I tried Kelly Ripa’s wellness routine and this is what happened

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably seen Kelly Ripa on TV and, at some point, wondered aloud how she has such boundless energy.

Ripa, the accomplished day-time talk show host and TV producer, usually looks like she just got 11 hours of sleep. Or consumed several cups of coffee.

Or both.

I wondered recently how it’s possible that someone who turned 50 this fall could be so incredibly vibrant.

After researching Ripa’s wellness routine, I found the key to her vitality. Namely, the TV star approaches diets, workouts, and mindfulness by subscribing to the theory that variety is the spice of life. After trying her routine, I was left surprisingly stress-free, as well. Here’s a closer look at why Ripa’s self-care strategies work so well.

Adopting her diet

As noted in this quick-hitting podcast, Ripa typically consumes a veggie-heavy diet, yet also gives herself a break on occasion. The TV star plans a time or two during each week to indulge in her favorite junk food items, like French fries.

It’s a wise strategy, considering many experts suggest that, if you try to completely deprive yourself of certain foods, you’ll just crave them more than ever.

I followed Ripa’s approach to food over the course of several days, and I have to say it works. I ate virtually nothing but salads for the better part of a week. Then, when I got sick of mixed greens and relatively bland salad dressing, I treated myself to a small, thin-crust pizza that tasted better than ever. It seemed like a diet I could easily stick with.

Trying out Ripa’s exercise routine

Yes, as noted in a recent interview with thezoereport.com, Ripa works out regularly. Virtually every weekday, the TV star exercises for at least 90 minutes. Yet, by keeping her workouts varied, exercise doesn’t feel like a chore. One day’s workout might be filled with cardio, while the next day might be loaded with circuit-style weight training or a jog through the neighborhood.

By mixing things up, Ripa’s workouts are actually fun on occasion, as evidenced by her recent Instagram post. I tried to keep pace with the dance cardio Ripa exhibited in that video and, although I’m sure I looked ridiculous, I must say it was rather fun, and certainly got my heart pumping.

She also practices mindfulness

Even though Ripa — an actress, dancer, and veritable TV mogul — is in perpetual motion most weekdays, she still devotes 10 minutes here and there to mindfulness practices. She utilizes movement meditation by doing yoga and focusing on her thought patterns, for example, which can help one create a sense of inner peace.

The TV star also makes it a point to turn off devices like her smartphone for long stretches at night.

I found Ripa’s mindfulness practices especially effective. It’s amazing how meditation can help you tune out so many distractions in life — construction at your next-door neighbor’s house, a barking dog down the street. For several days in a row, I meditated on my deck, soaking in the sight of fall foliage.

As I sat and concentrated on the rhythm of my breath, looking at burnt orange and yellow leaves, I could feel the stress seemingly melt off of me. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that I slept better than ever a couple of days after adapting Ripa’s wellness routine.

My takeaway

When it comes to self-care, Ripa abides by the theory that it’s simply not worth it to torture yourself. You need to reward yourself on occasion.
And, by giving yourself an occasional break when it comes to dieting and exercise, it sets you up for a wellness regimen that you can stick with for the long haul. I know I will.