I ate a grapefruit every morning, and it changed my skin

I’ll never forget the first time I tried a grapefruit. 

It was the mid 90’s, and my mom was hot on a new trend of eating half a grapefruit every morning for breakfast as part of a new diet craze. Of course, me being six going on sixteen, I wanted to be in on whatever the grown-ups in my house were doing.

I remember my mom asking, “Are you sure? It’s very sour.” I insisted it was fine – only to choke it down while trying not to make a face. 

But when I read about the benefits eating a grapefruit could hold for my skin – protection against sun damage and aging, and even help with cellulite, to name a few – I was intrigued enough to stock up and commit to eating one every morning

Here’s how it changed my skin.

My skin cleared up 

One of the first things I noticed during my new grapefruit regimen was breaking out far less than I used to. Stress usually brings on a break out for me – particularly on my chin. By day five or six, the pimples that I’d started the week out with were a thing of the past. I researched why this may have happened and learned that grapefruits contain a high amount of naringin – an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a crucial contributor to breakouts, so it makes sense that increasing my grapefruit intake improved my acne.

My skin felt smoother

At 32, I’ve started to notice not just fine lines but a few deep forehead wrinkles that have made their mark. I’ve managed to keep new ones from forming through a daily regimen of SPF, vitamin C serum, and a solid night cream. But the fine lines near my eyes and mouth had not wavered despite all my efforts. That is until I started eating a grapefruit every single day. Slowly but surely, the smallest wrinkles near my eyes began to look less noticeable. My skin was also softer and smoother to the touch.

Vitamin C is a key component of collagen production in the skin. Out of all the citrus fruits out there, grapefruit clocks in at the highest concentration of vitamin C. I’d like to think that the combination of my pricey skincare products paired with the collagen-producing benefits of eating an entire grapefruit made this happen – but it really could have been the grapefruit alone.

My cellulite improved 

Of all the ways eating grapefruit every day changed my skin, this one was the most surprising. I have cellulite around my outer thighs – it popped up when they suddenly expanded during puberty, and it’s been with me ever since. But having read that the collagen-producing properties of grapefruit could help improve cellulite’s look over time, I paid close attention during my grapefruit eating binge. It was a very subtle difference – something that other people probably wouldn’t have noticed. But having looked at my cellulite for the past 18 years, I spotted the difference.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to improve your skin and can push past grapefruit’s bitter taste to eat one every day, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.