I drank lemon water every morning and it halved my appetite

These days it seems like there is a diet or health fad for every single type of food you could think of.

From filling up on dairy and oats on the Dukan Diet to exclusively drinking green juice, the amount of weight loss programs out there is actually overwhelming—and not all programs actually work with your body or do any favors for your overall health.

That being said, not all diets or health fads should be written off. Some of them, like the ones based on whole foods and vegetables, can actually help with weight loss while fueling your body.

With that in mind, I started drinking fresh pressed celery juice every morning before my first cup of coffee of the day, which has a ton of benefits—including decreasing inflammation and powerful antioxidants—but the more I’ve heard about drinking warm lemon water, the more I’ve been called to start incorporating it into my routine.

Everyone from trainers and coaches to celebrities and wellness influencers seem to indulge in the simple beverage come morning—and it turns out there are a ton of benefits to the practice, including suppressing your appetite.

I’ve been drinking warm lemon water for about a month now and I’ve 100 percent noticed a dip in my appetite. I follow intermittent fasting and usually start getting hungry around 11am but adding lemon water to my routine allowed me to push my fast until 1pm.

Interested in adding lemon water to your own day-to-day routine?

Whether you’re hoping to cut your appetite in half or you’re just looking for a way to up your water intake without too much effort, here are some of the greatest advantages that I’ve personally noticed after adding lemon water to my morning routine.

Lemon water keeps you hydrated

While it doesn’t necessarily provide more hydration than plain water, lemon water is a great option for anyone who doesn’t love the taste of water or who prefers more sweetened beverages.

Aside from my morning water with lemon, I actually constantly drink sparkling water with fresh lemon all throughout the day. I find adding the lemon adds a punch of flavor that makes me want to hydrate!

Note that if you’re planning on adding lemon to your water all throughout the day, you may want to drink it through a reusable straw—lemon can be corrosive and could potentially harm your teeth.

Lemon water boosts your metabolism

According to a Healthline report, drinking water on a regular basis can actually boost your metabolism—which is great for overcoming a weight loss plateau or to kickstart your fat-burning journey.

The study actually suggests that the number of calories an adult can burn after drinking a 17-ounce glass of water can increase by up to 30 percent in the following hour.

Lemon water makes you feel more full

Aside from boosting your metabolism, lemon water will also make you feel more full—especially if you have it before a meal or in place of a snack.

The next time you’re feeling hungry (or, let’s be honest, about to snack out of boredom), try throwing back two glasses of lemon water and you’ll likely notice your hunger levels drop immediately.

Lemon water has virtually no calories

If you’re someone who likes having a little sweet tea or soda to get out of that afternoon slump or like making mixed drinks at home to wind down after a long day, consider swapping your mixer with lemon juice and sparkling water.

I love a vodka cranberry on the weekends but opted to swap out my sugary mixer with Perrier and lemon juice, which virtually cuts the calories in half per drink—without sacrificing effervescence and flavor.