The CDC says this is how you should reopen your office

Temperature screenings, staggered shifts, desks six feet apart, and face coverings at all times are some of the new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on how American businesses can reopen their offices in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The CDC released guidelines on Thursday for employers and workers planning on heading back to work during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. In the release, the CDC highlighted several measures to maintain social distancing inside the office such as modifying or adjusting seats, furniture, and workstations to maintain social distancing of six feet between employees. The CDC also called for transparent shields or other physical barriers to separate employees and visitors where social distancing is not possible.

Communal seating and reception areas could also be altered to encourage more space by removing chairs or blocking the use of chairs to maintain distance.

The CDC said employers should conducting daily in-person or virtual health screenings of employees before they enter the office, while those who are either sick or have a family member sick should refrain from coming to the office at all.

The agency also said how improved ventilation in buildings can help including using more outdoor air, increase airflow supply to occupied spaces, and increase central air filtration.

Daily cleaning and disinfecting should be maintained especially for workstations, keyboards, telephones, and other commonly used devices in the workplace.