Millennials are willing to sacrifice this for their jobs more than other generations

Millennials sure do value their careers.

Thirty-three percent of Millennials said they prioritize their work over their health, a staggeringly high number compared to other generations, according to a new study.

Health website Life Extension surveyed more than 1,000 Americans about their health habits to find that more Millennials put work over everything compared to Gen Xers (19%) and Baby Boomers (8%).

Ninety-two percent of Baby Boomers are more focused on their health over their careers due in large part of retirement, the study claimed.

In terms of outlooks, here’s what each generation said it will focus on over the next five years:

Baby Boomers – limiting portion size (18%), eating healthy (18%), sleep more than eight hours nightly (17%), avoiding sugar (16%), exercising regularly (16%).

Generation X – eating healthy (23%), sleeping more than eight hours nightly (23%), limiting sugar (21%), limiting portion size (20%), going to the doctor annually (18%).

Millennials – limiting sugar (21%), sleeping more than eight hours nightly (21%), eating sufficient fiber (20%), mediating (20%), going to the doctor annually (19%).

While health diets and fads consume much attention these days, respondents shine a blind eye toward some including taking probiotics, using essential oils, or eating vegan.

Respondents also said going to the doctor annually was too costly for them, according to the study.