, not spending a significant amount of time in the shower every week can offer some major health benefits.

Let’s look at the sound points made for showering less in an interview conducted by NPR’s Emily Vaughn.

Showering less preserves your skin’s natural microbiome

You’ve probably heard by now of the increasingly available scientific data outlining the importance of healthy gut microbiome in regards to mental and physical well-being.

After living through a pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our body’s best line of defense to fight free radicals. This means making sure our skin stays as healthy as possible.

Say goodbye to pricey topical ointments and let your skin do what it does best naturally when left to its own devices succinctly, illustrated in this NPR interview.

Vaughn said, “Twenty years ago, the idea of kombucha, and probiotics, and trying to have a healthy biome in your gut were really fringe hippie concepts. And now we’re doing clinical trials of fecal transplants. It’s very mainstream to think about your microbiome. People are being more conscious about things like antibiotic overuse because they don’t want to potentially disrupt the gut microbiome. That has been a really radical shift.

And something like that [for] the skin would be even more radical in terms of the effect on our daily lives, and consumer behaviors and spending, because a lot of what has been done traditionally [in terms of hygiene] is predicated on eradicating microbes.”

Reducing bath time saves money

We’ve all been lost in the shampoo and conditioner aisle in Rite Aid. Completely transfixed by claims of less breakage, sleek shine, and thicker longer hair. We’ve all invested in the lie—“we must drop fifty dollars now if we’re going to look anything like these digitally enhanced models on the label!”

Listen, you don’t have to buy into the toxic beauty industrial complex that claims once you eradicate split ends you’ll finally meet the man of your dreams.

Your hair follicles naturally produce sebum when you sweat and merely exist in the world which serves as your hair’s best natural conditioner!

The various sweat and oils accumulated on your scalp naturally can do so much more for your hair’s health and growth compared to super expensive “miracle elixirs.”

In fact, many of these chemically enhanced straighteners for salon-look sleek and shine can increase your chances of developing certain cancers later in life.

It’s good for the environment

Several products that claim to restore your skin and give you that dewy sheen can be chemically damaging to the earth. Natural products are obviously the best way to go if you can’t forgo your weekly bath with a nice Merlot to unwind after a hectic week.

Shorter showers and baths save precious resources, such as water reserves, which are getting scarcer by the year.