I ate coconut every morning. On the third day I noticed a strange effect

This article was updated on October 1, 2021.

Coconut changed my life.

As someone with multiple food allergies, where sometimes it seems as though every food I eat causes an upset stomach, coconut has been a saving grace.

Food allergies are extremely common. Most than 170 foods have been found to cause reactions in the United States, and roughly 32 million people in the country have some sort of a food allergy or sensitivity.

There are eight main food categories that cause reactions most frequently, one of them being – dairy.

As someone who is very lactose intolerant and gets horrible side effects such as acne and a terribly upset stomach, cutting out dairy has changed my life. That being said, I had to find alternatives – which can be difficult to find any other food product that could taste even close to cheese or milk.

Then, I discovered coconut milk. Granted, coconut can be considered a food allergy, but it doesn’t affect me. I tried other alternatives, such as almond milk (which bothered me) and soy (which is fine, but a lot of soy isn’t the healthiest), and decided to try coconut.

After a few weeks of eating coconut milk yogurts every morning, coconut milk ice cream at night, and even coconut milk cheese – my life changed completely. 

The strange effect

The third day, I would say, is when the dairy was completely out of my system and I started to feel better. The strange effect I noticed? That my body completely changed. By switching to coconut products, a bunch of symptoms that I previously had before were gone. The stomach pains, bloating, and acne all subsided. Coconut milk has many added perks to it, as well. 

The benefits

Reduced inflammation

Coconuts can potentially help with bloating, which can occur in the stomach if you are consuming foods that can irritate the intestines. According to Healthline, animal studies showed that coconut reduced inflammation and swelling in injured rats and mice.

Reduced stomach ulcers

Continuing with the animal study, coconut was also shown to reduce the size of ulcers in rats by 54%.

Fights viruses/bacteria

In addition to coconut’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it can also help fight off any unwanted illnesses. According to the same article cited above, test-tube studies show that lauric acid found in coconuts can reduce the levels of bacteria that can cause infections.


Coconuts also contain a wide variety of nutrients that are essential for our bodies to function. Maganese is plentiful in coconut products, with one cup containing 110% of the RDI. It also contains iron, vitamin C and copper.

The downsides

Every food has its’ flaws, and coconut milk is no exception. Despite all of its’ wonderful properties, it is a high-calorie food. Therefore, weight gain may happen if you consume coconut in mass quantities. While it is a healthy and nutritious food, make sure to portion it out accordingly to avoid unwanted results.

Coconut products can be a great alternative for many people who are looking to escape the discomforts that can be caused by dairy.

Some people may want to make the switch because they are considering going vegan. Whatever your case may be, coconut is a healthy alternative, and the products taste delicious. Try incorporating coconut into your every day life – you may be surprised by the benefits.