I added eggnog to my coffee every morning for a week

The holidays are on the horizon and with the festivities and gift exchanges come festive holiday drinks.

From Starbucks cups to Christmas-themed cocktails, the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without our favorite traditional drinks—and what better way to kick start the holiday season than with a daily dose of Christmas cheer?

While the holidays may look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean we have to skip out on our favorite traditions—which is why I decided to kickstart my own personal holiday celebration by adding eggnog to my morning coffee everyday. Here’s what happened when I indulged in a little eggnog every single day for a week—and how it helped me get into the holiday spirit.

Day One

I’m not going home for the holidays this year for the first time ever—I have too many immunocompromised family members to take the risk—so I’ve been on the lookout for every little festive addition to my day-to-day life to make up for it.

Eggnog happens to be my mom’s favorite holiday drink so adding it to my coffee feels like a subtle nod to her personal tradition.

While I usually drink my coffee black, adding about a tablespoon of eggnog added a subtle sweetness that I appreciated… but I drink about five or six cups of coffee a day (I’m basically a Gilmore Girl at this point) so by the end of the day I was definitely less into the flavor profile.

Day Two

Today I decided to cut back to just one eggnog-and-coffee per day, not only is it more economical, but it saves me from a ton of extra calories in my day-to-day.

I savor the taste and remember to send my mom a good morning text. This little ritual has already made me feel closer to her and the rest of my family back home.

Day Three

It turns out that eggnog has a lot more benefits than just fostering a holiday spirit. In fact, according to an Organic Facts report, despite being quite the heavy drink, it’s actually packed with protein and various minerals.

I’m plant-based and usually don’t break my intermittent fasting until 1 p.m. but by the third day I definitely noticed that I had a bit more stamina in the morning.

Day Four

While I probably won’t continue adding eggnog to my morning coffee once this week is up—I just love the taste of black coffee!—I have definitely enjoyed the added boost every morning.

It was fun to think that my mom and I had shared the same ritual around the same time all week, despite not being able to see each other this year.

Day Five

By the last day, I was surprisingly into the holiday spirit despite being pretty bummed out about not being able to travel back to my hometown this year.

It definitely acted as a stepping stone to remind me that despite the fact that this holiday season will be totally different than any other, there are still easy ways to make the mundane a little more special—like virtually toasting my mom with a little eggnog and coffee.