I started every day this week with a mimosa and here’s what happened

Is Saturday morning the best time of the week? We happen to think so.

While Fridays are filled with anticipation for the weekend and Mondays are full of potential for the week ahead, Saturday morning is the best time to take a couple of minutes longer in bed, make a cozy little breakfast at home, and lounge around without much care at all.

After all, the workweek is long behind us and the weekend chores can always be pushed to a little later.

I’m all about taking the spirit of what I love and translating it into my everyday life—so when I thought about how I could make every morning feel like a weekend morning, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I paired my morning coffee with a croissant and a mimosa; my favorite French-inspired breakfast that my partner and I love to enjoy together almost every weekend.

I figured, a half glass of sparkling wine couldn’t hurt when I realistically don’t start my workday until around 11am so with that in mind, I decided to enjoy a little weekday mimosa alongside my coffee and croissant everyday for a week—and contrary to what your knee jerk reaction might be, it actually made me feel quite healthy.

Day One

I’m not going to lie here: I was pretty excited to be sipping a mimosa on a Monday morning—it really took away any hint of the Monday blues as I enjoyed my coffee and wine in bed as if I was spending the week doing a staycation in a fancy hotel.

My boyfriend even joined me today (he didn’t need to go to work until the late afternoon). I also started my day later than usual, so today really just felt like an extension of the weekend.

Day Two

Here’s where I felt a little weird—as my partner left out the door for work, I was pouring myself a cup of coffee and a mimosa in tandem. I drank them while catching up with news on the couch and it felt distinctly less glamorous than yesterday.

However, I didn’t put all that much wine in my glass today so I was still able to start my work day confidently as usual. I did feel a little sleepy by midmorning but it was nothing another espresso shot couldn’t remedy.

Day Three

By the third day, I oddly noticed my skin was brighter and my eyes less tired looking. It took me a little while to think about why this could be happening—but then I realized I haven’t had this much Vitamin C in a long time!

According to WebMD, the benefits of Vitamin C range from aiding the production of collagen to helping the body properly absorb iron, so it’s no surprise that I was feeling and looking more vibrant than usual. I usually don’t eat breakfast and I rarely eat fruit so this extra dose of vitamins may just outweigh the naughty bit of wine.

Day Four

I’m actually getting kind of sad that my experiment is almost over! It has been so fun to indulge in my favorite weekend drink all week—especially after noticing it was actually benefiting my face and mood.

Today, I toasted with my partner while catching up on the news (alcoholic drinks definitely soften the horrendous news cycle these days) and had an extra glass of straight up orange juice before getting to work.

Day Five

Honestly, this little weekday experience was way more beneficial than I anticipated it to be. I really thought it was just going to be a funny, one-off experiment that allowed me to drink Champagne before noon… and it was. But it also made me realize how I need to be more intentional about getting enough Vitamin C.

I practice intermittent fasting and despite being plant-based, I don’t really eat fruit—I’m more of a vegetable person. So, getting a full dose of Vitamin C every morning really did me some good. I definitely felt like my face looked brighter, my mood was a lot better than it had been in a while (even after that first sip buzz wore off, I swear!), and I felt good knowing that getting in the extra Vitamin C meant that my immune system was in top shape during the pandemic.

Will I continue sipping on sparkling wine before starting my day? No. But I did place an order for Vitamin C supplements.