I swapped my evening wine for non-alcoholic beer for a week and this is what happened

My partner and I love sharing a glass of wine together at the end of the day. As we’re both working irregular hours home at the moment, it signifies the shift between work time and leisure time and gives us a nice chance to catch up before getting started on dinner.

However, since the quarantine started, I felt like we might have been hitting the wine a little too hard. We used to reserve opening wine for weekends but these days we had been going through a bottle every few days.

While it wasn’t as if we were getting drunk every night, I was definitely feeling a little bogged down by the excess calories and alcohol—which is why I suggested we try something different for a week or so.

Here is what happened when I decided to try swapping my evening glass of wine for a non-alcoholic beer—and why I’ll always be stocking my fridge with the alcohol-free alternative.

Day One

Honestly, the first day was tough! We still had wine leftover from the day before, so my partner enjoyed that while I hesitantly cracked open my non-alcoholic blond beer. It was lackluster, I admit, and I almost wished for a glass of Perrier instead. I’ll try a different brand tomorrow!

It was still nice to keep the routine of sitting down to spend time chatting, though. I love hearing everything my partner got up to during the work day and he always offers great insights into what I have going on as well.

Day Two

I was surprised to see how many options there actually are these days. I had assumed it was going to mostly light blond beers but I was able to pick up stouts, porters, and even IPAs.

Always down to partake in my self-imposed challenges, my partner joined me in going non-alcoholic today.

He opted for an IPA and I went for a stout—both of which were surprisingly tasty! It was a huge relief after yesterday’s tin-tasting blond.

Day Three

By the third day, I noticed I was waking up more hydrated and well-rested. I almost always wake up in desperate need of water but today I definitely noticed a difference. It’s wild to think how dehydrating even a single glass of wine can actually be.

Day Four

While it could have to do with the fact that I’ve been working out a lot more since quarantine, today I noticed I felt significantly lighter and less bloated. According to Medical News Today,  drinking alcohol, even in small quantities, can lead to inflammation and irritation in the stomach that results in bloating. I found this particularly interesting as I suffer from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which are both worsened by inflammation, and definitely noticed an improvement in my skin and affected joints.

Day Five

By the end of the week I actually felt pretty great. While I only have one or two glasses of wine most weeknights, I guess it was still enough to alter my inflammation, sleep and my hydration levels.

I loved waking up every morning less dehydrated and clear-minded—and the skin and joint improvement was a nice surprise as well.

I’m definitely going to continue stocking my fridge with non-alcoholic beers to have on hand when I feel like a drink but don’t want to open a bottle of wine.

I will admit that I love wine, though, and while this week has made me more conscious of my overall wine consumption, I don’t think I’ll be fully giving up my evening apéro entirely any time soon!