If your hair suddenly does this, you could be at higher risk for this silent killer

Ladders recently wrote about a study out of Columbia University that found grey hair can revert to its natural color if it was brought on by stress and the stress is then removed from that person’s life. And according to a new study, presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s conference, grey hair can also be an indicator of an oncoming deadly heart attack.

A recent study out of Europe found that having more grey hair could be a risk factor for a silent heart attack. A silent heart attack can have fewer symptoms than a regular heart attack such as chest pain or shortness of breath. It may also present different symptoms.

The study looked at the CT angiograms of 545 adult men’s heart arteries without known heart disease. The researchers found that those who had the same amount of grey and dark hair or mostly grey and white hair were more likely to have silent heart blockages. They rated the hair on a scale of one to five (one was pure black and five was pure white) and if the was three or more the risk for coronary artery disease went up.

For those that become silver foxes prematurely, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are at higher risk for a heart attack soon but it doesn’t mean your coronary arteries aren’t prematurely aging too.