6 items you may want to get before the COVID-19 second wave

Winter is here, and everyone promised COVID-19 would be back with a vengeance. The first time it knocked us to our knees, we couldn’t find toilet paper or disinfectant within 100 miles of our homes. It took me ten stores just to restock my family’s supply of hand sanitizer.

With a resurgence not too far away, don’t be taken twice. This time you’ll be prepared because you know what’s about to hit us.

Hand sanitizer

It may be easier to find right now, but who knows how easy (or hard) it will be to find hand sanitizer mid-winter at the height of the virus. People stockpile it when they get worried, and with positivity rates rising everywhere, we could get to that point soon.

Grab a couple of extra bottles and keep them handy, just in case. Just be careful. Ever since the first shortage, more companies are making it, but it may not be strong enough. Make sure it contains at least 60 percent alcohol to be effective.

Lysol wipes

I don’t know about you, but there’s still an incredible shortage of Lysol wipes where I live. When I see them, it feels like Christmas morning. Of course, it’s usually ‘limit one,’ so I can’t stock up, but hopefully, you’ll have more luck than me.

Don’t hoard any disinfecting wipes or sprays you find, but definitely have a few bottles on hand before the shelves clear yet again.


Who would have ever thought it would be hard to find puzzles? We all had to do something with our free time, and apparently, puzzles were the popular choice. When Netflix and chilling got boring, millions of people proudly displayed their finished puzzles on social media.

If you were one of them, stock up now before stores run out and manufacturers have to cease operations due to the stay-at-home orders.


Let’s face it, no one wants to go out during a stay-at-home order, even for the necessities—the entire energy in the air changes. Shopping becomes a chore, not something fun, and looking at bare shelves is anxiety-provoking at its best.

Stock up on the foods that can sit on a basement shelf for months, and then you’ll just need to fill in with the perishables. A few non-perishables I had the hardest time finding were peanut butter, crackers, flour, and yeast! Who would ever think yeast would be a hot commodity? Yet it was and will be again.

Paper goods

It wouldn’t be a story about pandemic hoarding if we didn’t talk about toilet paper and paper towels, right?

The last go around, I ran out of my house at 10 PM just because I got a ‘hot tip’ that the local big box store just got a toilet paper shipment. I’ll never forget the excitement I felt carrying that big package of toilet paper to the register. While that’s certainly a sign that I’m an adult, it’s also a feeling I never want to have again.

The local stores still have bare shelves where paper towels and toilet paper usually sit, so definitely stock up on your paper goods long before we are shut down again.

Aspirin and thermometers

With more people getting sick, everyone is stocking up on things to make them feel better. If you’ve walked down the aisle at your local drugstore lately, you’ve probably seen bare shelves where Tylenol and thermometers normally sit. 

While you only need one thermometer (if it’s contactless), you should probably buy a few bottles of aspirin or Ibuprofen. Don’t forget about the kids too. Kids’ Tylenol was nowhere in sight within 50 miles of my house during the first shut down, so definitely stock up.

Hopefully, the second wave is much nicer to us than the first. But if it’s not, I know I’ll be better prepared – will you?