The latest incredibly disturbing Coronavirus symptom impacts your brain

New research comes out about Coronavirus symptoms every day and this latest news is particularly upsetting. According to research by neurologists, a small subset of COVID-19 patients is showing brain diseases or dysfunctions.

A study out of Wuhan, China published in the British Medical Journal in late March, found that 113 Coronavirus patients who died from the virus had disorders of consciousness including comas and drowsiness.

Science Times  and The New York Times published reports about Coronavirus patients in Michigan, Florida, and Connecticut who all had symptoms of brain dysfunction including encephalopathy (occurs when a change in the way your brain works or a change in your body that affects your brain and can lead to an altered mental state), seizures, confusion, headaches, stroke and the loss of speech.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and coronavirus patient also reported having hallucinations of his late father.

“This may indicate the virus can invade the brain directly in rare circumstances,” a Henry Ford Health System neurologist told The Times.

Doctors are now being told to watch for symptoms that indicate brain inflammation as well as the tingling of extremities as well as the loss of taste or smell (another rare symptom.)

The researchers and other experts emphasized that the majority of coronavirus patients do not have neurological issues.