How to improve your work performance using brain science


In these confusing and difficult times, performing at peak capacity in the workplace is more important than ever. With high caseloads, massive workloads, and constant meetings pecking away at your time, you may be more in need than ever of the energy, focus, and clarity necessary to excel at work. But how can you ensure that you are operating at peak performance and meeting your professional obligations?

While some turn to aids like caffeine and energy drinks to support them in their work, the most sustainable and effective way to enhance your professional capacities is to work on optimizing the power of your brain. New doctors and clinicians are constantly developing approaches to brain science that allow you to improve your brain functioning and be more efficient and capable of work.

One of brain science’s most innovative thinkers is Dr. Daniel Amen. Founder of the Amen Clinics chain, Dr. Amen has written a series of books on holistic brain science, including the bestselling “The Amen Solution: The Brain-Healthy Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off.” Dr. Amen’s work has helped hundreds of thousands of patients with their brain capacity, increasing focus, cognition, mood and energy levels and helping them manage their daily lives.

Read on for an introduction to Dr. Amen’s basic prescription for people seeking to improve their brain functioning for more effectiveness in the workplace. The tools he recommends include:

Knowing Your Brain Type

Did you know that different brain types express themselves as different personality types and require different nutrition and supplementation? At his clinics, Dr. Amen conducted over 150,000 brain SPECT scans and found that there were five different brain types, each with their own behavioral profile. These types were:

● The balanced brain
● The spontaneous brain
● The persistent brain
● The sensitive brain
● The cautious brain

Each brain type requires careful stewarding with the appropriate diet plans, supplement regimens, and behavioral interventions for maximum effectiveness. Learn more by reading Dr. Amen’s book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.”

Taking Brain-Healthy Supplements

Dr. Amen offers a comprehensive introduction to nutritional supplements in his books, including regimen suggestions for a wide range of brain types. Some of his most trusted recommendations include:

● Vitamin D3 for energy levels
● 5-HTP for sleep and mood
● Fish oil for healthy brain functioning
● Gingko biloba for cognition
● Melatonin for sleep

Eating The Right Foods

Eating healthy whole foods that assist in the production of energy and the process of toxin purification is essential to being able to function in the workplace. For the best results, eat a whole-food plant-based diet with copious amounts of fresh produce, lean vegetarian proteins, whole grains, and healthy oils like coconut oil and balsamic vinaigrette. You can also rely on
foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, which enhance the brain’s functioning. These foods include avocados, eggs, salmon, walnuts and mackerel.

Hypnosis and Meditation

These are essential tools for learning to train the brain to enter trance states, which allow for deep levels of focus and productivity. There are many apps that offer simple instruction in hypnosis and meditation, while other options for instruction include class settings, individual mentoring, or workshops.


Getting adequate exercise is one of the most important things you can do to keep your brain functioning at peak efficiency. While a daily gym workout is not necessary, you should try to work out for at least 20 minutes every day by doing something physical, whether that be yard work, walking or dancing in your living room. Even just a few minutes of daily exercise per day can reap amazing benefits.