5 essential all-purpose cleaners that will virus-proof your home

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“I lived a sloppy life. So I took very small increments in my life. I started making my bed. I started cleaning my room. There were dishes in the sink. It started off with doing small house chores. I saw that the yard needed to be mowed. So instead of being told it needed to be mowed, I would mow it,” retired United States Navy SEAL and motivational speaker David Goggins famously said—and we couldn’t agree more with his feeling of achievement from making basic home tasks a daily habit.

We all know the sentiment of accomplishment that comes when our house is sparkling clean from an aesthetic standpoint, but now is more important than ever that we ensure we’re using products that both kill germs and viruses and make our surfaces shine.

Finding a product that does the job without an overload of toxic chemicals can be tough, which is why we went straight to the experts.

Here, we spoke to those who have tried just about every cleaning product on the market—founders of home cleaning services—to get their top picks. These tried-and-true brands will ensure your home remains fresh and clean without requiring too much elbow grease.

1. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi-Purpose Cleaner 

“We have tried more cleaners than I can count over the years!” laughs Laura Smith, owner of  All Star Cleaning Services, an eco-friendly cleaning company in Colorado. “We currently use Mrs. Meyers at work.” Mrs. Meyers multi-purpose cleaners are well-loved for their effectiveness and sustainability efforts.

Happily, none of their products are tested on animals and each bottle is scented with aromatherapeutic, plant-derived scents so your home will smell like natural lavender or basil rather than peroxide or alcohol.

2. LA Totally Awesome

“We have tried many all purpose cleaners throughout the years being in the cleaning business but the best all-purpose cleaner on the market is hands down LA Totally Awesome because of its versatility,” shares Justin Carpenter, owner of Modern Maids, a housecleaning service in Dallas.

“The product is so powerful it can clean and remove the grease inside your oven as well as stains in your shower!”

3. Thieves Household Cleaner 

Carpenter also noted that Thieves Household Cleaner is a great all-purpose cleaner because of its non-toxic, yet effective, solution that can be used anywhere in your home without worry.

“Thieves is the definition of an all-purpose cleaner that will leave your floors sparkly clean, counters smelling fresh and mirrors streak free.” he added.

It’s also important to note that every bottle of Thieves is scented with natural essential oils—which will leave your home smelling like a spa for days (and who doesn’t want some extra zen in their life?).

4. Natural dish soap and water

If you’re worried about bringing chemicals of any sort into your home, there’s good news: you may not have to in order to achieve a sparkling home. “I have to tell you personally, my all time favorite cleaner is just a squirt of natural dish soap in a spray bottle of water!” shares Smith.

“It’s all I’ve cleaned my personal home with for the last decade. Mild enough to be safe for all surfaces, cuts grease well (it is dish soap after all!), won’t leave streaks, doesn’t have much smell to it, and much safer for your health than most chemical cleaners.”

5. Purell Multi-Purpose Disinfectant 

Matt Scott, owner of Baltimore Pest Pros, takes a different approach. “The best all-purpose cleaner for me is Purell’s multi-purpose disinfectant,” he shares.

“It is effective on any hard surface and as advertised, it is a legitimate germ-killer. You can’t be too safe these days, and this is a reliable brand that I’ve tried and tested.”