This state is having the hardest time with social distancing

After social distancing measures took place across the US, some states are now planning to soon ease restrictions for its residents.

States like Georgia have allowed certain businesses to reopen on April 24. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp told places like gyms, barbers, and other wellness areas that they could reopen. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that parts of New York could start to re-open starting on May 15. Colorado, Minnesota, and Montana also announced measures to ease social distancing restrictions, according to reports.

While social distancing has been an effective measure of controlling the COVID-19 outbreak, the measures are harder to do in some states than others, according to a new study.

Personal finance website WalletHub compared all 50 states on more than a dozen metrics regarding social distancing, where they found it’s most difficult to social distance in Utah than any other states in the US.

The study, which tallied metrics like supportive relationships to consumer spending on social activities before COVID-19, had Utah at the top of its list for ranking highly in categories such as social environment and time spent on social activities.

Researchers determined residents in New Hampshire, Montana, Colorado, and Alaska also faced difficulties social distancing, with those states ranking in the top five nationally.

While it may be difficult to social distance in some places, in others it’s thriving. Alabama was ranked the best state to do so in due to having the lowest social environment ranking and having one of the lowest totals for money spent on social activities.

Mississippi, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Rhode Island were the next best states for social distancing, according to the study.