Twitter roundup: The best tweets to keep you laughing 2 months into quarantine

When the US began to go on lockdown back in March, social media blew up with people discussing their new arrangements. At that time, Twitter was filled with people discovering what it was like to work from home for the first time, what social distancing really meant for all of us, and scrambling to find the best at-home workouts.

Now, after the first complete month in quarantine comes to a close, there are some different trends on Twitter. Between the demise of in-person graduations and the rise of banana bread, Twitter has been able to keep us laughing during these uncertain times. Check out these hilarious tweets that explain how we are all feeling almost two months into quarantine.

Tweets on graduations being canceled

Tweets on quarantining with a significant other

Tweets on banana bread

Tweets on exercise routines

Tweets on quarantine fatigue

Tweets about Zoom calls

Tweets about 2020 so far

Jennifer Fabiano is an SEO reporter at Ladders.