I ate olive oil every day. It changed my body

These days there seem to be endless fad diets, superfoods, and trendy new ingredients that claim to revolutionize health and wellness—and it can be hard to weed through the trends to get down to what we really should be putting in our bodies.

You can pretty much count on everything natural and unrefined—like vegetables and fruits—but as it turns out, certain strange-sounding trends may actually have some merit.

Case in point: olive oil. According to a Healthline report, there’s actually quite a bit of health benefits when it comes to drinking olive oil on a daily basis—and not just swapping your cooking oil with the stuff, either, actually drinking it.

It’s thought that some people in the Mediterranean region (one of the world’s seven blue zones—where the oldest people in the world can be found), drink up to a quarter of a cup of olive oil every morning, which helps to detox the body, bring down overall inflammation, soothe an upset stomach and help with digestion, and could even help with weight loss and maintaining a healthy BMI.

With the sheer amount of health benefits laid out in front of me, I was curious to try out the dietary addition for myself. I have chronic inflammation and am constantly taking digestive enzymes to help soothe my stomach, so I figured it was well worth a try.

Here, I’m sharing exactly what happened when I tried drinking a quarter cup of olive oil everyday for a week—and why I’ll continue having the oil on hand moving forward.

Day One

I’ve tried and written about a lot of weird health trends throughout the course of my career, and my partner is usually eager to test whatever it is I’m currently trying out, but he had absolutely no interest in sharing a glass of olive oil—and I don’t blame him.

The first day was extremely hard. As someone who usually loves olive oil (I use it in my salad dressings and love baguette with a little drizzle), drinking it was a whole different story. I had a few sips and decided that was enough—but I made sure to use the rest later in the day.

Day Two

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t looking forward to drinking more olive oil today—but I gulped down a bit more than I managed to yesterday.

I did notice that my stomach started turning almost immediately and realized I probably should line my stomach with something before coating it with oil. I choked down a piece of toast, which kind of helped.

Day Three

So far I haven’t noticed any big differences but I’m holding out hope that my inflammation levels will start to go down.

I usually have quite sore fingers and toes in the morning due to psoriatic arthritis—and I did notice they were a bit less inflamed—but I’m not sure if that’s completely due to the olive oil.

Day Four

By the fourth day, I noticed the inflammation in my hands was still less than it was before I started drinking my morning oil—which was very encouraging!

It also has become easier to get the oil down in one go—I just have to make sure I have something substantial in my stomach before gulping it down. Do I enjoy it now? No, but it’s definitely less bad than it was at the beginning of the week.

Day Five

By the final day I had definitely noticed a shift in my overall inflammation—it was almost as efficient as taking an Advil, I’d say.

Unfortunately though I don’t think I would continue sipping on olive oil in the morning. I don’t like the feeling in my stomach after I gulp it down and I’m not a huge breakfast person, so having to make sure I have time to eat something heavy in the morning doesn’t suit my lifestyle.

That said, I love olive oil as an ingredient and will continue having it on-hand as my go-to oil moving forward.