This is the worst snack women can eat

Ladies, before you indulge in that midday snack you may want to proceed with caution when reaching for that bag of Lay’s potato chips. According to a recent brief released earlier this week, potato chips have been rated as one of the unhealthiest snacks for women overall. Let’s look at the statistics and nutritional information available that will aid us in choosing a healthier alternative to pick us up out of our 3 pm stress-eating slump.

The psychological reason behind why chips are so addictive

Interestingly enough there are psychological reasons behind once we pop the fun don’t stop after finishing an entire sleeve of Pringles in one sitting. The satisfying crunch you hear when you bite down on that salty snack sends a signal to your brain that this food is fresh thus increasing this product’s desirability factor. This sensory stimulation phenomenon, first studied back in 2008, was released to the public in the following brief from Forbes magazine.

“In 2008, Spence and Max Zampini published their IgNobel prize-winning study on “sonic chip,” involving 20 volunteers judging the freshness of 180 Pringles (that’s about 2 tubes) while manipulating the crunching sounds that people heard over headphones. As it turns out, making the crunch louder resulted in people perceiving the chip to be around 15% crunchier and fresher than if quieter sounds are played back instead.”

I know it’s hard to resist this crunchy savory companion especially in times of heightened stress but I assure you the nutritional non-value of eating chips every day might change your mind.

High sodium snacks have devastating effects on women’s health

Women are 1 in 4 times more likely to suffer from cardiovascular-related deaths and heart disease according to this CDC release. Therefore, indulging in heart-healthy snacks and moderate exercise every week should be a priority. Adjusting eating patterns can assist in long term heart health as well.

Some heart-healthy snacks can include any of the following nutritionist-approved foods found on this list:

  • Leafy greens
  • Whole grains
  • Berries
  • Avocados
  • Fatty-fish rich in Omega-3 proteins
  • Walnuts
  • Beans
  • Dark chocolate
  • Tomatoes
  • Almonds
  • Seeds
  • Garlic
  • Edamame

Find out the reason behind why including these staples in your diet can keep your heart healthy and happy for years to come in this brief.

Potato chips have exceptionally large amounts of sodium when consumed in excess leads to an increased chance of developing life-threatening conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease, and even stomach cancer.

Sodium rich diets can also cause uncomfortable bloating and weight gain over time. A Harvard study proved eating chips regularly each year resulted in weight gain after assessing participants that enjoyed a chip-centric diet each passing year.

I understand it’s difficult to stay mindful of the things we put in our body with our busy schedules but the right foods give us the proper fuel we need to be the most productive version of ourselves in our career and personal life.

Women are predisposed to snacking

Kim McLynn, director of public relations at the NPD Group, claims women are 15% more likely to snack heavily throughout the day compared to men. Why is that? According to McLynn and the NPD Group, an American market research company analyzing consumer trends, “Women especially appear to be relying on the snacking to obtain nutrients that might otherwise be lacking in their diet—but sensory enjoyment and taste are also important to women.”

Women are also ancestrally inclined to seek out calorie-rich foods in their environment according to previous research looking into Hunter-Gatherer survival techniques.

This brings us back to the “sonic chip” phenomenon. If women are predisposed to snack heavier than their husbands and sensory enjoyment also ranks high in importance they are twice as likely to go for a crunchy, loud chip as a last resort snack to quell those cravings.

What can I snack on?

It’s 2020 so luckily there is a breadth of healthy organic snack foods that will give you that satisfying crunch without the harmful side effects inflicted by that bag of chips. It’s important to avoid foods high in sodium. Women can also lean more towards crunchier high fiber foods like apple slices and almonds to give them a crispy snack full of healthy nutrients to keep them full until their next heart-healthy meal.

Don’t forget to wash that down with the recommended amount of water each day to beat the bloat and facilitate your body’s natural metabolic functions for the day! If quarantine snacks are your only way to relieve stress I recommend partaking in HITT workouts to offset the negative side effects sodium-rich diets can wreak on your system.