I drank Kefir every day for a week and it had some major benefits

Believe it or not, not all the bacteria that we drink is harmful. In fact, there is a delicious flavored drink that contains billions of beneficial bacteria, and if you’re a tropical flavor person, you might like it infused with pineapple or peach. 

For a week straight, I drank what’s called water kefir

Water kefir is a carbonated low sugar fermented drink, sometimes made with fruit, and is similar to kombucha. It is free of alcohol, dairy and gluten, and has many probiotic health benefits. 

Probiotics are microorganisms known to improve our overall health. 

“Besides packing a powerful punch of probiotics, this tasty drink has also been shown to amp up immunity, slow cancer cell growth, and improve overall health,” wrote Healthline

Water kefir is made by soaking kefir cultures, available online or in your local health food store, in sugar water (or coconut water), and can easily be prepared at home as a part of a sustainable lifestyle. Though, I chose to buy my water kefirs pre-made. 

Water kefir’s major benefits

I drink a lot of water, but to be honest, it is not my favorite beverage. I need some taste in the things I drink, and water kefir was the perfect solution for several reasons. 

It kept me hydrated. 

I mixed water kefir into my daily water-consumption routine, and this change helped me to drink more and stay hydrated throughout the day. The wide variety of kefir flavors gave me some much-needed variety. For me, it was the next best thing to drinking pure water. 

Staying hydrated is a critical component of staying healthy. According to WebMD, water boosts your metabolism and helps you to feel more full. It also improves your energy, lowers stress, prevents muscle cramps, and nourishes your skin, all according to WebMD. 

It boosts immunity. 

The health benefits of water kefir are well understood. The probiotic bacteria found in this drink plays a strong role in so many aspects of our health, including immune function. One study found probiotics to be beneficial in intestinal health, enhancement of the immune response, reduction of serum cholesterol, and cancer prevention. That’s something I can drink to!

It is a great alternative to soda and fruit drinks. 

If you like soda (as I do), water kefir, which is carbonated and flavored, is an excellent way to eliminate or cut back on soda. Soda and fruit drinks are generally bad for your health as they contain a lot of sugar and raise insulin and glucose levels in your blood. 

Replace your soda or fruit juice with water kefir to reduce your sugar intake and boost the helpful bacteria in your digestive system. 

It might help fight cancer. 

Though more research is needed, several studies suggest that water kefir was effective at blocking the growth and spread of breast cancer as well as colon cancer

As an avid fitness buff, I also replaced my pre-workout energy drink with water kefir. 

The fruit flavor of the water and carbonation are just what I needed to feel energized and ready to go. Energy drinks are not cheap, so the water kefir also helped reduce the cash I was spending on my pre-workout energy boosts. 

Give water kefir a try to help stay hydrated and boost your digestive health.