This is the shocking number of nights the average person loses sleep because of their significant other


Those who date know that there’s a lot that goes into whether someone is going to be a compatible partner. Are they a cat person or a dog person? A morning person or a night person? Do they prefer having a night on the town or staying in to watch a movie?

One thing you may have never considered is whether you are sleep compatible with the person you are interested in. But a new poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Slumber Cloud, reveals that you should start considering sleeping habits of a person when thinking about entering into a relationship with them.

A majority of people consider sleeping habits when finding a partner

Some people are already considering sleeping preferences, it turns out. The survey of 2,000 Americans found that 62% of respondents said they’d hesitate to date somebody who preferred to sleep in different room conditions than themselves.

You might think these people are being overly picky, but they actually have an extremely good reasons. The average respondent, of those that reported currently being in a relationship, said they endure nearly a month’s worth of sleepless nights every year, an average of 26 nights, in order to accommodate their partner’s differing sleeping needs.

Quality sleep is extremely important, not only for relationships to flourish but also for your physical and cognitive health.

The great sleep debate

In the great sleep debate, there are actually way more differences in preferences than you would think.

  • According to the poll, 42% of respondents said they preferred to sleep in a warm room, while 44% said they prefer a colder room. The remaining 14% have no preference.
  • There were 43% of people who like to sleep with the window open, while 40% prefer all windows to be closed while they rest.
  • The mattress debate is nothing new, but there might be a winner after all. According to the poll, 41% of respondents preferred a softer mattress, while only 25% preferred a firmer one.
  • We all know it’s bad to fall asleep with the television on, but 42% don’t seem to care, reporting that they typically fall asleep with the device on. But 52% say they typically sleep with it off. Good for them.
  • Even the choice of comforters has people divided. About 30% of respondents prefer down comforters, while 40% would rather a down-alternative option.
    “When looking at thread-counts couples may disagree on where the sweet spot is, but rather than focusing on the thread-count number, the answer may be in the fabric and performance of them,” said Katie Mellott of Slumber Cloud.  “When looking for bedding to compromise on, look for fabrics with high-quality fibers such as temperature-regulating viscose that has low-thread counts, but a luxurious feel.”
  • 75% of the respondents said they also prefer their bedding to have cooling features, with 33% saying their biggest concern when sleeping is waking up too hot. According to Mellott, foam mattresses are the most common type of mattresses but are actually the kinds that trap heat the most.
  • Memory foam pillows are the most popular kinds, followed by shredded foam and down.