2021’s best and worst cities for recreation

Staying active isn’t just good for your health. It’s also good for your wallet. One of the best ways to maintain an active lifestyle is to choose a city that encourages and facilitates recreation. The best cities have a wide range of leisure activities, both indoor and outdoor. Those activities require varying levels of exercise and contribute to a city’s overall well-being and economy.

Neighborhood parks are one of the most beneficial types of recreation a city can offer. Research has found that having a park within 500 to 600 feet of your property can have significant impact on its value. In addition, parks help people stay fit, saving them as much as $1,500 in healthcare costs per year, and they reduce the overall costs of air pollution by $3.8 billion per year. It’s also important for cities to offer recreation opportunities that don’t require good weather, though, so things like movie theaters, music venues and coffee shops also contribute to each city’s recreation-friendliness.

Some cities offer more numerous and cheaper options than others. To determine the places where recreation is a high priority, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 48 key metrics that speak to the benefits of recreational activities. In each city, we examined basic living costs, the quality of parks, the accessibility of entertainment and recreational facilities and the weather.

Source: WalletHub

1Orlando, FL62.961375928
2Las Vegas, NV61.802683418
3San Diego, CA57.315821734
4Cincinnati, OH56.8113342058
5Tampa, FL56.5111657513
6Honolulu, HI56.044842143
7Atlanta, GA55.709674241
8Albuquerque, NM54.874017337
9St. Louis, MO54.171941294
10New Orleans, LA53.461680253
11Scottsdale, AZ53.373660313
12Tucson, AZ53.2727425516
13Los Angeles, CA52.921094667
14Denver, CO52.7617661564
15San Francisco, CA52.03399649
16Minneapolis, MN51.992340877
17Sacramento, CA51.912974249
18Chicago, IL50.86693792
19Glendale, AZ50.857176911
20Boise, ID50.835456026
21Portland, OR50.5814703278
22El Paso, TX50.287833025
23St. Petersburg, FL50.1031574440
24Austin, TX49.9718158181
25Philadelphia, PA49.8921732352
26Henderson, NV49.846831724
27Reno, NV49.754498827
28Chandler, AZ48.6589105714
29Phoenix, AZ48.4055447017
30New York, NY48.397100155
31Houston, TX48.3924482686
32San Antonio, TX48.1925354974
33Madison, WI48.113947473
34Pittsburgh, PA48.0420545284
35Miami, FL47.998866468
36Birmingham, AL47.8150219959
37Kansas City, MO47.7066322544
38Lincoln, NE47.6161411846
39Seattle, WA47.5512952270
40Omaha, NE47.4238332775
41Jacksonville, FL47.3834265667
42Tulsa, OK47.3756367830
43Cleveland, OH47.3732185083
44Washington, DC47.2115911493
45Oklahoma City, OK46.816089035
46Columbus, OH46.3746384661
47Baton Rouge, LA46.3642148554
48Mesa, AZ46.3479248020
49Milwaukee, WI45.8833581695
50Bakersfield, CA45.849216932
51Stockton, CA45.7991645410
52Dallas, TX45.7230554872
53Colorado Springs, CO45.6758495342
54Virginia Beach, VA45.6643253390
55Anaheim, CA45.525181896
56Fort Worth, TX45.5063466532
57Long Beach, CA45.4148904712
58St. Paul, MN45.3841522869
59Buffalo, NY45.36265138100
60Irvine, CA45.3147971021
61Norfolk, VA45.1752561962
62Gilbert, AZ44.799569714
63Winston-Salem, NC44.5586207939
64Chesapeake, VA44.4694391147
65Louisville, KY44.4528457191
66Plano, TX44.0862713745
67Fresno, CA43.4984596719
68Detroit, MI43.4670433560
69Corpus Christi, TX43.4465234566
70Toledo, OH43.3981225150
71Raleigh, NC43.2149288279
72Lubbock, TX43.0387277648
73Riverside, CA42.987469961
74Charlotte, NC42.6953624071
75Arlington, TX42.5772619136
76San Bernardino, CA42.569775998
77Santa Ana, CA42.5183786121
78Baltimore, MD42.4537762989
79San Jose, CA42.3364883623
80Aurora, CO41.9667533965
81Nashville, TN41.9535637788
82Wichita, KS41.868018385
83Lexington-Fayette, KY41.7182128662
84Laredo, TX41.7099138431
85Boston, MA41.502298998
86Greensboro, NC41.3185306257
87North Las Vegas, NV41.299879415
88Indianapolis, IN41.1545119599
89Anchorage, AK40.935785582
90Memphis, TN40.3773296887
91Fremont, CA39.8696921324
92Hialeah, FL39.7375837438
93Newark, NJ37.8668724397
94Jersey City, NJ37.7776875855
95Irving, TX37.6593506376
96Fort Wayne, IN37.498829296
97Chula Vista, CA37.25100778729
98Garland, TX36.8190899433
99Durham, NC36.7877199879
100Oakland, CA36.2659967351

This article originally appeared in WalletHub.